[Support] Beacon Compactness ‘Helpline’

Hi Everyone,

Boundless 242 includes the new Beacon Compactness rules to make sure plotting is fair for all players.

Clearly, some existing builds are going to fall outside of what is required to fit into the new system, and we want to help with that.

The system is not designed to punish or catch out players in any way, and should be fair to everyone. If you find yourself falling foul of the new regulations, then please PM a member of the team, and we’ll help you out. We don’t want to see great builds ruined, and we certainly don’t want players to feel like they’ve been unduly penalised for their existing beacons.

A couple of tips:

  1. Remove any extensive long extrusions.
  2. Fill in any small gaps.

Get in touch with @SamF, @james, or @Leahlemoncakes and we’ll take a look at your build, then help you take any steps which are needed in order to bring the beacon into line.

Thanks all, enjoy the update!


Ok, this is a bit weird. I had a beacon that was -60 beacon compactness. I removed a heap of plots and got the score down to zero. Now when I try to remove more plots I get an error saying
Unplotting BLOCKED
Beacon Map compactness too low

How can I improve it if I am unable to remove more plots? Plotting is also blocked too, but that makes sense.

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The game wants to prevent you from going under 0 again. The change you are doing is likely decreasing your compactness. Try removing some other plot first.

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I am on the extreme edge of the plots. Do I seriously need to investigate every corner plot to figure which plot the game wants me to remove next?


Seems so :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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There is not a specific plot you have to remove or add.
It needs to be a plot that adds compactness.

For example remove the red or add the green to get a better value

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Hi, Krasniy from Axon on Biitula… I have been working for weeks to be compliant for this update…

IF ANYONE would like some help figuring things out on how to fix your particular situation I am MORE than willing to help anyone in the community that needs it (friend and foe alike)…

if interested, PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE me here on the forums and I will TRY to be of service!

cordially yours,



I think they could make a squared area around your un compacted beacon so you can add plot freely to fix it without having to do it one by one.

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Not sure if I understood correct but it got me to this idea.

@econodog You can use a second beacon to fill some gaps to increase compactnessof first beacon to then freely work on it. This can also be a from a second char.
PM me if you want me to help. I have many free plots on my alt to help out


This make sense

I was able to add plots where it was most compact, once I had added many plots to the compact area I could resume deplotting the outer area again.

Edit: thanks for the help. Almost 2am, I am off to bed.


I’m not sure how to this but we have 4,000 plots and somewhere in those 4,000. It says 42%good my fiancee and I put hundreds of dollars into this game on plots but now what is the penalty if it’s not compacted ? With no video or anything showing us how to it really makes no sense. I mean 2 years of work is now wasted and the max players on monthly collectively is under 300 anyway. Is there a way for a refund on ps4

Refund. Nope, not after 2years. I’m sure if you want help to sort it out players can help and theres no need to go off the deep end, the game doesn’t have too many players currently but you may have noticed that it’s in a humble bundle deal now and the player counts rising as a result.

Change can be difficult especially if it means you have to alter the things you got so used to, but in the end If you look objectively it’s not that big a problem


If it says “good” I am not sure what the issue is.


You Beacon IS compact from what you wrote. This means you have NO Penalty what so ever! So All is Good! Game On!

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My whole area is light purple says -1 something can’t remember what else it says but 2.5 million + prestige is gone and i don’t have the plots to fix it i’ve already removed a few plots now still says stuck at - 1 could use some help i’m on Maryx

Coords? Or any portal to get to you?

-1,128 140E Altitude 68

just saw this…did you all get this squared away? I can also journey over to help if still in need…

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We’re trying

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