Testing the New Universe Feedback

Of course it on test sorta the purpose of this feedback thread lol…

And an Atlas only takes “Glass and Copper” nothing hard about that…

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they changeed the recipe then… my bad (last made on a few months ago)

Like i said above right after the OP, there is already a thread on this:


wait… i just found out… you can get silver/gold from metors on the planets :wink: and the tech etc are found on the other planets…

So still no idea how anyone got to a second without the other tech lol

So here I am searching for tech components that don’t exist and that is as intended??? Refinery Needs those Tech components to make… ???

So people starting on the low tier planet shouldn’t be able to make a refinery???

You really need to read the thread for where they asked us to test the new universe… that has become kind of the bug report and comment section… a new thread like this probably isn’t needed. Maybe we just use that and not have 2 going…


Several recipes were changed. Welcome to a new universe with new recipes and commands. :laughing:

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I think it would work well if there were an option for alts to go through an abridged tutorial that gives the same total rewards but has fewer milestones. So like, maybe the first objective would be to place a beacon and completing it would give you all the rewards you would have gotten up to that point. And so on.

If that were done many new people would also skip the tutorial as they do in other games. Then, as in other games they would whine they didn’t know things that are in the tutorial and say they were never told. If people want to skip the tutorials (even alts it is often good to see what changes have been made in tutorials and learn new things) then let them. Have something they can check to skip the tutorial that reminds them they will skip over and possibly miss new information and will also miss getting all experience and rewards contained within tutorials. Don’t reward people for not doing the activity the reward was meant for. lol

I get what you’re saying. But once 1.0 hits I doubt the tutorial will change significantly after that. If it does, sure, make everyone do it again at least once.

I’ve played through the tutorial enough times now to know that I’d rather just skip wood tools and go straight to stone. I don’t really have that option right now though. Also when you’re moving efficiently the tutorial tends to get a little “spammy”. Too many bells and whistles. New players move more slowly so that’s fine, they need the encouragement. I just want to get through it.

Thats why I said give the option of skipping the tutorial. People do skip it now. However, if you choose to skip the tutorial then you also should be skipping all rewards contained within the tutorial. It’s a person’s choice. If they are in a hurry then skip the tutorial and skip it’s experience and rewards as well as any new information contained in the tutorials. I have probably been through the Boundless tutorial over ten times. Not a problem. Sometimes I learn as even after 1.0 things will sometimes change or be added.

The tutorial is so short that it’s pretty fast. Maybe an option for character 2-10 a button to turn it off could be an option.

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You can skip it now, but if I’m not mistaken you have to complete it to unlock some of the higher-tier objectives. So you miss out on a lot if you don’t do it.

The tutorial rewards are quite substantial. I haven’t tried actually skipping it, but I feel like it would take significantly longer to level just by mining/hunting/whatever. I don’t think players who skip the tutorial should be at a disadvantage compared to those who don’t.

That’s why my suggestion was the abridged tutorial; you still have to do the same major tasks to complete it, you just have more freedom in how you choose to progress.

Edit: just in case it wasn’t clear, I was not suggesting that you get all the tutorial rewards after placing your beacon. The idea would be you place a beacon, you get all the rewards of the full tutorial up to that point. Then there would be some new tutorial objective that is a combination of the next series of steps in the full tutorial. And so on.

Next issue I have found…

The Hint Message when it gets dark out is still telling you to use a Light Cube Or torch.
I thought Light cubes where removed from game?!? If so they should be removed from the Hint Messages!


In other words, instead of being rewards they become handouts for existing. Rewards are meant to reward an activity. In this case for doing the tutorial. Skip the tutorial then skip the rewards. People should never receive rewards for activities that they never did. If you want rewarded with a great body you exercise and eat right. Unfortunately, people now eat whatever they feel like and do no exercise then get plastic surgery to have the body (and often brag about the body as if they had worked for it). Modern life I guess… people always want rewards simply because others have them rather than for actually rewarding an activity.


One thing that needs to be considered, is that if you were still to retain all the rewards when you skip over the tutorial… that comes with coins also. That in itself could be a very easy coin farming exploit.

If the option to skip were implemented, maybe it should only offer the cubits as they’re tied to the character (as it stands currently, if a character is deleted, all the plots associated with that character are also removed, so that part is not exploitable). Personally I would not want to see XP as a reward, as you have done nothing to earn it if you skip.


Good point… I would lean that if you skip the tutorial you get no XP, coin, or even cubits because you didn’t do the work. Basically a tutorial is there only to help you along. Skipping it means you don’t need that help and the assumption is you will do what you want. So no rewards should be given at all in relation to a “tutorial completion.”


Well if we are talking about a full skip, I agree, no rewards. But in the abridged tutorial I suggested, you still have to do roughly the same work. You just get more flexibility in how you accomplish the goals.

Actually, now I’m thinking instead of a linear tutorial, allow veterans to complete an objective list instead. Same major objectives as the tutorial, but you can do them in whatever order you want. So if I want to make my stone tools before I make my beacon, no problem, I still get rewarded for each as I complete it

New Issue - Not a bug more of a balance issue…

Bulk Craft of Doors takes way longer then a Bulk craft of Workbenches???
This seems odd to me…

Also maybe doors should be made with a Workbench??? That way you can use power to speed up the craft…

I think it’s only the plain wood and stone doors that are made on the crafting table - when you get to the metals/gleams and all of the stylish and ornate ones, they’re made on the refinery.

I see the difference in crafting times you mean as well… 20 workbench parts only take 5 mins … and 10 stone doors takes 15 mins

I guess it’s because the workbenches only give you 5 working machines in total?