Testing your Sovereign ! specially for Mining

WHO has rolled Gemma Dives ???

You did a great Job with this Planet !!!


Why do you have the portal epic? do you open lots of portals (this skill does not effect warp distance) I would put on durability instead, unless you don’t have another skill page for opening permanent portals…

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Oh good Haven t Changes IT since the Last opening Just forgot to Change Back :joy::joy:

Ty for noticing IT :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Sadly this Planet can Not be mined at the moment tryed IT today to do a Test for Emerald nur could n t do…

Just so everyone knows I’ve chosen to keep Topaz Test 2 which has now been renamed Topazinga and I’m also Keeping No Rocks for Rubies 2 which has now been renamed Rubydonia.

Rubydonia is accessible via Viking Diamonds (take Valhalla portal from TNT MegaHub sovereign wall and follow the Serpenserendi portal path u til you reach Viking Diamonds)

Topazinga is accessible via Doorn Ka (take the Valhalla portal from TNT MegaHuba sovereign wall and follow the Serpenserendi portal path until you reach Doorn Ka).

These planets are open to all for mining and campfires are allowed.

Have fun!


Got a new corrosive test open - labelled Amethystine - Temp Corrosive on the upper tier at my Alcyon place. Put a few atlases on a stand there.

Nothing special - I can’t seem to get a handle on really huge amethyst counts like a few have, keep ending up with too much deep water or not enough water at all, so still playing with that. But it has some nice spots scattered around, I tested it a little earlier, and amethyst mining anyways is going to give you best profit I’ve found of mining the regular gems. Other resources like Island trees there too.

May do another topaz test next, trying to see if topaz mining high produces more large fossils than amethyst mining. I think amethyst might have the edge.

Did another corrosive experiment, Ametest, portal open at my hub with a few atlases there. Lower count but a couple larger spots.

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@Turrican2006 Forlorn Outpost - Diamonds - off Norkyna (probably misspelled) :smiley: Portal is open via TNT till I can get the one open on Pharoh’s Network (already have my token)

You are awesome!

Oh and I don’t have an atlas filled out quite yet… but soon.

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Ty for the Kind words will do a Test of course :wink::wink::wink:
I think tomorrow or wednesday depends on Work.

Btw @all i am Not active on Forum because of Lot of Work ,so if you want to Message that i am notifed by Mail you have to metion @Turrican2006

Greetings Turrican2006

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Glad to see this continuing. You could scan the planet also and just get an overall idea on how well the resources generated and then make an atlas while you are at it.

Don t know how the scan works was Just taking a small View on the Planet and seems to Look awesome !!!

Will do a live Stream with the Test and short Reviews vid of IT but what i saw already Just Viewing 6 or 7 Region on my Atlas was amazing .

Will keep you all informed about it.

@Turrican2006 whenever you can, I appreciate it. Atlases are up and I have added it to the Pharoh’s Network. Just needs to be named on both hubs.

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Ty @Chicula for that awesome Planet !!!:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Watch all the result Video its worth IT

Exited for the next Planet to Test :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Forlorn Outpost resource counts

It currently places second for total amount of Diamonds on sovereigns! Nice sovereign!

before i was mining it was even 1st Place just checked that before i went there in this morning , but the more important is the compactness of the Diamonds, was on all other planet too from that list and never got such a result .it was by far the best.

A note on the concentrations: It appears that with mining, the longer you let an area sit, the better it regens, and also seems best when the world first spawns. This is the same for other resources too, like Stardrops I’ve noticed this too.

On Hyrule, if you go mine around the portals into it, you might not do as well because that is where others may have mined it recently. I use a spot there I saved that is away from the others. :wink:


Yea this exactly. In Hyrule I usually warp there to a spot and go out and about with my atlas. I do agree the compactness makes a difference though. I can’t remember right off but one of the Homeworlds is great for Diamonds and has good compactness. I usually just go there and get 10ss and call it a week

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Did sepani AS example several Times for sapphire and managed to get Always nearly Same result and Other planets too meaning 100 more or less

And i did the Test Not where the Portals are Set Up

Hyrule IS also a great Planet for Diamonds and was so far the best i mined and got there 3.1k and average 3k

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