Testing 193 - Report issues here

I see this on testing as well when there are Network Lags and the warning message comes up. Lots of /n entries instead of carriage returns.

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Placing blocks with smart stack do not refill the hand when the stack of 100 is done.

This will be fixed when the testing branch is next updated.

You’re right, it doesn’t. Thanks for the report, I’ll add it to the bug database.

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so I was mining, using a smart stack of 2 iron hammers and one just broke. the next one was still in my radial selection wheel, it is even still “equipped” with the green arrow pointing to it, but it is missing from my hand and nothing happens when I left click.
Photographic evidence:

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Think it same issue as i reported

well it wasn’t as clear as my explanation… i assumed that the hammer wasn’t going into the slot but in my screenshot it is.


I don’t have a negative status effect…

Power coil damage “multiplication”. This is also happening on live but I don’t think it was reported properly yet.

Power coils are damaged even if they are not needed/used at all.

Power coils speed up crafting as well as providing power, so they will receieve wear whether the recipe needs power or not.

The recipe requires 0 power coils, and as shown the production time only benefited from 1 power coil. Both the top and the bottom workbenches were started 12 seconds apart, and they both finished 12 seconds apart. The exact same production time damaged 23 power coils more on the bottom workbench than the top work bench. Again both had the exact same production time.

Just started the game up, I’m stuck in the ground, in game, right now, come verify XD

well, for one, the devs can’t access your sanctum. it only exists locally on your computer.

Also, are you on the testing branch? (accessible by right clicking boundless in steam - properties - betas tab - dropdown and select testing) because this thread is specific to that version…
If you’re playing in the regular live version, the current thread would be this one:

and the thread to post in changes with each update. that way they can track all the bugs for a specific version more easily.

Also, I’m not sure if you saw my comment in time before posting this, but I said to post the pictures “with as much detail as possible” meaning details like whether or not you were running, did you jump, what angle you were running at, did you hit the plinth first, etc. things like that.
not a single expletive. that’s not very helpful.

I just have another area where I use the machines without power coils attached. No reason for them if you don’t want the speed boost, power, etc.

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I have 2 accounts. Sometimes I load them both up, and One character on one account will see daylight, while the other character on the same plot will be experiencing night, at the same time.

How much does day and night cycles matter, and does this mean day and night is relevant from the moment we sign in and so what we see is different than what other players are seeing at any giving time?

Not sure if this is a bug.

Check this thread, could be the same thing :grinning:

@willcrutchley I do remember that now. Thnx

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you do seem right there, @olliepurkiss
the data setup for machine crafting only allows the first 80 surplus power to contribute to speeding up the crafting, so any power over that is in fact entirely unused as it stands, but they will all receive damage regardless.

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Ahem. This will be fixed when the next update is pushed.

We can’t reproduce it with the version on our end, so it may have been fixed at some point.

Edit, sorry that was supposed to be in reply to @Godsicc regarding the character being stuck on the sanctum floor. The above issue about the negative status effect has been added to the bug database.

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