The Royal Geographical Society

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

With a huge excitement we want to represent you a first full map of the Therka world.

This map created with indispensable help of @Togar.

Sincerely yours, members of the Royal Geographical Society of the Boundless universe.


Not sure how you did this, but its great. I see there are repeating patterns in it though. Is that how it actually is in-game or is that a mapping error?

Tell me please, where you see a repeating patterns.

One tough, if you move to east and west, the biome would newer change.

Sorry dude I’m stupid, I thought the top and bottom had corresponding patterns with each other, but the top and bottom were just being connected. If that makes any sense :stuck_out_tongue:

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It looks skewed as well… everything in the below image in red is repeated (except the border obviously :wink: )

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I think it is just repeated to show the connections of the north and south, since the planet is a sphere and maps are flat.

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makes sense, but it’s still slightly askew, which results in it not connecting up

I guess that means that the worlds don’t rotate evenly in the sky(probably so you can eventually see all of it at some point).

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Dude, i was thinking about making same exact a therka map yesterday! :smiley:

Well, it’s not repeated fragments of map, it’s a same places in the world. Corners of your red border are very near to the (0, 0) position. Yes, it’s a slightly askew, but the best geographysts if our Society works on this map :wink:


Because the world is FLAT! That’s the proof!

@Okkelinor, I invite you to join the Flat Society. A group of remarkable people that seek to reveal the truth to the all oort worlds.

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I must to decline your invitation because all oorlds are boundless and that mean we living on the inner side of toroidal multidimensional :boundless:-universe :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Real flat societies IRL make me very very very sorrowful because I’m physicist and I perfectly know what we would see in case the Earth would be flat :frowning:


Yeah… I know. I’m not a physicist, but their “theory” bothers more than it should.
As a programmer I bet worlds are “flat” in game, just because it would be easier to program physics and work with the voxel matrixes.
The name Flat Society is a joke up to IRL one, plus the possibility to reference F. Society from Mr. Robot.


But who will be E-Corp? :wink:

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You mean I-Corp? I’m pretty sure @Illuminoorti already got the spot

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EE-Oorp, possibly :smile:

EElluminoorti, ya-ya

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Solum with colored regions. Not all the borders of the regions are explored accurately, keep in mind.

Solum without colored regions, but with the approximate center and name of each region.

Solum simple map with a grid


This is quite amazing! I would love to know how this was achieved! I would venture to guess video/pics from the sanctum… but I’ve only been tinkering with video editing for about 9 months now and almost 0 photo editing experience… so it makes my head hurt imagining how to do this lol


Lol nice! I can see my house on here ^^


We could have more maps, but we haven’t enought society members. Tell me if you want to help to draw map of any world (Phoebus included!) :wink: