That moment When you..... [Fun thread :D]

Ever have that moment happen to you?

Recently i have been having a ton of moments where i go to sanctum to warp home
only to habitually walk out of the portal returning me to the planet i was on.
The more times i want to warp home, the more times i make this mistake xD

Got a silly moment? Share it here! :slight_smile: #brighterdays


Yes, i do that all time, have not get used to see the right portal open…

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I can’t count how many times I’ve done that. Sometimes I’d even walk through the wrong warp a second time after being distracted. One of those serious “DOH!” moments.

The one I’m most guilty of though is when building towers and forgetting to hold the ‘creep’ button while laying bricks, high up. Walking forward and casually falling to my death like a Dodo. I’ve given more xp to death penalties this way than I care to imagine.


Hasn’t been so long since those simpler times when only one portal was truly useful in the sanctum.

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I never use creep. I forget about it.

It really needs to be a toggle. I don’t have the coordination for that.


Yea, you kinda need Piano fingers and it can feel a bit awkward. I’m on PC but I’m guessing the PS4 controller layout would probably be awkward too.

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too bad creeping doesn’t work on chiseled blocks otherwise i’d be safe myself…


I use a modified PS4 controller with paddles underneath that you can program to be any of the other keys. Holding the creep button or swim up are then easy!

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Even using the normal buttons it’s not hard to do. Tho I do use one of my paddles for jump when I remember I have them lol

I’m using keyboard & mouse but I’ve been looking at those Elite Controllers with the paddles. They’re pricey but a possible, worthwhile investment in the future.

Sometimes I want to change characters but I absent-mindely click return to sanctum. Then I exit the left portal and realize I never changed characters


It’s not awkward is downright abysmall.
It’s in the most inconvenient position to have to be held.

It really should be a toggle.

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You might wanna go and give a +1 to this thread that, Biv started then… :wink:

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I have a habit of falling through glass floors. Somehow I magically run over the only space where someone missed a glass block, and they’re almost invisible unless you really look for them.


It’s almost like they miss one on purpose… Not that I’d ever do that… You can’t prove nothing!

Actually, I did fall off legendville the other day… Was looking to the side at an interesting shop and fell off an unsecured edge… Managed to grapple the ground though so was all good and also the underside of that place is very cool


That moment when you’re building and try to break a block but forget you have your aoe hammer equipped :persevere:


That moment when you’re brainlessly running from plant to plant on a lava planet and realise there was a giant hole in front of you :smiley:


And maybe you had hard chiseled all that blocks…

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I did :pensive:

Also forgot the design i made so had to start over lol

When I see a resource i need on the wall of a cliff a ways away. So i shoot the grapple to it and halfway through my swing, I switch over to my diamond hammer.
and laugh as I bounce my head off a few rocks and fall to my death…cause my hammer was in the same hand that the grapple I’m using is in.