The City of Steam-Open to the public


Yes! I think we should build an arboretum somewhere for this!


Awesome! I would love build one for the town ^^

Have any locations in mind?.. somewhere close to an existing / believable location for a pipe would be convenient… since my current solution is not the most attractive (it comes out of the ground from the back and drapes over the frame)

Anyway I’ll have a closer look at the town soon to see if anything jumps out at me =)


ooooooo, we should have a large underground space with heaps of pipes sticking into it, with the slime coming out, with gleam lighting it up with an eerie light.


hey, the portal to Aquatopia ran out of fuel and I need someone to refuel it.

Also it ran out when i was halfway through so i got stuck on the city of steam side.


never mind found another way.


i cant fuel it inside the shop but i can build a new one :slight_smile:
i havent seen the owner for a while now
is there a better spot for it @KKBell or @Cookviper then the canon spot?
and can it be in a well visited spot or better still keep it low profile ?


Bell set up a spot right near the gear with the chain. You Can place it there if you’d like. I already relocated my portal to that area as well so if you want you can put yours right next to mine.


thanks also i miss the contest portal maybe i can fuel a new one love to show off the buids on plaza if possible


sorry lads for leaving my unfinished build there - its almost done but I started before the final list of materials allowed has been decided so it needs re-building;

have been away from playing lately but as soon as Im back in Boundless I’ll make it my second priority to get it done (first being securing beacons and portals with fuel)


No worries man. That’s the best part about the city is it’s easy going, no rush, have fun type of building. :grin:


cook you seen this? @Cookviper
can you put a token somewhere for 2by3


portals now open on aquatopia shopping near dunedragons shop and the garden district portal :smile:


Just a heads up, I’ll be gone for the next few weeks so I gave kkbell access to my primary cookviper account in case any plot issues arise he’ll be able to take care of it. :grin:


Party!!! :money_mouth_face::smiling_imp::selfie::call_me_hand:


Hey @Cookviper your city looks amazing. Can i take over one of your buildings? I’d like to move my shop from Therka


Not sure if @Cookviper will be available for the next week, but i can help you out. Let me know what your interested in and we can set a time for you to take it over.


I’m still driving back from Texas but would absolutely love if you joined us in our city. If it’s empty it’s available…even if it’s attatched to another structure. There’s a 2x2x5 area attatched to my base that’s available. It’s the one with the aqua garage with the retracted metal gate. It’s near the back overlooking the future expansion site. It has 3 or 4 balconies. But take your pick of any of the other available spots.


Awesome. Ill check it out.


Is this one avalible?


I believe it is. Unless @KKBell had plans for it it’s all yours.