The best Grapple mechanic has way too much player punishment | Wall Damage

Most of my deaths in Boundless are due to smashing into a wall with my Grapple.

I have two characters with forged Titanium Hookshot Grapples, and five points in Grapple mastery. This causes some insane reeling speeds, and it’s a ton of fun. You don’t take fall damage when you’re grappled to something, which is wonderful. However, to make the most out of using a fast-reeling Grapple for traversing the world quickly, you do a ton of “slingshotting” off of high blocks pretty akin to Spiderman. It’s one of the most exhilarating experiences in Boundless. It’s also one of the most dangerous experiences because you have to let go of your grapple to get the air-time and hold on to the speed, rather than just slinging back to the block you grappled. This causes a lot of trouble when you’re doing a ton of grappling, because no matter how skilled you are, sometimes you simply just run into the wall.

I understand feeling like we need some sort of damage mechanic if you smash into a wall after letting go of a Grapple for realism’s sake, but honestly if Grapples already keep you from taking damage while smashing into the wall if you simply haven’t let go of the Grapple, realism is already out the window.

Taking fall damage after falling and hitting the ground makes sense. Most games have that, and it’s generally understood. However, the damage mechanic for smashing into a wall horizontally seems entirely unnecessary. To me, it feels like it’s added to the game simply as a punishment to Grapple users, and I don’t believe every little thing in Boundless needs to have something negative attached to it. Grappling is some of the most fun I have in Boundless at times, but recently it’s felt more frustrating than anything else.

If not removed, I’d love to at least see the damage taken from horizontal velocity lessened by a good bit. Enough to make people be like, “Oh, I should be more careful.” But not enough to keep some players in a constant experience debt.

Is this just me? Thoughts?


“Wall damage” should just be removed from the game as it contributes nothing meaningful to the Boundless experience.

It had to be said.


Overall, I totally agree with you. I just wanted to add a happy medium for those who might feel it’s necessary.


Yeah there’s always that one guy…


Agreed. Just swinging around the market to save time and I take 85% of Health in damage clipping a wall. Silly.


It wasn’t always like this, right? I remember grappling all over the place in Early Access and never having this problem. But maybe I just didn’t have fast enough Grapples…


No I don’t remember it being this bad. Seems like it came with tweaks to floor damage (also still not working well).


@james @vdragon

Is the abnormally-high damage taken from Grapple horizontal velocity a bug, or an intended feature?

Not sure “wall damage” is any different than fall damage, from a code standpoint. Pretty sure it’s just a velocity calculation on collision. “Removing” wall damage would likely require an overhaul of how collision damage is calculated from the ground up. I admit I’m speculating, I don’t know jack about the code.

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I thought the same but given fall damage is erratic and unforgiving even from small heights at the moment perhaps some fixes for that will help even if no special consideration is given to wall collisions.


WTH?! I love horizontal wall damage!


I took 159 damage earlier while simply running around because I hit the jump button and clipped a block corner while coming down from the jump.

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Slams into walls at high speed, complains about getting hurt. -_-

You just wait until you start grappling, my friend. :wink:

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i love doing that, i often run up ramps, jump and try to land somewhere next to the ramp to get damage.

dont remove that, ty.

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So when you are slingshotting yourself in the air and you grapple on to your next target… you dont take damage because the grapple is hooked in… so what are you doing to smash into the wall? Are you not redeploying the grapple? If so then isnt that just a player fail?

Usually it seems to happen to me at the intended destination when there is no next target but I’ve not tested with this in mind. Yes having a second grapple attached negates all fall damage. I don’t know about you but I’m not 100% accurate all the time. :slight_smile:

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Is this a joke? Or you like to take damage for what reason? This happens in e.g. my workshop - go down a sloped floor, meet the next level down floor, bam damage. I would very much like to think my Oort is not such a cretin he can’t walk down a slope without smashing his face into the floor at random.


i never had damage just from running down a slop.
but anyway i want see you in reallife running down a 45° slope without issues :stuck_out_tongue:

I could do that :slight_smile:

But it does it on chiselled steps too. All the damn time. IIRC there’s a thread about it with others experiencing the same.

I don’t mind if I run off a slope at say 6 blocks up but when you are literally just walking off 10% of a single block height onto the meeting floor level taking damage seems silly.