Steam Achievements

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Hello everyone,

Good news! Some of you may have already seen this on a third party website or on Steam’s Boundless Community page, but we are in the process of adding Steam Achievements to track your accomplishments in the game.

The current plan is to enable the achievements in Early Access for you to test in a future update, which will help us track down any bugs or balancing issues with them. To make life easier and to speed up the process initially, we will reduce the advertised target for each achievement allowing players to unlock them faster and track down ones which aren’t working. However, as well be fixing bugs and adjusting the balance we will frequently need to reset the achievements in Early Access and once again for 1.0. This means after each reset and when 1.0 is released the achievements will need to be unlocked again.

For players who want to suggest an achievement which isn’t in the 1.0 version, we are hoping to add new achievements each time there is a major update to Boundless so feel free to pitch your achievement.

The goal for the Steam Achievements is to give players some recognition for their amazing accomplishments in the game and allow them to show off their unlocked achievements to other players.

If you have any questions or suggestion please reply to this thread and if you find any bugs with the achievements please let us know on the current bug thread.



Yaaaaaas!! I am going to grind them so hard (+_+)


Reading through the new achievements on Steam makes me longing for more of the “inspiring” type of achievements. Something that makes us think outside of the box and try crazy things! :grin:
The only thing i found that goes a bit in that direction was: “Forged an item with 3 Boons, 3 Defects and 3 Quirks.” :joy:
Most of them read like: “do thing the first time” and “do thing x times”.

Some more ideas:

  • Travel 10 Blinksecs in less then 3 Minutes without using a portal.
    (Should be more when the universe gets larger.)

And the one about having a meteor land on you… that’s pretty outta the box


That must be one if the 9 hidden ones that i can’t see.

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Reach x speed by swinging with a grapple :wink:
Dying to lava lol hot potatoe

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There is room for both. The hidden ones are for players to figure out and the visible ones are to show overall progression and reward those who are dedicated in their chosen professions in the game. These days Steam allows you to compare trophies, which is nice when you can see you are part of a small group of players who have unlocked a specific achievement because of skill or dedication.


Ah… I guess I spoiled the meteor one


is there being defeated in the air? like in the middle of a jump or fall?


Or maybe we could make an achievement for building an obnoxious gleam tower that spans all the way from 0 altitude to 255.

I bet nobody would ever pull that one off…

… Oh, wait.


we all either knew it was going to be there or would have requested it! :smiley:

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surviving a dip in lava - bubble bath


Hot Tub


We needed the achievement “Flat as a pancake” as an achievement. It’s when you get hit by meteor enough times. This is an achievement we have been joking and wanting in the huts from the first time we saw some one got crushed by an meteor.


Or the first time you get hit like a hidden achievement.


This meteor thing is already an achievement. Its the one called ‘What are the odds of that?’


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have you guys seen this achivement

Against All Odds
Survived on an special world for 2 hours without dying.

King Of The World
Became the Viceroy of a world.

The Planet’s Core

Getting To The Core

Maximum Effort
Activated 50 skills simultaneously.

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Anyone know what getting to the core achievement is?

Core objectives completed