Testing 187 - Report issues here

Is it still happening?

What foods were your character eating?

Seems ok for me now. I had this yesterday as well.

No, but now the warp distances are huge :exploding_head:

Working now, but at a higher price and distance.

We push a patch for the issue you and @willcrutchley saw with missing planets/being unable to warp.

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Yeah, i can’t test warps because the distances are too big :joy:

In this case, I ate energized meatloaf, and was attempting to fill my energy with starberries and edible lamellas

I hope you find a way to use that sentence out of context :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aaah you sly devil

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Quick note for the 187: Dev’s you’re awesome! So impressed with dev interaction with the players, and listening and helping. Thank you guys so much for giving us a test server, constant new things, and tons of new things planned for the future.


Same issue as above with cooking recipes not working out as expected - attempting starberry stew. When inserting syrup first into a furnace (stone & iron at least) the crafting bar registers the stew with “requires 4 raw starberries” but when i drop them in it defaults to cooking starberries on their own.

Makes it hard to open up my soup kitchen if we aint gots no soups know what i’m saying? :slight_smile:

Edit - unrelated: when grappling the “buzz” sound plays. If i change what’s in my other hand, the sound abruptly stops and remains off. Not sure if bug or feature, kinda useful when hang-mining actually.

E2: In sanctum, the home planet no longer spins, only showing one side?

Also, question about calculation of prestige - my beacon is a measly 2700 ish and my neighbour is at 700, but they are somehow counted 3 times and we now form a settlement while waaay under-scoring

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When you equip an item from a smartstack (other than the first item from the stack) to your hotbar, right clicking it shows the details for the 1st item in the stack, not the one you equipped

I saw that selling plinth flipping between available goods for sale, but it still do so after i buy all stuff and its empty.

Can you even craft warp augments anymore? i seem to have lost the ability unless it’s gated quite far down a specific line…

All augments do seem to have disappeared… I’m assuming that was on purpose or something…

1st issue: the create character button whilst on a world says this will return you to sanctum, but is greyed out and you can’t click it until you are actually in sanctum.

2nd issue: spelling error (cmon guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) noticed this in @Jiivita’s video:

Should be channeling not chanelling

3rd: This:

That seems like a pretty long time to be poisoned for… poor spitter :joy:

4th thing… (sorry for the mega huge reply):
The 2nd LOD (the one just after full detail) seems to be broken for lava when under water (it’s blue):

that’s different… usually im the one making spelling errors in my videos =P

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I was looking at planets from solum, trying to tell which they were, but the all disappeared, due to either weather effect or sunlight. That makes warping difficult.

I don’t seem to be able to eat or cook “edible lamella” but the name makes me think I should be able to.

As far as I know they are just used in food recipes.

Nettles are edible and quite tasty, but wouldn’t want to try eating them raw :open_mouth: