Steggs is Leaving Wonderstruck


I wasn’t here for it, but what other things did Steggs do?





Yeah, but Warframe is one of the top 5-10 games with 50,000+ players. Boundless is a nice small indie game (for now). A lot of games start out small and add things down the line as it progresses.


It’d be nice if that was just commented on and officially established that this is how they are going to maintain things. There hasn’t been anything official, that I recall at least, that stated that. Which is why I quoted the particular part, why say they are interviewing others if they weren’t or if they decided after interviewing not to fill the role, then why not communicate that?

that wasn’t always true though. Their community rep team has been strong from day one, even though they wore many hats back then. Their community reps STILL wear multiple hats and are involved just as often with the community as they were when the game was barely off the ground.


Exactly. They grew. In the beginning there was only the husband and wife team. WF didn’t start out with the team they have now. A lot of games started out with very little. Not all games grow at the same pace.

Maybe they don’t want to share/dispel this info to the public? Maybe there is no news?


Vote for Orrian community manager. I promise great things to come!!!


Can you promise new character races soon? :thinking: say yes and you have my vote


In games this small, a large key to success has always been communication I guess is how I see it. There’s mention of a community manager at least once a week in various threads, it seems like. I just looked back to Steggs old post after seeing someone mention his name recently and realized we’ve been without one for a while and that’s when I reread his exit memo.


Yes even if I must make them myself in blender!


Yeah, that’s true, but I’ve been with Warframe for years, and it too started as a small dev team, though a little different of course, since it’s free to play.
Definitely helps public perception greatly, the more openly and frequently the devs communicate with the players, though.

Not saying they don’t here, of course, but I do wish they were slightly more active here. :wink:


Maybe they haven’t found the right person yet, or decided not to hire one for now :woman_shrugging:


I wouldn’t vote a player for community management, sorry. If you guys stream the game I’ll follow you on Twitch, though.


I think this is the kicker.


That’s what I meant, but seeing the developers on here more would be nice, even if James pokes his head in here a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love seeing new concept art being teased, for instance. Makes me excited for what’s to come.


Sorry to see you go @Steggs101 . Good luck in the new job.

I was really hoping to wake up to the devlog/announcement of the update going live.

Sad day indeed.
I’ll just continue building in the meantime. :beers:


I’ve often noticed the devs (including James) online & in game all hours of the day.


Double xp and footfall weekend!


I think it is doable and COULD work out well (someone who absolutely loved the game and knew it thoroughly, vs a new hire who would have to learn a lot and might not be 100% invested), but the player-turned-staff would have to make some sacrifices for sure. Impartiality is huge - they’d be forced to set themselves apart from the rest somewhat, doesn’t take much to get accusations of favoritism and all. That would be my killer if I, just hypothetically, tried to do it - I’ve become pretty close with a few people here, and though I think I could still be impartial, I know feathers would get ruffled if I had to mediate something where one party had become a genuine friend.

Also, I’ve admined on a fairly busy NFL board many years back - I can say, even without the issues that come with it being connected to a MMO like this, yikes. :open_mouth: The drama that online community leaders deal with that you don’t see necessarily on the surface of a board… it isn’t all sunshine and roses, to put it very mildly. Quite bonkers at times really… although the communication with fans would be very rewarding, this wouldn’t be an easy task I bet.


Mega cuttle boss spawn at the end of every level 6 meteor!


Okay y’all we can’t really compare a global top selling f2p game (that’s been around even in concept since 2000) to Boundless.