Release 144: Warps, Wrapping, Worlds, Regen and more!

Testing 28 promoted to Live.

This update is accessible via the “Live” release of Boundless on Steam.

We have released the latest Testing version to a full Live release of Boundless on Steam. This release contains all the features and fixes from the Testing 15 to Testing 28 releases, listed below:

This new release of Boundless to Live supports 4 geo-location regions: US-East, US-West, EU-Central and Australia. You will be able to select your initial spawn region the first time you enter the game. Once spawned you will need to Warp to different Worlds to explore the this new Boundless universe.

These new Live worlds will be fully maintained (ie. no wipes) until (at a minimum) the start of next year, and hopefully longer until 1.0.

The Testing release and worlds will be taken offline until there is something new to test. New Testing releases will be announced as usual.

Please report all issues discovered with the update to this support thread.


Nice ! Time to build something cool :smile:


Just logging in to EU Central and recording my first steps ^^


I can be found from Therka if anyone wants to know…

What server is everyone on?

I dont want to be alone again :frowning:

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Planning US East personally. But still at work :’(

You can always warp to other regions :wink:

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Yep, I was just replying to @ishred11 :wink:

warping isnt easy :frowning: I have played the game for over 29 hours and have yet to find any gold.


Maybe you can find someone to trade with :wink:

Not if there’s no one on my server lol, I guess ill have to figure something out.

Come to EU, me and 5 other is there XD

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I just tried US West. Don’t go! It’s a wasteland of mostly just snow, nothing to mine, and terrible hilly land.

Im on USWest, I found a good location, But I want to warp eventually I was livestreaming my adventure thou

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EU looks good… Around 7 players here and i just found Heureka

I go for EU :wink:

One stupid question:
In my steam is still written Boundless [testing].
Do I have to switch somehow to the live version or is that already the right one?
Else in my option in menu “betas” i cannot choose anything else.

Okay, just went for it and am now on Therka!
But question above still interest me, if I have thew right steam setup.

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Yep come to EU lot of people coming and going around.

I think I saw you from here @Lycankind and @ishred11

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Saw you on EU already!!! woooo

I might be on the other side of the planet cause there isn’t that much snow where I am lol.

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