Testing 187 - Report issues here

It’s probably caused by the same thing. Although I haven’t seen this occur recently, I’ll add your current issue to the bug database.

It’s likely similar to the issue that @willcrutchley reported previously in this forum topic.


Not sure what happen here, switching plot-view do nothing.

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@james did you turn on the debugRegions? :stuck_out_tongue: it doesn’t limit to a single user!


@lucadeltodecso No I didn’t!!


it was me. Rob and I were testing something when we triggered this.


Hah, so that’s what it does :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@olliepurkiss noticed that there is no use for compact silt in the next update! I think that the recipe for glass was accidentally changed to require normal silty soil.

EDIT: Not accidentally since compacting requirements are tough, but maybe not without concern of the use for the compacted version?

I don’t know if this has been added to the bug database yet @vdragon, but @Havok40k and I are experiencing an issue. Upon eating a “Shielding” food, connection to game servers is lost. Then the effect stays meaning we are unable to connect to the testing servers at all (for me I walk through the portal in Sanctum and instantly get an unplayable connection due to the physical resistance effect)


It wasn’t until I viewed a video on Atlases that I realized something…

When I started a new character, the first time I looked up at the planet (Solum in this case), it looked… broken. Grey, with yellow splotches.

I honestly thought it was a bug.

Turns out it’s a claimed-plot heat map.

Thing is, when I fired my little warp augment, I wanted to know what kind of land I was firing at, not what areas were claimed.

I recognize that this might not be something achievable right this second, but I’d recommend attempting to both demonstrate what this heat map is to new players while also enabling them to view land types.

Perhaps the heat map should only appear (in a sweeping ‘transition’ effect that spreads from the tip of the totem) when pointing the totem directly at the planet.

If you look off to the side, the effect should retract in to the totem, restoring a view of land coloration.


We’re planning to switch the Planet Beacon View from the loaded Totem and onto the Beacon View button.

(The purpose of the view is to help players enter the game directly into civilisation or the wilderness.)


Yes, it’s linked to the issue you’ve reported a couple of days ago. I believe we have a fix for this.


The fix should be pushed, so check that you and @Havok40k can connect to the game again.


I’ll check in about an hour

When opening the new chat options… Capture

If you press enter the options stay open even as you regain control of your character…

Love the new menus and filters though <3


kinda comes in handy for quick access though =P


I can’t seem to open the warps in sanctum…
Edit: nvm, I can get into the game perfectly now, thanks @vdragon
An actual bug: opening the filter menu and then pressing esc takes you out of chat but leaves the filter menu open:

and ofc the issue @jiivita mentioned also applies if you click esc or enter:

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Thanks for the report, I’ve logged a bug about this.


I can not warp from Epsilo to Solum…
Got lvl 3 jump distance.

Is it maybe down?

I think there might be an issue with all warps introduced by the universe structure change.
I can’t open warps in sanctum: (also a graphical issue there on the icons)

There is also still no planet in the sky:

Energizing food boosts maximum energy potential (in my case from 1667 > 3000), but does not fill energy to max (as if under the effects of hunger) and prevents eating food to fill energy. Silver bomb does fill energy to max though.

Thanks for the heads-up, but as you say it was deliberate because I was worried about making glass too hard to make. I’ll have a look to see if I can find another use for compacted silt.