The great Oort recession of 2019

This isn’t confirmed.

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I can think of things I’d rather do, some involving needles and eyeballs.


That’s about an hour a day. I can see how that would be mind numbing though. It’s why I choose to warp around instead using conduits and minimize the portals I rely on.

Thats the attitude that makes me want to help you. 500c per stone and ill start hunting again XD


Is there a recession of ort… can’t you just go hunting and get some…or is it I am not interested in hunting . Could we have another way to get it…


Either people just aren’t selling it (they’re keeping it for personal use) or demand is higher than supply.

You can still buy it, prices are just up.

Maybe I better hunt daily from now and get some coin…:sunglasses::rofl:


500c a stone to start hunting eh? 550 and you can have all my shards right now :rofl:

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More power to you. I’d go batty. Between the monotony and framerate issues…


If you gather 180 oort per day, and sell each stone for 250c you’ll be a millionaire in 23 days.


I am Aussie time no one one after work so not big numbers. So all sweet

Well, then I’d just be dead. I need people to shoot things while I lob healing bombs, lol.

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I’m from uk so no hunts either except combustives

Yea but dying is the funny part…U can run around and actually u might die…Well if you play as bad as I do. Lol

Doesn’t get you any oort, though.

Reviver brew ftw :smile:

I always get over 200 ort…So yea it does

I just started to join hunts again (after 1 1/2 years without hunting) when oort became to expensive to buy for me.

Little Fun Fact:
I had a little shop exactly one year ago (Oct 2018). So pulled out my speadsheets to have a look and back then Rough Oortstone was at 300c each.