Release 152: WIP Grapple, Metal Seams and more!

This update is accessible via the “Live” release of Boundless on Steam.

Please report all issues discovered with the update to this support thread.

Please restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest version.


Minor update to introduce changes to the chisel, spanners and dual grapples.

Release Notes:

  • Art + Animation + Assets:
    • Metal ore seams now have new unique textures to aid recognition.
  • Crafting + Resources + Equipment:
    • Fix players being able to rotate blocks in other players beacons.
    • Spanners have new models in line with the design of other tools and weapons.
    • The chisel tool can now rotate prop blocks (crafting table, crucible, machines, storage, shelves and plinths).
    • WIP (work in progress) dual handed grapple update.
    • Grapple system updated.
      • Grapple hooks detach when released and fired as a projectile (so no longer instant hit!). The grapple does not become active until the hook has embedded into a target point, creature, or player.
      • Grapple connector rope rendered as a debug line, with a proper connector visualisation to follow.
      • Character animation updated to handle grapples in either hand. Some glitching occurs while grappling, but this will be fixed shortly.
      • MISSING: Grappling controls are due to be reworked.
  • GUI + HUD:
    • Fixing bug smart stacking items.
  • SFX + Music:
    • New sound effects for:
      • light cube shake.
      • totem pick location.
      • add and remove beacon plots.
  • Server:
    • Added more debugging tools for server crashes.

Update 1: Missing release note about the grapple has been added to the original post.


Dual grapples, ay?

“Grapple-Oort, Grapple-Oort. Does whatever a Grapple-Oort does. Can he swing from a cliff? Of course he can, he’s an Oort. Lookout. It’s Grapple-Oort”


Oh man, back before the two hand system it was possible to use 8 hooks at the same time! Those where exciting times hahaha!




Why it’s the chisel, not the spanner?

When you plan to add a receipt for turning gold into the coins?

It cant be the spanner as that is used to repair the machines


We can use short single clicks, holding, hold-&-drag, shift clicks or many other variants. I don’t see some troubles on that way.

The only trouble is with that is you can already hold, hold & drag, and short click with every tool/action.

What you’re suggesting is adding a completely new mechanic, which is different to every other consistent action currently in game. This then makes it counter-intuitive to use.

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I also love to print my own money!

How to devalue coins 101.


We still need another way for Coins to enter the economy. The multiple Coin sinks are working too well.

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Yeah but pressing it from gold seems the wrong way to go, it seems like a source that seems too hard to controll and gives too much power to the miners.


The objectives will eventually give you coins and experience for completing them. The aim is for some of them to be repeatable and for the rewards to scale with difficulty and time. Hopefully this will make it into the game soon.

We’re also considering another option where you can convert some items into coins. But this is not something that will be in the game soon, as we need to trial the rewards for objectives first to see if it is needed.


Don’t mind what it is personally, I just want some other coin source as soon as possible so we can actually test some sort of economy out :yum:

Marketplaces are essentially just placeholders at the moment until we all don’t feel like we’re clinging on to our warp funds!

All we’d need is 2-3 repeatable quests of equal difficulty handing out coins to give us some sense of an economy, make the handouts as low as you like until you’ve planned it better. Even 1c given for 15 minutes of questwork would stop the sinking ship :grin:

We’re all playing a vastly different game from what we will be in a few weeks time anyway based on what I’ve seen of the skilltrees, don’t be scared to make a minor economy change in the mean time :yum:


Actually not. It’s only question of coins-per-gold balance. When here will be a farming and a hunger, miner will needs to buy food from farmers and tools by crafters. And their coins will spreads between other players.

Why gold? Well, why the gold was most common payment agent for humankind? Because everything is decay except gold. And don’t forget about its shine! It’s IRL.
In Boundless we need gold to point other planets and coins to travel to. It’s looks very adequately to use gold as part of measure value of every action and resource unit.


If you can directly convert gold to currency I’d rather not have currency at all to be honest.

Warp is the only sink right now, if it was changed to a cost of resources and we switched from buying/selling plinths to trading plinths, I’d actually prefer that.

But all games use credits these days, so if we’re stuck with them I would just like objective based influxes like @luke-turbulenz said

supply and demand,something is only as valuable as the demand for it,if no one wants it the value would be small.

also a tiny problem with being able to make coins from gold,some planets have tons of gold and that would cause alot of people to move to them planets leaving other planets less populated.

If I could mint coins from gold I would spend a week mining on elopor and be rich but so would every one els. Then that silver hammer would go from 1000 c to 9000c. Thats just the first week. It would cause major inflation.

FYI - Sales tax is another sink.

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