Testing 214: New player polish!


Need to apologize to those who felt I was a bit harsh in my post. No matter what I feel about the attitude of others, that does not give me the right to act like their wants ae not important, they are.
I just see the Needs of the new players as more important.


Have there not been players from Poland before?



Haven’t tried testing yet but has there been changes on objectives above and made tutorial for objective for making glue?
I remember watching some new player streams/videos and first stop seem to be back then that how to make glue, just because it is made in furnace (that doesn’t list recipes like crafting table) and players don’t know or understand to use knowledge window.
Way game gives new objectives fast/too early for player, like elemental worlds could also be problem. They concentrate too much to achieve those instead of doing that happy base building.

If I remember right when I did start play game on EA January 2018 game would have had some warnings on some tutorial/objectives or when entering to other planets. Is this still existing on current system?


I don’t know, don’t remember any warnings, but my two alts have done the ones I see as most important. My girl for cooking/baking has no points that would allow here to travel to more than a level two planet and my second alt will neve leave the base either, focus is on them doing the crafting, future forging, making tools and food and soon some brews.

I think instead of having the objectives in categories, such as the archeological all together they should in Levels. All objectives that are tier one together then level two, then three; players then know to do only those at their level, not in the order of category, which is what is confusing, in my opinion.


The tutorial proper stops at “Your Journey Begins” when you are asked to complete a Journal Objective. I think the idea then is you go on and do the rest as and when you’re ready.

The new system has helpful animated arrows to guide players to tabs and recipes they need up to that point. This is especially useful on the tabs, as it’s not so apparent that a page can be tabbed e.g. Beacon Controller has Overview, Fuel, Permissions and Options(?). Many people see it straight away; but it would be a shame to baffle those that don’t :slight_smile:


I wasn’t trying to communicate that you didn’t understand. I just responded to your entry in the thread because it was the first I saw commenting on it.

They did not tell the community because the system was not ready for them to communicate it. There could have been a bug or some other thing that halted development or whatever. So they share things when they are ready to. Once it was ready they put it on testing and communicated more details.


Do you or anyone else know more about those Special Worlds?

At least we know they could possibly be temporary worlds due to the planet removal stuff they did mention earlier.

But could this also be T7+?

Or are those 2 totally different things? Do we know anything about T7+ worlds? Are they like regular planets we have now, always there but higher lever with different materials to mine, etc., etc.?


Yes I know some things about T7 and Special Worlds. I do not know the exact thing they are releasing next and what features might or might not be part of it. I also don’t know the exact context of what James means in his statements here.

A discussion with James in December is where thing stuff came up. We talked minimally on it because they had just started looking at it and how it might fulfill some community requests or needs we have, etc. But we haven’t talked about it since then and I have no idea what all they developed or how it looked yet.

I would say that based on how the community takes and interacts with what they are releasing will decide how far they might improve the technology and the features they would offer in it. Meaning that if it is successful they might move to toward temporary worlds. Or jeez it could be them exactly.

That is all I can share because any other specifics I know we be too directly linked to what it COULD HAVE BEEN and not what they developed. So it would be very wrong of me to speculate too far or send people in a direction that isn’t what actually is going to be released. They have had a lot of time to develop and who knows what it turned into or their decisions… I don’t.

Any other specific I know I might not share because on my first call we had a very clear agreement that certain things that might come up in the discussion should not be released until the time is appropriate. So some specific I will never share. Overall, though, I try to help and share when it makes sense.

Additionally, it isn’t my job nor basically my right to do so - they are the developers - they need to communicate to the community. I paid a large sum to get what I get out of this game and I’m going to value it and honor it because of the perk it is. I want it to stay so I will use it for the betterment of the game as a whole and most importantly use it in a way that the developers themselves feel they get the most value out of it. I want them to see that this type of input can be helpful. I asked them to create many times a community advisory board like we see in Eve Online, etc… they just haven’t had the time.


I think that these are some good changes to help out the newer players and I like the atlas and warp home stuff. I also think maybe doing something about the caves in the game would also help because I feel that you barely find things in them like you used to in EA and would benefit new players on the starter worlds get things they need. And maybe also caves on higher tier worlds cause if there are I can never find then just feels not satisfying digging through solid earth all the time.


On release some of the first planets built did have issue with resources in caves. They fixed that with the later planets. So some of the more popular planets are the first ones. Likely you need to make sure to visit the later planets. I’m not sure, though, how much better it is.


I would disagree with this 100%. It works just fine down here. We prefer our elbow room :wink:


Nice the atlas stuff sounds cool. I was thinking we should be able to see settlements on the atlas and boom soon I’ll be able too.

But if there was something I really wanted would be some kind of big boss battle…
Like that giant worm. :crossed_fingers:


But do you know if they are the same thing or two different things?

Kinda wanna know how much new stuffs we can look forward to!


I don’t know specifically in regards to what James said or fully means so I can’t honestly say here. But to speculate some - I would strongly assume that they are two different things.

I think the community has made a decent case on why temporary worlds are viable and would be good content - dungeons, titans, more colors, super hard, or just pretty places to visit before it goes poof. The community has also shown they want T7 planets. This is a good way to showcase and test out how these things might work or look like in the longer term.

But overall I don’t know if the developers really feel it is the right time to release T7 nor if temp worlds fully meet the needs of everyone and would be USED by everyone. They have a very strong focus on content that is across all aspects of the game and not just for a small subset of people. Larger general based systems of content grow the game more than small areas.

So while a new hard planet is great for some it sucks for others that cannot visit them. I could argue that a large part of the community cannot survive decently on current planets so how could they navigate an even harder world. Compared to something like Farming where everyone can use it or more decorations (flowers, bowls, etc) that we all can use in building. Or even things like making clothes.

Either way, they do listen to you all and they as well see how cool some of these things are. They want them in the game many times just as much as you. But, they have to balance and actually do all the hard work to make it possible. And sometimes it just isn’t easy to do or make sense right now.


This makes you part of the 1%, and exactly the kind of person I was referring to in my post.

If the people who have no issues with the game as it stands, and have 1,000’s of hours, are able to fund development, then that’s fine.

But I really doubt you guys are.

So I think listening to your feedback only improves the game for you, and that won’t grow the game.


I’m far from elite and spend all my time pottering in my build or helping other players - especially new players. I’ve built some bits and pieces and tinkered with shops and forges. I’m not sure who you think the 1% is that I’m part of.


This is a pretty mean-spirited assessment. It assumes anyone with considerable played time is only interested in improving the experience for them when that seems not at all apparent from reading the forums.


Lived there for 35 years, on the redneck riviera. Absolutely hated every year of it. The only saving grace was the fact I lived on Pensacola Beach for 20 of those years.


Born in San Antonio, lived in Baytown, Austin, DFW, etc. Loved all of them. Beaches are great too.


Ok that’s a lot different. Texas is Texas. It’s in the south but when i think of the south I think Louisiana, Bama, Mississippi, ga, northern florida, tenn, Kentucky.

We almost moved to Austin instead of Washington. Our time in Austin was great. Definitely not horribly designed like the areas I grew up in.

Guess this has nothing to do with the topic though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: