Testing 187 - Report issues here


Thanks for the coordinates, I’ll add this to the database.

You’re right, it does happen on the first shot.

I had a look into this for you and can confirm that it’s working as expected. But the settlements will still appear if the totem ends up being pointed at a planet through the fog.

Well spotted. I’ll add this to the bug database.

Okay, it makes more sense after watching the video. Thanks for the report, I’ll add a bug to the database.

Looks like another bug, so I’ll add this to the database as well.

When you said you moved the Master Beacons around, did you mean you broke a Beacon Control and placed it elsewhere, or did you interact with one of the Beacons Controls and set that as the Master Beacon? You can only have one Master Beacon per plot.


Thanks Nevir!


What i’m getting:

Is this different to what you are seeing?




Since you’re in there tinkering… Would it be possible to have the shop stand model for atlases display the correct texture for the first atlas in the stand (same way that shelves show it). Right now, if I have an atlas for say Solum and I put it in the stand it just shows a white sphere on the stand. It looks kind of ugly.

Also, it would be nice if atlases on stands and in shelves always rotated, even if they are for the planet you’re on. Right now atlases for the current planet align to your view when they are on a shelf, just like they do when they are in your hand. It makes the shelves look inconsistent in a shop. Ideally they should rotate on shop stands too if you can get the textures working on the stands too.


Assume you guys are tweaking something in the background- enjoying the instant crafting and smelting / furnace a bit too much :slight_smile: (in case you weren’t aware of it)

Edit: seems to be working fine on vulpto, still instant on solum. Glad to help wherever i can


Ah! Yeah, that’s what I’m seeing (my screenshot was of cave view)

The issue is with those solid “pillars” in the noise that span the entire cave range. I don’t think they should be there, given the noise configuration


All recipes for Augments seem to be missing (warp, revive, and slingbow) just in case this isn’t intended =)


Reported that already, bug has been logged :grinning:
@Jiivita it’s not intended, they know about it though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The idea was people could display the atlas on a stand to allow people to get a (smaller) view of their current location, think a city map in real life on the streets.

The same happens for when someone actions the atlas, in third person they hold it up for others to see.


T2 generators seem to only take diamond as opposed to the recipe.msgpack file in the game folder.


Prior to looking at the data I was told that the T2 generators all required diamonds, by the playerbase who were actively involved in the testing server. Looking at the data it suggests the following:

T2 Workbench - Diamond
T2 Extractor - Sapphire
T2 Mixer - Emerald
T2 Refinery - Topaz
T2 Compactor - Ruby


There have been a couple of patches to the test server since it was first discovered that diamond was a common gem ingredient for all of the advanced power coil recipes. They’ve probably been corrected to the values you see now.


I cannot craft a diamond spanner, even though I have the advanced tool recipe that lists hammers, axes, shovels and spanners in the description.
I suspect it’s because I don’t have the advanced technology recipe that lists chisels and grapples, but you will have to look into it to know for sure.
Just for fun, I bought the advanced technology recipe skill and now I can make diamond spanner.
Is it the skill text that’s wrong? Or the skill ?
You decide.


There were probably some tweaks going on, as although I can see that the issue is occurring on Testing, it’s not reproducible for the version on our end, so it may have ended up being fixed along the way.

The Advanced Tool Recipes skill does specify that Spanners can be craft from Titanium and Gems, so this would include Diamonds too. I’ve checked this for you and it turns out that the skill description is indeed wrong, so we’ll get this corrected. That would leave Advanced Technology Recipes as the only skill requirement needed to craft the Diamond Workbench Spanner.


The Energy Regeneration skill description and Energy Regeneration info in Core Attributes both state that the regeneration happens every second (so my hunter can supposedly regenerate 400 per second).
However it looks more like 2-3 seconds when happening in game. Is the description wrong?


Both; I placed a second beacon control in a neighbouring plot under the same claim, changed it to master control and deleted the first one. Only did this twice though


The time between each regen is 1 second but you need to stop your actions for around 2 seconds before it starts refreshing.


The Testing Servers are being updated and will be down for ~3 hours or so.


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