THE FUTURE MALL opening 20th of may 2023

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the mall might take roughly a month or 2 + to build so be patient I’m doing it alone :slight_smile:

old news

dear community I would like to announce the upcoming of THE FUTURE MALL
this is the 2nd time I’m working on a mall.
the previous THE FUTURE MALL was reclaimed because I had to let go of the old future planet, the reason for that was that I wanted farms tier 1 or tier 2 based on the cheapest tool usage.
so it got replaced with THE FUTURE tier 1 planet that got biomes picked based on farm possibilities!

the mall

there have been demands on the return of THE FUTURE MALL
the new mall will be built on THE FUTURE sovereign the reason for this is, I have had contact with the support team about certain rules and certain ‘‘wishes’’ unfortunately shops that are being neglected or left to die (and if unlucky if they got gleam club) will not have their shop reclaimed.
so this means that my idea to build on raxxa is out of the question.
the last thing I wanted is ‘‘another mall’’ with empty shops.

the mall design

the mall will be designed by me and built by me. however! feedback is highly appreciated

my questions are:

  • what do YOU expect from a mall
  • what do YOU expect from the mall owner?

plot sizes will be as follow in particular order horizontally

(to come)

some basic common sense rules

  • 1 shop per player (i have the right to reclaim your beacon, if you plot more than 1 shop spot.)
  • pre-build shops shall be returned to mall owner if the shop owner wants to leave the mall
  • once you take over a shop spot, you agree to fill up the stands within 7 days
  • be friendly and respect your fellow players
  • troll beacons shall be removed by the mall owner
  • pre-build shops that are not filled and neglected for a period of time (30 days) will be reclaimed and a shop will be re-build (the previous shop owner won’t be allowed to own a shop anymore)
  • always communicate with the mall owner for issues. feedback or questions regarding the mall
  • real life comes first, cannot refill, or maintain your shop, please communicate, and we will find a solution.
  • if you agree to be part of the mall you agree to these rules.

what can you expect from me?

  • I will not reclaim your shop because i just can, there has to be a good reason for me to do it
  • everyone is equal to me, even if you dislike me you have the right to create a shop at the mall
    no one will be banned or blocked from the planet without a valid reason, you can dislike me all you want but I will never take away your rights to use the future of farms or visit, the only reason u WILL be banned is if you are breaking the game rules, we all respect each other even if you cannot get along.
  • I will communicate with you if you are not communicating with me to find a solution.
  • the future planet will go down with the game, so no need to worry about it going poof just like that.
  • will do my hardest best to get YOUR shop advertised, and get connections going.
  • as many of you know I’m pretty active so no need to worry about me neglecting the mall.

how can I signup host!!!

wow, easy everyone! there’s probably going to be enough space for most of you.
I expect about 60 spots
if you want to be part of the future mall. sure let me know below if you are interested.

fee free to join our discord as well to keep updated on the mall creation

discord link updated , it seemed that people got kicked from the server once they close their discord
and I will also stream the mall planning/building on twitch


discord link updated , it seemed that people got kicked from the server once they close their discord

Glad you posted this, I had an issue with Discord a little while back and had several that got removed.


be fast or be last :stuck_out_tongue:

i was 1st and got premium spot :smiley:


You were first indeed! Happy to have you


current progress


progress progress! here are some screenshots and for those interested, there is 1 shop spot free at the portal area, first come first serve.
the opening is planned for the end of march.

roughly 10 spots have been taken so far.


I’m looking for active cities/hubs to connect to! how about yours?

i have 4 portals sized 2x9 up to 22 blinksecs

and 8 portals of 1x8 up to 13 blinksecs

and 8 portals of 1x2 but size adaptable up to 1x4 up to 7 blinksecs

i will fuel and maintain it, all i ask is a visible location for it to be found.


How about a 24 blinksec portal? :smile:


mall says no :man_shrugging: :joy:


Awesome job on the mall @HOST. It’s coming along nicely :slight_smile:


thanks bro, much appreciated your kind words. :fist_right: :fist_left:

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size changed

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Aahhhh so close now…haha :wink:

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hey there - gotta check how far apart we are; maybe it would make sense to be connected?

just checked actually - 6 blinksecs between my world and the future :wink: :sunglasses:

EDIT: ok, thanks for the chat in game; we know where we stand now :sunglasses: no need to reply here, I got all the facts :grin:


unfortunately, 22 is kinda the max for the entire hub setup.

or else it will be 24 conduits… and I squeezed in at max 18 conduits :frowning:
i do my best to make it all work

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@Host out of curiosity how far is your planet to Angel I?

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Haha your all good. I’m just messing with ya. Be nice to have a direct portal, but the 24 blinksecs sucks! Especially since I’m using the farms a bunch, now the Forge Market, and I’m sure I’ll be at the Mall all the time haha.

You do a great job making it all work the way you do.


very far :frowning:

i know your messing with me :stuck_out_tongue: , and it would have been awesome indeed,
maybe in THE FUTURE, i can solve something

pun intended

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If you want a Portal of size you whish for the Mall let me know.

Also the Spot you Like


latest screen, roof part done (above the roads)