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No, one of the recipes requires both and doesn’t craft. I can’t remember which, but one does. Any food recipe requiring 2 ingredients in the furnace does not work.
EDIT: Here’s an example @vdragon

Something is causing the game to crash about 10 seconds after I start, even if I’m still in the sanctum just looking through the portal.
Crash dumps submitted.

It’s still better than last night when it was crashing in less than a second after starting.

I don’t have a base on Vulpto. My friend does. I have permissions there so I went there to use machines etc.
Only my main alt have permissions though.
I went there with my miner and dropped some 1000 coals on the floor and then switched to my main alt and picked it up.

Things went arseways after that. I couldn’t put that coal I picked off the floor in any of my machines and couldn’t even drop it back on the floor. It kept coming back to my inventory in a fraction of second after I moved it.
I restarted the game and… all that coal is gone. 2 hours of mining and 1000 coal is gone. Not on the floor not in any of my machines and not in my inventory.
That was 500+ soft coal, 400+ medium and almost 100 hard coal.
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I suspect delete your chunk cache
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\???\324510\local\chunkcache

You make the meaty casserole in the mixer, then cook the raw casserole in the furnace, not the individual ingredients.


Oh, so the knowledge menu is wrong?

Hmm. Not sure.

You appear to be right. Earthyam Stew is made entirely in the crucible, but when earthyams and lamellas are put in the crucible, you only get cooked earthyams. If the same applies to the meaty casserole, then it seems to be a bug.

If you make the mistake of making Minor Beacon Fuel with Handcrafting, rather than with the Crafting Table, the tutorial step does not complete. It shouldn’t matter where you make it, and having to make a second is a waste, since you can only really put one in at a time. (BTW, that should also probably be clarified, since I did make two and now have a waste of fuel.)

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Deleting the file in chunkcache has helped. Game still running after 3 minutes now!

I think an effects tab or something, or hover mouse over the effect, and a pop up telling you what the effect is doing to you specifically would be useful. I had a number of effects on me while testing but couldn’t tell what they were doing to me other than if it hit the health bar. Some could have hurt my armor, others my resist, other health or stamina, or their regens.

Okay update on Stamina bar. MY God does eating really affect it. So knew to needing to eat, I just didn’t realize it. No Stamina issues with a full belly. It requires a TON of raw uncooked food to get full though, pending how much bonus energy you have.Obviously the cooking recipies are going to be needed. Which build economy. So in all my stamina test above, Simply eat man! Huge stamina pool with a full belly.

Would having a single atlas ball fix the crash issues? I mean having to carry a ball per planet, and the scripts keep a memory of each ball, seems easier to just have the ball change per planet. Kind of like when map fog disappears as one discovers all the areas in other games.

Eating earthyams, crashes the game sometimes.

@luke-turbulenz Thank You so much for the obvious that I miss lol. My goodness eating does a lot. I see how this is an economy booster and a serious need. I have one hell of a energy pool with that bonus maxed and a full belly. More than enough energy to go around. I don’t think it’s known how important eating is now.

Tested, with max stamina and stamina regen and a full belly I have 4,830 energy. I shot 69 times with auto bow and uses 70 stam per shot. Pausing for 5 seconds instantly replenished 3000 stamina. Basically at this level, you just won’t have a stamina issue hunting, and NEVER have a stamina issue that keeps you from working with tools. They will probably wear out before you run out.

However at low levels, Stamina is a sure pain. Even with 5 bonus’s to energy, bow use only gives 11 shots off. A severe difference between that and a tool use. Bows should not use that much stamina over swinging a hammer. I might dare even say take stamina off bows, add it to jumping and running.

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Cooking raw yams and meat could be possible on a campfire for a simple slight boost over raw foods if one is out in the wilds on a hunt.
But it shouldn’t compete in any way over a real cooked dish and its bonuses that can be sold. got to consider the economy. So maybe scratch the campfire idea. Let us keep eating raw yams haha.

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Flower bug.

Please make it a feature! Some plant that grapples you with vine and slowly drains health.

Maybe not a bad thing, but Once I filled my belly full. Its been well over an hour and it hasn’t dropped at all. I do not know all the factors that calculate when or how often a character is suppose to get hungry. I have been standing around a lot in the game during this time.(update: after resetting skills and no bonuses to stamina, after a good 20 minutes of running and harvesting, the stamina bar has depleted about a third).

Also I have a status effect from one of the yams I ate, but no idea what that effect is. Could be low level health regen, but stamina hasn’t dropped either. On uncooked foods there shouldn’t be awesome positive effects, or it will nullify the need of cooked foods.

Also not sure if intended, but luck has zero affect on harvesting plant drops. Maybe it should being how mining has a small bonus with luck.

Using a Copper Spanner on Machines with already full condition will always display “500 Repaired” instead of a gray “0” like it does on live.
(Can’t say if its copper specific or for all spanners).

Looking at the Upper of two vertically connected shelves makes the storage UI flow over the border.

Also in this screen: Getting hit in combat tints my health bar red and it stays red until i restart the game.

How do you de-equip and Atlas augment? I’d like to get the atlas back to showing the regular world map instead of a heat map.

You can’t - once it’s attuned to finding something, that’s it’s sole purpose (and it will only work for the world you attuned it on).

mine to. its like he’s starving or hurting.