"The Jump Ladder" by Ovis

Disclaimer: This doesn’t work with the Jump Epic!

I am gonna share a “unique” way I make ladders in Boundless. Some people have used them and have been incredibly confused and I like that. But I wanna post it on the forums. I’ve been using this in my builds since last year (2018).

If you wanna test out my current ladder, its in my base on Antar VI (1031N, 1969E, Alt 71) Nearest Portal Hub is Pyrrhocoris’s Estate, which is the really awful eyesore on Antar VI :upside_down_face:

What is the "Jump Ladder?
The “Jump Ladder” basically makes you go upwards in a 1x1 area with the only action you have to do its hold your jump key/button. So this is amazing for compact builds.

How do you build it?
Screenshot time!

  1. Decide where you want your 1x1 area in which you’ll be going up.

  2. Lay out any blocks in this formation. For the purpose of this post, the Iron block will be your walls (and that is all they will be, so make them match your build)

  3. Using a Presise Square Chisel (Titanium is the easiest to aquire) chisel these 2 singular points on the front top corner of the gold blocks. (you can chisel away more but I can’t be bothered to explain every possible combination, this is the simplest)

  4. Now repeat this formation up to the floor level of where you want to reach. I find it easier to do the chisel blocks first (holding a block in one hand, the chisel in the other and ‘jump, place, chisel, repeat’.

  5. When this is done, you are ready to use the ladder. To do this you need to make sure you’re firmly in either corner (you can build a ladder just by chiseling one corner, meaning you only need the 3 blocks per level instead of the 5 in this demonstration). Once you’re in the corner, you do not have to keep walking into it, just walk till you hit the wall and stop.

  6. Now hold jump. (this is me jumping, then taking a screenshot to demonstrate that I have moved. I’m not able to make a video atm lol)


These are some screenshots of the one I have currently on Antar: The 1st picture is the Jump Ladder without the back wall to show you my chiselled blocks. (you need that back wall for it to work)

TIP: When you get to the top, if you chisel the block above your head with a bevel, when you reach the top your last jump will push you out of the ladder safely.

If you want to be ejected out of the ladder on the opposite side of the wall your wedged into, use a bevel chisel.


If you want to be ejected forwards (assuming you haven’t turned around) use a Slope Chisel in that direction.

You can also chisel the block above your head “Diagon Alley” so you get pushed out in that direction.


I could of waited till it was dark to do the screenshots, but I didn’t.

@Apt @georgegroeg @Stretchious @Pseudonym84


Very tricky! I did wonder what sort of voodoo you were performing. I was almost certain a blood sacrifice was involved.

Turns out the actual method involves far less Spitter genocide than I’d like, but thanks all the same!


Hahah well I got some more ideas in the oven, I’ll try add some Spitter sacrifices in there for sure :wink:


I’ve stumbled onto this by accident once. I wasn’t sure what was making me be able to stand on the flat surface and I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to replicate it. Cool to see that you found a repeatable way to do it. I’m only afraid to rely on one of these to have the effect “fixed” in a patch and loose easy access to an area.

Although I did notice a single block of water can go infinitely down within a string of plots so elevators are fairly easy to make with that.

I’ve latched on with the jump epic before too on a natural cliff face so I wonder if there was a shaped cave wall behind it or something.

Yeh sometimes when I’m chiselling I end up on the side of a block like Spider-man too, but its not chiselled no idea how to replicate that effect tho. This one I found out by jumping around Old Ultima and someone has a request basket, a stair, a block and shop stand (it was a shop area, so not intended) so i screenshot the hell out of it and went home to replicate and simplify it.

If this gets patched, a water stream would work just as well, which makes me think it won’t get patched unless the effect negatively effects another aspect of the game.


I’ll have to come and test this because I’m dearly missing ladders for my place and this could be a good solution until proper ladders are a thing. :thinking:

Edit: I’ve had a look at this, it’s a very interesting effect. I know the OP said that it didn’t work with the jump epic, but I found that holding sneak/crouch + jumping did work with the epic, though it was maybe a little bit more wonky or unreliable, compared to not having the jump epic on.

Still, might have a go at doing something like this in at least a couple of spots at my base. :slight_smile:


Ah that’s interesting, I rarely use Jump Epic (only got it on my Gleambow spec). I also have my sneak keybound to Alt so I wouldn’t be able to do the jump sneak thing easily :joy:

Lemme know when you’ve built them, I’ll come check them out :slight_smile:

This is almost as cool as @Arkefyre s “Arke jump”

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Can’t find any footage of it

Checked out your ladder last night. Pretty cool. Your build on the other hand. Ooof! Lol. Jk. Looking sick.

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Hahah thanks bro :+1:

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I like innovation. Very nicely done.

Any idea why we cannot simply have ladders added into the game? Seems like a basic need in a block building game


Only OG oortians know this :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I read its jumping at the end of running up a sloped block?

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Glaced over your comment - sorry! Thanks :slight_smile: My guess is that they want something unique like ladders but ‘Boundless-fied’.

But something to go up in 1x1 would be cool, even thought we have water something less messy would be a welcome feature :slight_smile:

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Thats correct.
There was nice parkour thingy for it too.

I think jiviita has some video about it

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Oh right, yeh I love doing that. I don’t think my ladder falls under ‘intended mechanics’ though :joy:

Went and had a jump with gergio. Great idea. Awesome build. I feel inspired. .shame my skills don’t match my inspiration. Oh well gleam tower it is with a inspired ladder in the middle…Lol joking of coarse.awesome stuff btw


Hahah cheers mate, well at least the ladder in the gleam tower will be cool :wink:

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