Testing 187 - Report issues here

How do you warp to the other planets at the moment without warp augments? Or had you mass produced them earlier?

Your character still have all locations from live server.

No, it’s an issue. We’ll be fixing it in the next update.


Im just starting to “get gud” at this game hehe

I was just noticing there were more planets in the sky than there used to be and I was exploring what the options are.

It varies, but I think we can see all the planets now except not always. Only some are visible at any one time. I plan to experiment with checking from the other side of the planet to see if the other planets are visible from the other side.

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I did think about experimenting with that (making it so that the X position on the planet would influence the day/night cycle (and thus planets in the sky too)) ;p


It sounds like you are saying that currently planets have the same sky view from everywhere and are basically flat?

Not only are they flat, they are squares. The presentation of planets in the sky as spheres (and technically not even that, only a single hemisphere) is just an illusion (read: fancy uv-mapping)

Oh no… time to build a “Flat-Theka” temple.

I can’t see Energised Meatloaf in the game. Or did you mean Energising Loaf or Meatloaf?

Sounds like they are both bugs, so I’ll add them to the database.

The worlds on the Testing branch will normally be a copy that’s not necessary up to date with the live game. As a result, some of the information will look a bit odd as a result. For comparison, what are the prestige values on the live game?

Nevertheless, can you post a screenshot showing this?

Thanks for the report, a bug has been logged.

I’m not sure I understand. Can you give more information?

It does looks like the instruction indicates that it should be possible. I’ll add a note to the database.

Neither Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld have had any input into this whatsoever. So I’ll add this the bug database.

That’s definitely not right, so I’ll add this to the bug database. Incidentally, how many times did you shoot it before the large numbers started appearing?

Was it like that for quite a while? What are the coordinates for this area?

This could due to the fact that planets disappear into the horizon (a bit like the moon/sunset) and should reappear later.

Uhhh, I’ll see if I can reproduce it…
EDIT: yep, reproducible

Yes, it didn’t change to an orange colour.

I’ll check for you
EDIT: it happens on the first shot

Two of the planets that disappeared were directly overhead. I believe the cause was foggy conditions. While this is realistic it could be a problem for travelers. Especially if you warp to vulpto or nasharil and have to wait for fog to clear before you can leave. Ah but wait, you always have the sanctum to warp home…
it could be a problem trying to explore new worlds from a foggy planet. Could the totem have an infrared mode? Or anti fog mode?

Portal Conduit ingredient for Any Refined Wood incorrectly displayed.

I was standing in front of a selling plinth in a store. The owner wanted to sell 2 different goods, and the object on top of the selling plinth was flipping between the 2 goods for sale, with a few a few seconds cycle.

I opened the plinth and buy all of the 2 goods, closed the menu, but the object was still on top of the plinth.

One thing I noticed about engines, I had a sparc cord going from the workbench with the engines to another machine, and the white power lightning bolt from the engine would move around and eventually hit the sparc cord and break it so it became a free floating piece of sparc cord. I didn’t notice what happened the first time so I picked it up and replaced it but then it happened again and I realized what broke it.
Is this intended?

Anything inbetween an engine and a machine (where the white bolt is) will be broken. That is intended I believe.

also can’t seem to buy anything in a stand that is a smart stack. The stack is greyed out and I can’t click or drag it. (does not just apply to augments).

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Hi nevir,

Would you be able to show the nodes setup you have to recreate this?


Everything is now quadrupled, number of beacons, prestige and plots when counting - i didnt TRY to make this happen, so not sure how to reproduce… did move the master beacons around once or twice.

Save that gist (https://gist.github.com/nevir/4b13f9014210085e201dc3a2f414cb59) out as a config (or I can screenshot it later today probably)