Testing 16: Storage, Locks and GUI

This update is accessible via the Steam Beta “Testing” release.

Today we’re finally releasing the first version of Storage, Locks and an updated GUI. Have a play and let us know what you think. We’ve reimagined how storage works in a sandbox game. Instead of presenting a chest where everything is logically storage within the chest and hidden from view. We’re presenting an open storage solution, where items are visible on shelves or the Boundless version of chests. Remember that you need to include locks on the storage if you don’t want people to help themselves. But if you don’t want to lock each storage unit, consider locking the room that contains the storage instead! When you access a storage entity, the GUI will give you access to the storage units surrounding it so that you can quickly move items between the different units. We’ll be reusing this system to offer many more alternative storage props, for example, allowing item placement on tables.

The GUI is the first release of a major update that prepares the GUI for all the functionality we have coming in Boundless: guilds, professions, titles, beacons, friends, wearables, maps, furnaces, power cores, forges, machines, trading, locks, selling, portals, warps, and citizen creation! A huge amount of work have gone into these foundations, it’s visually scaleable and still needs a lot of spit and polish.

The first stepping stones for crafting are also included, although it’s very early. There is a small set of recipes, all of which are currently using the hand crafting interface because the machines are not yet ready. It’s all a bit rough around the edges, but the rest of the crafting will be built on these foundations.

Release Notes

  • Added basic network performance check. If the latency of your connection to our servers spikes (or is consistently) above the level the game is designed to cope with a “Slow network” message will appear at the top of the screen. If you regularly see this or suffer rubber banding issues consider contributing to the forum thread.
  • New lodded meshes for most hammer types.
  • Fixed a meshing case where gaps in terrain remain indefinitely when moving across the world.
  • Added storage blocks. Up to 4 items can be stored in one storage block but 3x3 storage blocks can placed adjacent and interacted with.
  • Added lock blocks. Locks will lock any items that are directly adjacent to the lock or the block that the lock is connected to. For a lock to work it must be placed inside of a beacon. Only users with access to the beacon can interact with locked objects. Locks can lock storage, doors and trap doors.
  • Ported old selection for props that are not a full block. Torches and locks now have a selection box smaller than a whole block.
  • Made portal transitions smoother by creating a player predictively and preemptively building physics chunks on the destination world.
  • Improved rendering through portals and on reflections (normal textures are now rendered).
  • Fix for doors not interacting while damaged.
  • Fix for players sometimes spawning stuck inside of blocks.
  • New GUI for player inventory and quickuse items, with a new tab for hand crafting some new recipies.
  • GUI for interacting with new storage blocks.
  • Fixed some crash bugs in the worldbuilder due to bad older migrations.
  • Fixed crash bug in worldbuilder when using certain blocktype selectors in custom nodes on world load.
  • Fixed shader bugs leading to bad normals on foliage and characters.
  • Added a temporary set of recipes only using hand crafting, and including a small set of objects.
  • Fixed the names of wooden crafted blocks.

Please be aware that we’re going to start announcing known issues with each release. These are issues we discovered whilst testing the update but decided to fix after the release, rather then delay the release.

Known Issues:

  • When picking up blocks that have been broken the block automatically goes into the quick use bar. Items in the quick use bar cannot be used for hand crafting and so every picked up block has to be moved into the inventory before it can be used for crafting.
  • Breaking stone without a tool breaks the block, but nothing is dropped. Breaking it with tools works fine.
  • No colour highlight shown to indicate beacon area when holding a beacon block.
  • Beacons and locks cannot be shared among friends as the friend’s token cannot be added to beacons.
  • The inventory screen is limited to 24 slots but no error message is displayed when adding more than 24 items.

B-E-A-UTIFUL! :heart:


Shouldn’t that work just like that? Where is the issue in that?

Partially displayed selected items in crafting menu have their info screen plank.


I can chop wood with bare hands but not with wood.

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Found a few things…

Can’t scroll down to the absolute bottom of storage window, so it cuts items off slightly…

Beacon plotter block is MASSIVE! I know it’s awaiting props, but wow! :stuck_out_tongue:

Tooltips for long worded items get cut off on the right of the screen

I’m guessing this is just lighting / texturing differences when held / placed? (This is the same block)

I can’t drop anything! Bwaaaaa!

Also, an important one… a BUG!
I had a full inventory (as a result of the previous image!) and didn’t realise… I was still able to craft metamorphic bricks, which took my resources, but didn’t appear in inventory. Now when crafting more of the same brick, and actually having space in my inventory, the crafted items still don’t appear.

UPDATE: Logging out and back in again fixes the above issue, and allows me to craft the item into my inventory again now.

Logging out and back in again causes another issue… my “metamorphic stones” was grey in my inventory before logging out, they’re now brown when logging back in. Also grey metamorphic bricks place brown metamorphic bricks.


I crafted some cooked meat that disappeared, until i closed and reopened the inventory.
Some shaking and jumping in the background with the avatar, when inventory is open.

And same as above, started to craft things with a full inventory, the crafted items disappeared.
Only way to drop things is to put it in stores.

I like the moving inventory when clicking on it to be optional, make me a little seasick.
And a option for the chat window to stay open would be nice.

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Well,expect a new video from @Squidgy probably,and me very soon!

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Just hit a crash - where are the logs stored on OS X?

How do we scroll on the recipe list on a controller?

GUI scaling is a bit off for high DPI (4k):


You can actually drop items by left clicking them and selecting drop.


We’re going to add an option to set the scale of the GUI e.g. you’ll be able to increase it’s scale on a high DPI screen so it doesn’t look so small[quote=“onebitknightly, post:11, topic:4634, full:true”]
How do we scroll on the recipe list on a controller?

We’ve still got a lot to do for proper controller support - for this test version of the game we’re putting out features very early and that will usually mean they only work with mouse and keyboard (as that’s how we first develop them at the moment)

Well spotted - again, as this is a very early version of the new GUI we’ve just not had time to handle all the special cases properly yet - we’ll get round to it soon though.[quote=“Stretchious, post:7, topic:4634”]
Can’t scroll down to the absolute bottom of storage window, so it cuts items off slightly…

Another good spot - the whole placement of the storage slots needs work - they need to be centered and aligned to the top of their section. I’ll make sure the bottom padding is done then too.

Thanks for your feedback (keep it coming), some of these issues are already fixed and you’ll see them in next weeks update!


When crafting, the “can make” list often reshuffles as you make more component items such as stones or planks. Quite frustrating! Can we please have the list of craft ables keep its order some how?


Seems that there is a small problem …

Depending on the angle you look on a block that is damaged, the “damage sign” looks “purple” and not “wood brown” like it should if you look directly on it.

Perhaps they could add different categories for craftables.

As few examples: Materials, Tools, Building.

And if possible make categories collapsible.


After testing for around 1 hour i’ve a few things / ideas / inputs according to the update …

  1. Crafting (TBH i find the crafting menu extremely unhandy and confusing)
    2. I can’t open / place the crafting menu and inventory next to each other (i can’t see how many items of a kind i’ve left and how many i’ll consume for crafting [yes i can see the consumtion if i hover over the recipie but it’s messy IMO]).
    2. Can you please add a functionality to craft more items at the same time ?
    2. If i craft an item all other recipes shift their position … it’s confusing if i like to craft a stack of items of the same kind and the positions shift because more recipes get available (see @Havok40k s post above)
    2. I don’t like that you can’t longer “discover” recipes. The new crafting tab is “boring” IMO … you see everything you can do at the moment.
  2. Locks
    2. I’d also like to see a “information” text in a box / chest that it is locked (OFC you see the lock on the outside but if you build a 3x3 shelf and place the lock in the lower left corner it would be cool to see the “shelf locked” information when you open the shelf or interact with the shelf.

Last but not least i like to say that i like that you released the update even if it’s not “perfect”. This is a good step into more frequent releases / updates.



Thanks for feedback. The crafting is a stepping stone to the final solution, it will be quite different when we release the machines.

Don’t worry, we are trying to do our best to keep our release schedule at its current high rate.


I crafted some torches today, but they never showed up in inventory.
Also got stuck in a door, when i closed it as i stand in it.