‘The Hunter’ Animations - Gif Collection (warning- terrifying post)

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OH MAN! This is going to be amazing!


My main problem with the crawling is the gravity-averse rear. I think if they had four legs and the rear lowered to be made a bit more ant-like it’d be a bit creepier. But with that tail thing hanging in the air, shaking around like it just don’t care, I’m just not feeling creeped out that much.

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OMG!!! This is very scary i will never go out from my home lol
Great job!!!


Morning all!

So the ultimate plan is to have 3 ai/animation states for the hunter which encompasses a lot of the great ideas already on this post. His first state is ‘ethereal’ where - yes he’ll be flying and scouting for victims: see the pic below which was an exploration pose of this stage. The second is ‘hunting’ - which is the work you see above where he stalking the player and choosing when to attack. The final stage is ‘attacking’ where he’ll be chasing you down to launch his frenzied claw attack! Basically - he’ll be doing a lot of actions which together will make him a calculative predatory foe to be wary off.

I’ve taken notes of leaving the claws scratching on the blocks as ‘footsteps’ - that’s an awesome idea which I hope we could do at some point as polish later on! :smiley:


Yup, Going to invest all skills into movement speed!!!:scream:

I really like the way it moves, (kind of like a prowling Leopard).
Although I agree that it should move a little more like a floating “ghost” every once in a while.
(Maybe float about, but crawl up and down walls etc.)


Hiya all! :boundless:

So the first task of 2017 after coming back from Christmas was to immerse myself into doing the Grappling Animations for the new release we’ve sent out of late. I hope you all find this a nice improvement - which (I can now tell you) will soon get better with new VFX from Dom and Michael showcased internally today! :heart_eyes:

I am now motoring on with the Hunter again (whom I love!) and I can show you all a few more animations in progress with the animation set done with this creature feature.

Directional Walking

At the top of this post, I last shared the animation of the basic hunter traversal ‘Walk Forwards’. Now we have the full set going Left, Right and of course Backwards.

Walk Left:

Walk Right:

Walk Backwards:

Ethereal State

The other traversal state you’ll find the hunter in, is Ethereal where he fly’s in and ghosts out of the sandbox. In a dark cave while mining…maybe turn up the volume to hear if any of these guys are within the vicinity - he could otherwise take you a little by surprise! :scream:

Ethereal Flying Idle:

Here we have a 3 part animation allowing him smooth transition from his Hunting Idle to Ethereal Flying Idle.

Fly Into:

Fly Out:

… sooooooo
once pieced together - it’ll hopefully look a little like this once integrated.

Have an awesome weekend guys. :sunny:


Holy ■■■■, ethereal Hunter looks terrifying!


spoooky :slight_smile:



So I’m very happy to share with you all, that the first line up of the Boundless Creature Family line up is now animation complete! :smiley: (Yyyyeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss)

All our creatures in the creature devlog special from the Wildstock to the Ground Basher now have a good completed set of animations that can be integrated into the game. Below I’ll share the remaining animations I’ve done of late to complete the Hunter set.

Have an awesome bank holiday weekend :sunny:

Patrolling State

Continuing from my last post where I showcased the stages of animation in the ethereal flying state. He also in addition will occasionally stop to patrol and stalk his next prey in between roaming ethereally around the Boundless world.

Patrol Into

From the flying loop this animation transitions characterfully into the Patrol state.

Patrol Look

This ambient idle which will cycle with the breathe loop above, depicts him scouting for his next chosen prey - look out!

Patrol Out

Not finding anything of interest, he can always casually sweep back into flying.


At any point if you are fortune to get a direct hit in, this animation will show he’s taken some damage… though this will likely make him mad…


After stalking you in a calculative manner (see his ‘walks’ at the top of this post) or if you’ve managed to get a good cheap shot in while he was caught unawares, at some point he will engage you in direct attack.


From walking he will transition into a full on gallop straight towards you till he is range to pounce.


This is another animation comprising of an in, loop and out - however to show the Hunter attack in full glory I’ve pieced them together. Beware all who venture into the Hunter’s lair!


Like all good fight or flight situations, if you do get on top of a Hunter and end up killing him, you can now reape the rewards from his fallen carcass… after all… fortune favours the bold as they say. :boundless:


What an incredibly expressive monster! Top notch work!


Ah can’t wait to see that creater in game! Although it will most likely give me heart attack.


death 2.0

10 chars


I love it. So good. I love it.


Now we only need a black screen coming on death with the note “YOU DIED” in red! :smiley:


This looks insane! I love all the character that was put into this one. Really great work!

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And now I’m terrified out of my wits to enter a cave…party up time!!


Getting my coal will be much harder. I got a quick question, will there be any Advance fighting mechanics like blocking or roll dodge?

Living the walls and ceiling being available for directions of approach. Be awesome to have the hunter have a long attack jump to get those hanging out from a grapple over lava.

Oh yea an ability to dig out pesky players hiding in holes sucking healing potions.

Haven’t seen @gerryjacobs post in a while! Love these creatures updates!