This is no longer fun

Ok call my a wuss, troll me, tell me you are getting iron ore just by blinking an eye. I am not finding iron ore. I gave up attempting to find ore a few days back. Actually haven’t played because of the time wasted just to find iron ore.
I’ve tried every tip posted here with no luck. Plenty of copper, silver, soft coal, medium coal, relics, fossils even found some gold. No iron!
So the wuss in me is taking a break until iron ore spawns, or lack of is corrected. The game is awsome for immersion, visual beauty, the crafting and exploration. The community here and on Discord so helpful can’t think of any game with this kind of support.
Anyway I’ll be back some later date.


Go to Solum for iron, usually at altitude 40-90 most common at 60-80, also look inside of mountains on solum and not underneath flat ground. That’s the easy way to find iron mate (the easiest atleast)

Will be sad to see you go, but hopefully we will meet again sometime in the furture <3 Best of luck mate


Sorry to hear you’re taking a break so soon @TheCurmudgeon, but you have a point when it comes to iron. It might need some minor rebalancing.

Take care of yourself, and come back soon!


Iron has been an annoying prick to me as well. If it would help you play, I could give you 100 iron to get you boosted back into it, but I understand where you’re coming from.

I wish you luck on your hiatus and hope you come back and can enjoy the game soon


I have to agree, Iron needs some major rebalancing. I was fortunate to have 400 ingots of iron in storage before the update, but now my stock is down to about 40 and I can’t find any to replace my existing tools, I am afraid I will regress back to copper tier tools. Copper and iron should be plentiful on all planets! Let exotic materials like titanium and gems be more rare to better reflect their exotic nature.


I’m am also having the same issue. However, I just picked up the game a few days ago and was thinking it was just lack of knowledge. Glad to hear its not just my bad luck.

i believe Solum and Munteen have the best iron deposits for some reason. but yes, i agree with you. iron and copper should be rebalanced, especially on home worlds


I wonder if it would be worth introducing some sort of ore radar at higher skill levels (hot/cold style probably)

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and at higher levels of upgrading you can maybe customise it. hot/cold for IRON, but who cares about fossils.

at a lower level it can be sensed to ores, tech/fossils/coal, and it cant sense gems.

higher level, can sense gems.

higher level, can single out tech/fossils/coal for inclusion or exclusion,

higher level, can single out copper/iron/silver/gold/titanium for inclusion or exclusion,

higher level, specific gems.

but never make the resources glow, or give a direct “turn left 47 degrees and walk 5 blocks forward” way of finding it. i like the hot/cold, helps you find it, but doesn’t point you right to it.

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Sorry to hear your taking a break. Hopefully they fix the iron distribution in a future release. It can be very frustrating for new players to be held back by something like this. There are plenty of helpful people in this game that will be willing to help you out so you can continue creating your videos if you willing to accept someone giving you some iron. It’s nice having more content creators making Boundless videos because it helps spread the word about this awesome game.


I could not agree with TwistedFoot more! I finally decided to purchase the game (after watching its progress for over a year) after watching your videos over the weekend.

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We’ll get an audit of the world resources shared this week. I’m also interested to know exactly how many resources we have per world now. It’s possible that something didn’t work as expected in the recent update.

The general idea is:

  • The game should explain to players where to find the basic resources on the spawn worlds. Players shouldn’t struggle to find them assuming they follow the instructions. We need to help new players get going.
  • The resources are distributed asymmetrically. Different resources will spawn at different rates per biome. This is to encourage players to explore their home world.
  • Some resources will be deep underground, some will be deep in mountains.
  • The resources vary per world, with harder worlds having more abundant rarer resources. This gives players a reason to go to other worlds.
  • The game will not explain where to find resources on the harder worlds to give more experienced players a challenge and some value to the knowledge.

Ok I am going to make one more attempt. I’ll mine out a mountain to see what happens. Wish me luck.

Thanks all, this community is really rare with all the help.


I used to have the same problem as you but I was told to mine at altitude 60-80 directly under mountains. I’ve found alot of iron ore this way on Therka :slight_smile:

but as written above, iron ore seems to be quite rare compared to all other ores. Iron ore is also needed in the beginning of the game so it can get quite frustrating when you get stuck with copper tools.

I agree. Even mining on higher level planets I get more copper than iron. Iron seams are only 4-5 pcs as opposed to copper seams that are 10-15 pcs

Iron seams are between 1-19 as far as i’ve seen and the lower number (anything below 10) is usually in a region that has alot of dirt / sand so the iron generation gets stopped by that

I’ve never found iron that low. Thought that was too low for iron? I didn’t know that sand and dirt stopped iron generation.


Let me correct it abit, the veins them selves are 1-19 pieces of iron depending.
The general height is 40y-90y with the most of the iron being between 60y-80y


I am in the same position most are who were playing before the redistributing update. I had plenty of iron in stock but I am also down to copper tools again because I gave up the search for iron.