Steam Review Mobilisation

Hi fellow Oortian descendants!

Probably some of you saw on steam that recent reviews are mixed ;/

We need to do something about it !
Those who didnt wrote review should do it now ! The better the reviews on the steam the more ppl buy the game and start playing thus better economy and more ppl to cooperate with.

Im highly dare you :smiley: write a positive review of this wonderful game :smiley: it will benefit all of us :slight_smile:


Wish I could. Would mean I’d have to buy a second copy of the game and start a new character. Too bad I can’t log into my account connected to the ps4

New players shouldn’t have to bear the current economy, the devs need to stop deflation first or new players will just be frustrated and leave a bad review. We have to have a grindable way of getting coin first. Inflation to a point is good for the economy.

I’m sorry but is this your way to get more populapopularity? I mean are people going to post every half Month or even less a forum post that people need to review the game?

This one is of 11 days ago. There has been one last December. It’s pointless to keep posting it.

I’ve already wrote a review a good while ago, mostly positive, but had to point out the negative stuff too, so people interested in the game can get all the details, and this was in the Early Access when Boundless wasn’t this complex.

At the moment, Boundless requires a lot of grinding. Which I could not leave out of my review, which would kinda make it a bit negative. I say we let people write their honest opinions about the game because:

  1. It will provide feedback for the devs, thus leading to improvements and
  2. It won’t confuse people that want to buy the game. There’s no point having very positive reviews only to make people buy the game and play for 20 hours before they quit.

well sorry that im not that often on forum and read all posts, cause there is like flood of posts everyday. And sorry that i care for the game positive review. And no i dont need popularity in any way. I dont understand what u mean by that at all. Think again what you are accusing people off first.

There is a search option to see if there ar topics about it. And of course you can miss a post. But that you go around posting it in discoed where you are barely active. Seems to me as a popularity act. And if you disagree you talk to me. Because I speak for my own and not portal seeker.

Grinding isn’t really applicable. A new character can be tens of levels In literally 1-2h by using the stone crafting trick. And you can buy everything you need, tens of thousands of rock and a teaching pie off of the first tutorial levels of earning.

If it’s not about what you do then it’s about what you know, which is not really a grind.

Of course you should give review that reflects your opinions of the game.

I’m not sure what genres everyone has played before, but every single MMORPG I’ve played has a “grind”. I prefer to call it skilling. That’s part of the fun. If you don’t want a grind, then you basically have Minecraft in creative mode (:face_vomiting:). I haven’t been able to reach a new level in a different MMO that I play for more than a year. Now that’s a real “grind” lol

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OSRS grind is a long grind (working on that 99 cape) :laughing:
But the grind is worth it in any MMORPG, imo

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This is true, I went from 1 to 40’s in a matter of a few days using this method.

Newcomers to the game aren’t going to know to do that. They often struggle to find cities connected to poetal networks, or aren’t even aware that they exist. And, not everyone aims to optimize their play right off the bat.

Also, the stone leveling thing is super boring, and IMO robs you of the feeling of accomplishment of leveling through normal means.


I didn’t mind the grind, it forces new players to learn the game and seek help. The group/ guild I’m in actively seeks out new players and offers them help and guidance through the grind. We go at a pace the players are comfortable with. Some players like to do it on their on and some are in a hurry. But I have to say that the majority of them really like them game and stay with it and promote it, and also stay and play the game with our group. We actually have a fantastic group of players because of it, and It’s also made the game even more enjoyable for a lot of us. I’ve always said it’s this community that makes this game so great, and I feel it’s something that’s been lost in the reviews. There are a lot of games that have great content, but there a very few that have the community that this game does.

like @SePras sayed what we got here is a never ending yo-yo the negative review group is getting bigger and bigger and is taking more players that may have not reviewed the game yet to fight it i would not be surprised if in a month or 2 the game hits mixed or even negative and stays there for a bit (has of posting right now its back in positive)


I dont need to write a review atm, same as a lot of players. I Enjoy the game for the building aspect.
But negatives are growing.
Footfall is completely broke.
No Titans.
Only 1 way to get Oort in any efficient amount.

Content is growing so slow that most lose interest. Footfall and others bugs are making older players leave or take a break. And no new player will want to come to a world that seems like there is no other lifeform on the planet.

They need to pick up development or there will be no playerbase before too long.


There are only one effective way to get all the other materials.
If you want stuff but dont like how to get them. Put down request baskets and buy them in.

And for this to be viable we need coin.

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Then sell stuff :smiley: if you need tips how to make coin… please PM me. we are going offtopic

So we should use footfall as another method XD. the whole 3k i got in the last 5-6 days.

We need more exciting ways to get oort. This is a forum topic on reviewing the game.
My opinion is it lacks a lot of features both said to be in release and others hinted on.

At this pace, there will be no playerbase to give footfall before too long.

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Which is why I said, it’s not about what you do, it’s about what you know. If you are still learning things then it’s not a grind by definition.

Destiny 2 is a grind. You sit there in the same area killing the same stuff until you get the magic drop, then it may or may not be the thing you need. Then you get the next quest and it’s do it all over again with a different mob and a different item. Specifically referring to the recent Black Armory update. That’s a grind. There’s nothing to figure out, and no way to get around it except playing the game for hours doing nothing.

Also, the stone leveling thing is super boring, and IMO robs you of the feeling of accomplishment of leveling through normal means.

Starting out, you need rock anyway. You need coal anyway, and iron, and copper, and money, and various other items and materials. You need to get this stuff, and in getting that stuff, you happen to get a lot of rock. Then you craft that rock. Not sure what the big deal is here. You make a bunch of tables, queue it up, eat a pie (or not, at low levels you don’t even need pie) and come back the next day. No grind at all, it just juices the rock for exp while you sleep. The only way for this to be a grind is for you to NOT know that you should craft ALL your rock whether you need it or not, because it uses zero resources (except time) to do it. Or to not realize that you really should get the mass craft epic.

robs you of the feeling of accomplishment

You realize that this specific phrase, “feeling of accomplishment” is a running joke in the industry as a euphemism for boring grind? It was mentioned by EA in relation to having to grind for something in some game, I think Star Wars Battlefront. Point being, you can’t say it’s a grind and also you want to HAVE to earn the levels to feel a “feeling of accomplishment”, those are two mutually distinct things. Seriously if you just had replied to my post saying “Why craft rock when I can just get a feeling of accomplishment?” I would have LOL’d and considered it a sarcastic joke. That’s the context the phrase is used in.

On top of that, if you DO craft all that rock, you can start building with it which also gives a MASSIVE amount of experience. Just, tons. The fastest is still 3x3 mining, but on my crafter who does all my normal crafting, and forging, etc. it just barely keeps pace with my wife’s level, and she does a ton of building. She does crafting as well, but mainly, she has built a small city worth of stuff, and got max level for it. Building gives you a TON of experience, and you need stuff to build with, and crafting stone gives that to you. The game is just rewarding you for doing the things you really should be doing.

I maintain that if you are learning, it’s not a grind, there has never been any game described as “I am still grinding through seeing new things and figuring it out”, that’s ridiculous.