Testing 164: Smoother Loading and Smoother Projectiles!


Man! When this goes live @Heureka and @Dzchan94 are going to get so much footfall coins for all your roads!


That’s the incentive to be a good citizen!


Was just thinking the same thing :smile_cat:


mmm i knew i was addicted to this game… but i think it just reached a new lvl… my small army of crafting machines suddenly has a new purpose! So fun to queue up every machine / table and just watch the exp poor in XD



So does this mean that coin is going to be harder to gain?


coin is easier to get regularly. but you can only get so much so easily.


I have learned “Power Bonus VIII” and “Tool Mastery V”, and I think that there will be enough two sp in “Tool Mastery”. And you get Gem Hammer that break blocks with one hit.


Nice with xp again when mining, and the new dial for splitting stack is much better.


Updated OP for minor 164.2 release.


As of 4:28pm Pacific time. Connecting to US East


Took about 4 reconnects and it was able to connect…


the face of the test 164 :joy:


Hi @Tillweed, do you remember what you were doing in particular? Report any issues in the support thread as mentioned in the first post.

Testing 164 - Report issues here

So far I really like the changes and cant wait until they go live. (minus the bugs :smile: )

Just a quick question: Are some worlds turned off on the Testing servers? I started in US East (Solum) and was hoping to make my way back to US West (Berlyn) and when I got to Vulpto I spent the better part of 3 hours running around the planet trying to find Narsharil in the sky. In fact I could not find anything other than the US East in the sky. The other bodies that did show up were not visible and only showed the type (developed, undeveloped etc…)



Here’s answer for your question:


@Okkelinor, Thank you for the info!


Testing is a (older) clone of the 3 US East servers, not the full universe.
Ok missed the prev answer.