The Easiest Boon Combinations - Forging the King Fist

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Hello everyone, this is Tonezone, owner of the Golden Fist. This forum post is going to be part of a broader effort to share our forging knowledge with the community. Originally, I was working on a much larger document and planning to post when that was finished, however that would be a lot to read through in one sitting, and some of this information is best shared in small, digestible bites.

Today we will talk about a crucial topic in forging: Some combinations of boons are much much easier to forge than others. Furthermore, we will look at a forge recipe which takes this idea to the extreme. It can obtain lvl 10 on 3 different boons – but it only works for the right combinations of boons.

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So what is it that makes a set particularly easy to forge? When we want every boon of each gum type we use. Let’s look at the Golden Fist as an example:


If we want to get the Devastating Damage boon on the golden fist, Devastating Damage is an “Effect” type boon. We would use an “Effect” type gum to make the Devastating Damage boon more likely to appear. However, there is another “Effect” type boon which can appear on the golden fist, hard-hitter, which increases critical damage. We cannot easily add the Devastating Damage boon without also giving a high chance for Hard-Hitter. In fact, we can never get more than a 50% chance of getting Devastating Damage no matter how many gums we add! The solution, of course is take the combination. We can get a VERY high chance of getting both Devastating Damage and Hard-Hitter at the same time. If we used an infinite amount of gum, we would have a 100% of getting both boons!

Two boons have been determined, what about the third? Most of the other boon types have multiple boons of a single type. If we used longevity gum, it could give us durability or range, special gum could give us aoe or magnetic collector, ease gum could give us energy saver or critical chance, and venerable gum could give us armor or power grabber. But there is one more gum which only gives a single boon: lightness gum for the busy bee boon. If we used an infinite amount of effect gum and an infinite amount of lightness gum, we would be guaranteed to get the 3 boons we picked: devastating damage, hard-hitter, and busy bee. This combination of 3 is easy. As a comparison, any combination which required 2 of one boon type and another from a boon type which had a second, undesirable boon would be harder. It would be harder still if we want 3 boons of 3 different types, and 2 of them had secondary undesirable boons, or even all 3 had secondary, undesirable boons.

This effect is most-bad for one boon in particular: the shotgun boon. There are lots of special type boons for slingbows, and every one is terrible – except shotgun which is amazing. At best you can get only a 25% chance of the shotgun boon appearing.

Let’s take this idea a step further and look at what happens when you really push the limits using one of these easy combinations. We won’t need boon removal solvent, and in fact this recipe is so precise, it’s performed the same way every time. Our only choice is whether to keep going or deconstruct and start over.


The King Fist recipe is as follows:

2x effect gum

1x lightness gum

4x protection paste 2

13x draining boon compound 1

1x vigor catalyst 2

(optional single gum here)

3x protection paste 2

1x stability paste 2

9x draining boon compound 1

1x Vigor catalyst 2

(optional single gum here)

1x protection paste 2

2x stability paste 2

1x protection paste 2

8x draining boon compound 1

1x setting resin

Yes, you read that right. We are going to use 30 draining boon compound 1 in this forge. That is 24,000 boon points!!! 3 boons maxed at level 10 requires 15000 boon points going into boons. If you get a bit more than average with a run it will be enough to max!

A video of this recipe being used is below:

Forging the King Fist

Some other combinations which I like to make using the recipe are:

Powershot slingbows (Damage, Crit Damage, Heavy Weight – all effect boons). Note: still only use 2 effect gums.

Quickdraw Grapples: (Projectile Speed, Long-Range, and Durability, Lightness and Longevity)

There is even a special case I have found for fists. Any of the 4 combinations of the 4 effect and longevity boons is favorable and our customers appear to like. These are Damage, Crit Damage, Range, and Durability.

What’s your favorite combination? Reply below!


For topaz and amethyst bows I go with devastating damage + heavyweight + projectile speed.

For the other bows the ones that have 0 basecritical chance I go with
Busy bee + devastating damage + projectile speed

For the ones that have more than 0 critical chance I use
Devastating damage + busy bee + critical damage

For fists I usually endure the pain of using 3 different gums but I’ve been thinking about doing the speed + crit + damage

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