Testing [cplusplus] 1: Initial C++ build of Boundless

Instructions for accessing the C++ Steam beta testing build of Boundless.

  1. Start Steam Client
  2. Enable the beta:
  3. Boundless -> Properties -> BETAS -> “Enter beta access code…”
  4. Enter: xDSIHmYGVDhLQivY
  5. “Select the beta you would like to opt into:” -> “cplusplus -”
  6. Close
  7. Start the beta:
  8. Select “Play” on Boundless.
  9. On Windows: “Launch C++”
  10. On OS X: “Play Boundless”
  11. Select “PLAY”

More details to follow.

Update: Please report issues to this thread here.



Try it now :slight_smile:

Ok So I just walked through a portal and my game crashed ^^

EDIT: New textures are so awesome though


Booo! I’m still at work!! :frowning:

Edit: Downloading in anticipation of 6pm though… :wink:


When we encounter crashes, do those get reported back with enough detail, or should we be posting logs?


Just jumped on and I think I’m in love again with this game…OMG the visuals and performance is amazing!! However is there a way to bring up a menu for graphics settings in this beta or make any changes to visuals? Keep it up you just hit a home run!


Steam do have an error reporting system but its does not capture all crashes.

You can email the crash dumps in as outlined on the http://playboundless.com/#faq
On Windows they are in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Turbulenz\Boundless\ and email them in to boundless@turbulenz.com.


Press “O”, and then select “Graphics Options”.

How do I open the chat?

press “T” and type.

I’m at rehearsals,and I want to play!!!
Why must I act on the daily…!!
Super excited though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Omg the game looks and runs amazingly so far. On US 1. Anything in particular you want us to be doing to help test?

Ok I was naughty and played it a little while at work… I couldn’t wait … and with good reason. It looks absolutely beautiful and runs so smoothly!

Didn’t have any crashes on my Mac in the 10 mins that I played, with the exception of when trying to quit. Will try on my Windows machine tonight as well.

I’m guessing you don’t want reports of missing textures and such, just actual crash reports submitted as detailed above by Michael right?

Okay just jumped back on and set graphics maxed all the way out and was getting 60 fps plus…smoooooth as butter! Visuals were good before but there was some performance penalty but this is taking it to a whole new level…congrats!!

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anyone wanna meet up at one of the capitals to discover the new features?


I would but gotta run some errands…have fun!

Typical - a post of an excited duck gets 7 likes but my post about the game update gets 5. PEOPLE! FOCUS!


Got a strange problem, the mouse pointer in menus jump around, cant target any alternative…
work well to mine and place block,…

Edit: found it… was my gamepad that start working, was lying in sofa with keys down…:blush: