Testing 163 - Report issues here


was it the Daily or Weekly one? The player I’ve been testing with was able to receive the daily bonus experience, we have not tested the weekly one.


Not sure if i am just misinterpreting the system? but currently no coins are generated from footfall

Animals never run away if they start in passive mode, even after shooting them 3 times
-roadrunners no longer attempt to find alternate routes to escape, and can easily become stuck on one or two blocks, even if they are cornered with ramp variation blocks.

Spitter noises are missing entirely, only aware of them once they start hitting you, and only then because the sound of being hit plays and your health drops.


both, daily and weekly does not work :neutral_face:


Okay, I will update my post, thanks!


GUI of Storage blocks are cut from below

Strange lighting artifacts on sloping blocks, on the live server no such problem. Graphic settings are on maximum

Once i tried cook some food and the timer was buggy

"Warpng To A New World" Tier1 does not work. Saved location with upgraded totem not counted.


In dark places its a lot of small white flashes, looks like some kind of particle-effect with wrong material.


definitely don’t work for me either; I was only receiving xp from other objectives - nothing added to my xp pool from daily and weekly xp bonus


Can’t deactivate objective “Storage Blocks” it appear after i deactivate it, and it also doesn’t work in full way.

i tested it, in windowed mode all fine, but the issue that i described above appear in fulscreen mode only.

Atmosphere skills are no need, on Vulpto nothing hapened after i step in portal.

No info about what are you selected in smart stack

When you are in the profile window and try to chat, you are stuck! Game respond only on mouse manipulation, you can’t do anything with a keyboard in game.

If you press “K” - profile and another button of inventory or locations very frequently, then after pressing 30 times or so the interface freeze on the profile window and you can do everything.

Here is the video


I maxed out. Upon reaching level 50 I didn’t receive any plots, coins or skill points.
In the screenshot you can see (top right) that there’s no list of received plots/coins/skill points. Only xp bar.
I checked my character info (in case its just a display bug) but no plots or skill points were added. Can’t say anything about coins as I don’t remember how much I had before.

EDIT: Oh my - am I not getting any more skil points? Currently available objectives only give coins now. :cry:


Make sure your settlement has a name. I generated some coins already.


Does it need to be a settlement in order to generate coins? That would explain it. Mine is only a beacon.


Is this the known plinth bug? or new super weapon? PS looks like storage boxes do the same thing.


The bug happens in any dark place when you are holding the light cube in your hand.


There seems to be some sort of stamina-mechanic with using tools, where any attribute bonuses (three ranks each in dexterity and power in my case) revert to zero when your stamina is in the 12.5-15% range (not sure exactly) or lower. However, I’ve been able to glitch past the low-stamina penalty.

I’ve got 3 ranks in the energy skill, and IIRC 2 in the stamina regeneration one, so I have just over 2k stamina.

Once I get my stamina down to around 140-180 I can see the stamina bar glitch-out. It will act as if it only ought to have 600 stamina (like you start out with) needed to completely fill the bar, so a much larger portion of the bar will be blue than ought to be. As stamina regenerates to around 210-240 the section of the bar will un-glitch and return to its proper proportions, however if I start using up stamina somewhere around then, my tool swing speed and damage bonuses return and don’t go away again as long as I don’t let my stamina get above about 200.


The leftest slot for crafting materials in Crafting Table works with some mistakes. If you put material in left side of the slot, they throw out from inventory instead it.

Tier 2 Wildstocks are very aggresive for low level characters. Is it normal?


I agree, I think their agro distance should be much lower. Wildstock are more of a threat now than spitters since wildstock are everywhere.


Objectives that not work so far.

Cooking Items - Food cooked in a furnace.
Smelting Ores - Ore melted in furnace.
Crafting Machine Maintence - Repair a machine with a spanner.
Storage Blocks - part 2, put a object in placed storage block.


The problem is goes from 162 and here are more complex describe.
I give you it in listing form:

  • Fill your HP or have more than 1200;
  • Spend all stamina;
  • The weakness icon appears;
  • HP - down to 1200;
  • Popup number is the difference between the initial value and the current value, obtained from the abilities;
  • This odd effect you can’t avoid before the weakness icon is disappeare;
  • After disappearence of weakness icon, appeare strange ragged effect in motion. You can watch it in video;
  • Without of weakness icon and with ragged motion you need just change somthing that you held in your hands, and all would be like before;
  • You can repeat it so many times that you want;
  • If in time that the odd effect is still in force, you need damage yourself (even 1 HP) you loose whole yours HP that more than 1200 and effect stopped but not fully;
  • In exemple: you have 2160 you damage yourself on 1 HP, effect stopped and you get 1200 HP;
  • After getting damaging your self and obtaining 1200 HP and presence of weakness icon, you have full 1200 HP bar and after weakness icon disappearence you get ragged motions;
  • in the end you need change at least one thing in yours hand and the bug will be stopped fully. But you stay with less amount of HP then you spent in damaging yourself.


I crafted Fire Pit before objective “Build Furnace Part I” was unlock. But it compeled me to craft another Fire Pit to complete objective. Isn’t it a Feature Objective or here is a bug of tracking?


it looks like it’s not implemented yet. I noticed it too.