Steggs is Leaving Wonderstruck


Right, it’s not worth the second guessing.


I think the comparison was that even when they were a small mom n pop outfit, they were always involved with the community with weekly updates. That relationship continued to evolve to what we see today, as involved as they are on each platform where they are involved daily really on each different platform they are on (i could be wrong there, been a year or two since i played WF). You’re right, that we cant compare today Boundless to Today WF, but I think a fair comparison is today Boundless vs early time WF which is what the intent was, I think?


Okay! Okay! I accept the offer of taking these dev powers.


I mean I’ll be impartial to the communities needs… NOT.


Orrian for President !!! :laughing:


Maybe when we get private worlds you can be tinpot despot there and fulfill all your evil destructive dreams, O Dark Lord… I’d come to watch for the lulz for sure! :wink:


I do not want dev powers. Dont need them. Thank you for all your votes I wont let you down.


They haven’t always had a community manager. One of the main managers, moitoi, has been around for only a year or 2. They may have talked about updates at times, but the community has become more of a thing in recent years, especially after they hired Megan ( the community manager). Sometime in 2015-2016 Rebecca began to host weekly devstreams (main community producer/live operations/lotus)


All joking aside. I would to to help the community any way possible. This game has so much potential.

@Mittins ready to team up on gvg?


You have my vote Orrian


I don’t think anyone in game should take this position. We’ve all made friends in game and most likely made a few enemies as well. Hiring out side the game is the only real option. As much as I’d love reaping havoc on many people’s builds and claiming awesome builds for myself. Anyone in game is bias in one way or another.


I know I can bury any hatches. Most already are on my end.



Also when several players talk about things like goo not being worthwhile it would be nice to hear that either this is how it’s going to be until the game shuts down in 2050 or that they are still mulling over some balance changes or that they need more time to make a decision either way, etc., etc.

And of course, it would be rather nice to have a week, bi-weekly, somewhat regular, dev update. With a list of things they are working on, ALL things they are working, ALL things they still think that they are going to implement and what the current status is of those points.

I mean, it would be great to see that some things are still in the pipeline, I don’t need dates, just being on the list means they will get to it eventually and when (some) progress is made with one of them that can then be added.

Add a huge warning that even when progress is made it still can take months or more before it can be in the live game and no one should complain too much about, but of course, it’s impossible to make everyone happy…


Indeed. Tho, I wanna FLYYYYYYYYYYY! :joy:


Free likes for everyone!


Can you promise white mud? Otherwise…sorry bud!


Orrion, real question can you get me something to block cuttle homing projectiles if you get my vote?

And metals that I can spray?


Of course.


I think the homing should stop around corners and their deaths yes!


What about a fancy negating shield for tanky people?

Would help with aggro talent


Sheild bubble skill. Similar to focus skill.

Along with aggro bombs.