Testing 18: World Wrapping

This update is accessible via the Steam Beta “Testing” release of Boundless.

Today, we’re releasing the World Wrapping support in Boundless. This means that all 4 corners of Boundless world has been tied in one central location to produce edge-less world. The debug lines below shows how the corners of the world have been stitched up. If you encounter any bugs in the worlds , please let us know through this forum.

To release this update, we have wiped the worlds. :sweat_smile:

Release Notes:

  • World wrapping implemented! No more edge or ‘centre’ of a world, keep running east/west/north/south and you’ll get back to where you started, and apart from checking debug positions, there’s no way of knowing ‘where’ the world wrap point is as everything is completely seamless with doors, machines, projectiles, lighting, world generation, lodding, everything working across the wrap borders seamlessly (And for purposes of extra testing the capital and portals are even straddling the world borders!)

Resolved Known Issues:

  • Door tiling is currently broken.

Known Issues:

The following items are known issues in this release.

  • Some of the items displayed in the inventory screen are not positioned correctly.
  • Some of the items are not positioned in the hand correctly when the players are seen in 3rd person view.
  • Z-fighting with some items (workbench and other machines) when placed underwater.
  • Some meshes missing from the game (machine crates, plinth, glue, etc).
  • Cannot ‘drop’ items from [Workbench Ingredients] and [Completed Items] lists.
  • Iron Fire Pit missing texture.
  • Stone Crucible missing the gradient-.
  • The recipes are not final.
  • Beacons and locks cannot be shared amongst friends as the friend’s token cannot be added to beacons.

Any new recipes in this version? Maybe some spark added, or even glass?

Sorry, no new recipes :frowning: But sparks can be made by crafting Power Core and using Coal as fuel.


Does World Builder wrap now too?

the world builder has produced wrapping worlds for a long time now, it was the client/server that needed a lot of work to make use of the wrapping chunk data correctly.


Thanks :smiley:

R.I.P @Havok40k’s shopping mall mine.


I have encountered a very annoying bug, when you have a block equiped in quick selection menu and you pick up the same type of block, the block in the quick select menu disappears.

Heres the video:

No kidding. But now that the wrapping is in place, I can start a larger project without fear of a wipe for at least a month. I think I will revisit the underground / mine theme again.


So not having played for a while because of other games getting in the way, is it just me or do we lack an eu server right now?

No EU server, but I understand that the EU to us ping time is quite decent.

My internet is already on the mediocre end so combining distance with that basically results in being a couple of thousand ms behind.

latency from Germany to US was 65ms lately
So pretty amazing. I now have faith that I can play soon from Singapore I hope! woohoo

Did you change the servers?

Whelp now to load up debug and walk in one massive circle :smiley:
Need to jump into the regular one now and find the edge of the world for giggles

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Nice! Now if only the ‘corners’ of the map were time zones, the capital could be in 4 zones at once :smiley:

Fantastic news though! Would you say that was one of the last big features that will require a server wipe/reset?

Uh, power core is not in the game yet?


Is there a way to view the wrapped world in the {Chunks(Generator)} window on the World builder?

I’m not sure if these are new in this update, or I missed them, but what do the drop and shrink noise nodes under terrain collapse do?

Drop allows bits of terrain under the given thickness/gradient (modulated by the nouise) to collapse to the ground below. The shrink then ‘shrinks’ the collapsed terrain (not so useful) modulating the thickness after dropping, then the max height gravel thing controls how far the terrain has to fall before being turned to gravel