Testing 193 - Report issues here

after building my first workbench - before crafting anything in it and still way off getting spark core and other machines:

have you perhaps done any furnace work? I know there was an issue previously that spark (/heat) used in a furnace could count towards the total spark used achievements, possibly hand crafting counts as a machine here?

something definitely counts towards that

sure, I fried some ores

Look at recipes and resources in your knowledge and search for iron bar, if it says it needs spark it means they did not fixed it yet. It was reported when patch 192 came out. So when you burn some ores it will count like you used spark.


testing server has been down two times in last half an hour for short periods of time (reconnecting impossible within first 5-10 minutes after crash)
is it typical for testing?

several hours later it says i can’t join cause I’m still in the world and I should try to connect later
is it on my side or is testing down?

the server hit an issue where it lost the planet-map data (this cant occur any more in the dev version, but testing/live still have the issue).

for now I force copied data from another of the testing worlds just to get the server running again when it auto-restarts next time, though planet maps will all be wrong now :stuck_out_tongue:


still can’t log in - getting the same message about my character being in the world (try in a few minutes and so on)

anything in particular I should do? clearing cache or something?

Clearing cache might help, as planet maps are cached afaik… That could be causing issues

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done - restarted steam and still the same - any other ideas?

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I guess you’ll have to wait for a Dev response on this one :confused:

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sorry, I didn’t realise I had to actually manually restart the server (it had failed to restart automatically too many times so the auto-restart was aborted).

it is up again now

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no worries I am testing live server now - I can be back live on testing later (pun intended)

I like the new sky in testing :sunglasses:

I think Solum has gone down again? or maybe the issue never went away, idk :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it still down?

Edit: It looks that way. We’ll look into the issue.