Testing 17: Crafting and Dual Wielding

This update is accessible via the Steam Beta “Testing” release of Boundless.

Today we’re releasing an update to the Crafting system in Boundless. This release is an initial version and work in progress. All feedback on the system and GUI is encouraged. The Crafting system contains an automatically unlocked subset of recipes. In the future recipes will be unlocked (and discovered) during Character Progression.

The release also contains a first pass Dual Wielding interface and GUI. Again - it’s early and not polished. Feedback on the concept and implementation is requested.

Release Notes:

  • Each tool has blocks that it can and cannot break.
  • Added Machine Crafting (Crafting Table, Workbench, Compactor, Mixer, Furnace, etc).
  • Dual wielding. Characters can now wield tools and weapons in both hands. Q + LMB/RMB to bind selections and to select using the new UI radials. ALT + mouse wheel/number key to use old style select with left hand.
  • Added meshes for ‘totem’ and ‘cube light’
  • Cube light tool can be used to get a temporary light source that will flicker out before being reactivated.
  • Left and right hand, as part of dual wielding are now separate light sources (hold a red gleam in your left, and a blue gleam in your right etc).
  • Added options to toggle VSync and select a target framerate under graphics options. Target framerates available include 30, 60, default (matches display refresh rate) and unlimited. When selecting unlimited (or any other rate above the display refresh rate) with VSync enabled you will still be limited to VSync.
  • Replaced placeholder flora blocks with flora meshes.
  • Inventory capacity has increased to 32 slots, however items can no longer be stored in the quick use.
  • Added ancient technology, coal, fossil, gem and ore drops.
  • Ported day-night cycle.
  • Fixed world regeneration not recording changes in various cases (liquid sim) leading to permanent changes in the world
  • Fixed crash in worldbuilder preventing exposing parts in custom nodes.
  • Allow worldbuilder to use more varied generationSize’s in 2D-only visualisations (including say, a full 288 set of chunks for a world).
  • Fixed crash in worldbuilder when destroying a node that is currently being linked from in the UI.
  • Fixed god-rays/lens-flare (broken in port to c++)

Resolved Known Issues:

The following items were known issues in previous releases and have now been resolved.

  • When picking up blocks that have been broken the block automatically goes into the quick use bar. Items in the quick use bar cannot be used for hand crafting and so every picked up block has to be moved into the inventory before it can be used for crafting.
  • Breaking stone without a tool breaks the block, but nothing is dropped. Breaking it with tools works fine.
  • No colour highlight shown to indicate beacon area when holding a beacon block.
  • The inventory screen is limited to 32 slots but no error message is displayed when adding more than 32 items.

Known Issues:

The following items are known issues in this release.

  • Some of the items displayed in the inventory screen are not positioned correctly.
  • Some of the items are not positioned in the hand correctly when the players are seen in 3rd person view.
  • Z-fighting with some items (workbench and other machines) when placed underwater.
  • Some meshes missing from the game (machine crates, plinth, glue, etc).
  • Cannot ‘drop’ items from [Workbench Ingredients] and [Completed Items] lists.
  • Door tiling is currently broken.
  • Iron Fire Pit missing texture.
  • Stone Crucible missing the gradient.
  • The recipes are not final.
  • Beacons and locks cannot be shared amongst friends as the friend’s token cannot be added to beacons.

O.M.F.G. … It’s happening! … wooohoooo :smiley: … great stuff to see here … will go ingame instandly ^^


time to go in.

Aargh! I need to get home already! I’ve been really looking forward to this release!

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what can be used as fuel in the Cooking/Smelting-Thing? I tried most existing stuff but all just go into the lower 2 fields, but not that for fuel :confused:

For me it work with coal.

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coal … sure … just have to find it … cool, thx for the tip :slight_smile:

I also did a video in german and created a topic in the international/german sub-forum here, where I will also put all my following videos (just for the germans to know since the sub-forum is not viewed by default :wink: ) … here is a link (don’t worry, It’s the only time I post a link to a german videoin the “open forum” :wink: )

(as a spoiler it don’t show the whole frame in the post :wink: )


Looks nice, but i do not understand a word…:slight_smile:
I have melted copper and iron, but i do not get any recipe for higher tools…More exploration needed…
Probably need higher tool to pick gold, silver and other things.

Have done a workbench with metal-bars an ancient thingy, but have no idea how to use it…
Solved it…

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japp, I will now also go out and gather stuff … want to make a second video with a full list of possibilities … so I need more work to get done ^^

@james … first feedback by me: Let the cube be shake-able also before it’s glowing runs out, so that you can keep pressing the button for a continual light and don’t have to wait till it gets dark before light it up again :wink:


Loving this update so far!

I have a couple of issues though…

  1. I’m not able to break/pick up my crafting table to move it… do I need a certain tool for this? I’ve tried stone hammer/shovel/axe but no luck. [Resolved] worked out that you just need to hit it lots of times with a hammer!
  2. actually… forget about 2 … I worked it out while trying to remember what it was! lol

Have found a possible exploit though… it’s very easy to see where all the ores are, even in the dark, by just holding a beacon control or beacon plotter…


I´ve been playing for a while now and this are my thoughts so far:

  • The Light cube effect could last a tad longer
  • The ‘ATX power cable’ looks a bit out of place.
  • ALT+F4 isn’t working :scream:

#Dual wielding:

  • @KuroKuma ´s idea on how to select items on different hands sounded way better than the current implementation.
    IIRC his idea was that pressing ALT (or any other key) instead of holding should toggle whether the left or right hand items change.
    Holding down two keys (“Q” & “ALT”) simultanously in addition to using the mouse wheel feels quite awkward imo.


  • The crafting table should feature the ‘hand crafting’ recipes as well as the advanced ones.
    Its quite annoying to exit the crafting table window each time you have to craft some trunks into timber.

  • The “which batchsize do you want to craft” window disappears while using the crafting table.

In Contrast to hand crafting:

  • “Dual wield window” not accessible while interacting with the crafting station.
    Not a big deal but annoying.

  • An indicator that shows how much ore you can/should smelt along with one piece of fuel would be handy.

  • Showing how much ressources you have in addition to the cost would be quite handy as well.


Lots of fantastic finds and suggestions here, nice work @Vastar!

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that beacon graphics exploit thingy will be gone next week


any idea how to create glue?
edit: I know it involves sap in the furnace- still missing an ingredient.
edit 2: glass also seems to be “missing items” for crafting


I know this might be awkward but do you think we are on schedule for the release to be around October or November? A rough estimate would neat so I can start to introduce friends to the game!

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Small bug found with hand crafting :-

I have 4x sticks in my inventory (but all other slots in my inventory are full)… and I cannot create more sticks. Unless they only stack by 4 now, I should still be able to craft more and add to the existing stack.

Also was trying to make a video to show you a graphical issue, but you can just about make it out in Vastars’ hand crafting gif… jelly eyes! Seems to be more prominent at certain times of day, so I’m guessing it’s related to the lighting of the day/night cycle?

Edit: Just thought of a nice to have, which would be to have some sort of visible ‘locked’ icon on your machine/container/whatever GUI, so you know for sure that it’s locked.

Edit 2: Another minor bug… whilst it’s not possible to put items directly into the output tab of the workbench, you can replace items into it. So essentially, you click to pick up an item from the output tab, hover over an existing inventory item, and click so they swap places.

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I’m coming back from walking around outside for hours, totally not playing a certain bug catching game, and then I see this. How can I ever have enough time??? xD

So despite the late hour I’m testing this release a bit.
@Vastar The dualwielding is kind of what I suggested. You DO in fact toggle the hand with “alt” at the moment. The only thing I’d change is to add an option to make the toolbar pop up everytime you change something. (maybe even only pop up the left or right toolbar)
That way you don’t have to cripple your hand just to see everything and change it at the same time^^

Also instead of just jumping over items you have only once but in both hotbars, I’d simply not allow to have more of that item in both hotbars together than you currently have in your inventory. But this might be a minor thing.

And a nice side effect of dual wielding is that every item has only one action (or that’s how it seems atm) which in turn means no punching with things you need to be able to place.

Still not a fan of the: break wood with your wooden stick.
I know this is just a first iteration but still. Please don’t do that.
Same goes for the wooden axe and hammer. For me that’s just a no-go.

Found a bug too: Autoswinging tool. Was in the menu and when I wanted to play again my character was flailing about with my hammer. (Without me touching anything of course)

I hope it was coherent enough. I’m tired and I’ll go to bed now. Will start breaking the game tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit. The doing a circle to choose how many items you want to take from a stack is nice. But it might get hard to do exact numbers with larger stacks.
Not sure what the biggest stack size will be (maybe 99?^^). It should probably be fine. But the option to choose the amount with the mousewheel could be a nice addition.


I have no glue.