Thoughts on creative world portals with inevitable DKPoll getting added lol

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Some thoughts on creative world portals:

For starters, let me point out that people getting tons of free portals is probably good for my footfall overall, so I’m mostly arguing against my fiscal interest here.

If people on creative worlds get unlimited free portals, obviously all hubs would be hugely pressured move to creative, no need to cover this scenario. James gets it.

What if creative worlds came with 1-3 free portals? I think then the argument would come up “shouldn’t sovereign get the same treatment”, which is reasonable. However, if people who buy planets are getting free portals, isn’t that a version of p2w, albeit minor?

The argument has been made that people playing creative are doing so because they don’t want to farm. That’s certainly reasonable. However, if they want their creative planets to be part of the survival universe, it’s not unreasonable to expect them to play by part of the rules of the survival universe by paying oort.

I definitely think creative planets should get free unlimited portals within their own planet and to other creative planets. I think a good “sweetener” would be to reduce oort costs in the survival universe when creative pops, to make it less unequal.

TLDR: So here’s my suggestion that I’m not fully happy with. Everybody in boundless gets two free 1x2 portals regardless of whether they have a sovereign planet (creative or survival) or not. Also, everybody gets to designate two home bases for free warping, regardless of whether they have a sovereign planet or not. This way people with sovereigns get the access they need without a p2w scenario arising, and also people who don’t purchase sovereigns get a cool reward and feel less left out.

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Should creative world owners have to pay with survival oort for portals to the survival worlds?

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Should creative worlds get free portals to creative worlds?

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Should everybody get equal treatment? That is, if creative worlds get a free portal, everyone should get a free portal. If everyone doesn’t get a free portal, creatives/sovereigns shouldn’t get special treatment.

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Should everyone be allowed to designate two home beacons, regardless of whether they buy a world or not? One of the two would have to be on a public world.

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Oort UBI: everyone gets a stack of oort shards once per week as a login reward, one per account (nothing we can do about multiboxing I guess, so probably a bad idea)

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Is this per planet? Or per character?

If it’s per character, I don’t see this as a solution to the Creative>to>Survival planet (and vise versa) issue. There will be players that will get several Creative planets and/or several Sovereign planets. How many portals can they have?

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I put this thought into the creative worlds thread. Seems its been getting looked over.

Simply put, a portal to survival from creative has to be fueled from survival’s side, eliminating the whole thought of “free portal networks” that @james wants to prevent.


I guess per planet? Good point. The plot thickens.

You’re talking more about implementation than concept - but basically your idea is “nobody gets free portals to survival worlds”?

The way I’d implement your idea would be this:

Creative worlds don’t use oort at all for portals

You can’t spawn oort in creative

You have to bring oort from survival to creative if you want to fuel a portal on “your side” (these portals can be fueled on the survival side too, but if people want to connect to hubs they need a way to fuel their portals)

That’s what the devs want to figure out. I offered an implementation solution. Whether its feasible code-wise is another story.

If this is how it needs to be to get this machine rolling, then so be it. It can be changed/updated/refined later.

However, if they were to go this route, it would force pure Creative mode players to participate in survival worlds - to aquire coin/oort/XP/skills/shops/etc.

Only if they want to link to the survival worlds. If they want to live in creative they don’t need to worry.

They could still use warps to get to survival, but if they want their creative world linked to survival, they have to play by the rules of everyone else in survival - only regarding their connection that exists in survival, though.

That’s why I suggested one or two free portals for everyone though.


:thinking: Seems fair :+1:

Maybe I should be a bit more technical then.

Portals currently only get fueled from the side the portal token is inserted to, yes?

What I’m proposing is a change to the way portals are fueled. Portals can NOW accept fuel from BOTH sides of it. There’s a slot for fuel on both sides. This slot doesn’t get shared (So you can’t insert Oort on Side A, go through the portal and pull it out on Side B.) But the time available for the portal to remain open is the combined length of the fuel on both sides. This has an added benefit for existing portal hubs allowing them to fuel their portals for longer periods of time before needing to refuel.

Now there’s a caveat to this system. If there isn’t any change to the mechanic based on which side is on which type of planet, then this would allow for portals to creative worlds to be fueled indefinitely. This has the side effect that James mentions which can (and possibly will) cause inherit problems with the economy in the general universe as-is. Hence why since they’ve already got checks in place to separate inventories based on world type, also apply it to portals. If a portal is created for survival to creative and back, any fuel on creative’s side is ignored; requiring fuel on survival’s side. Yes, that does unfortunately require pure Creative mode players to have to participate in survival worlds for a portal to their planet from survival worlds, but it eliminates the thought of having portal hubs move off of survival planets to creative planets for the benefit of unlimited fueled portals.

However, I cannot think of any other possible idea to allow them to coexist without a major impact to the economy over on survival’s side of the universe.

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I think that’s reasonable. And I’m totally in favor of letting anybody add fuel to any portals they want (or even open them) from either side. Obviously only owners can remove fuel.

The game already has a mechanic where anybody can repair any coils/machines

On that off topic topic btw, I think you should be able to pull a location token out of a closed portal, indicating its destination.

Anyway though back to the topic :blush:

portals connecting my creative world and any other planet should be paid and no different from regular portals (because that makes it a part of Live)
portals with both ends on my one creative world should be free (because creative)


I think this would still allow for people to band together to get a chain of different creative worlds together that all link up together and allow you to go to any world you want for way lower cost.

I think portals should all be paid and no different from regular portals no matter what.

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I see what you mean

Circumvent all t5t6 networks via creative

Or run a planetary network of the ult/ps/DK variety but avoid paying for the large 9 oort per hour portals

Hadn’t thought of that yet

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Yes, exactly. Any solution that allows free portals between creative worlds is still going to lead to “hubs”…just spread out across multiple planets.

Not when my proposed solution that requires any portal connected to survival to be fueled from survival’s side…


Yeah even if you have to pay for links to creative I don’t know what to do about the issue of circumventing t5t6

Honestly I only see two solutions:

  1. put all the creative worlds in one region (as far as oort costs, not geographically) regardless of tier

  2. creative worlds only get free portals to other creative worlds within 1 blinksec

Both are terrible solutions imo. Anyone have any bright ideas? I guess slightly more palatable:

  1. make all portal costs between planets on survival the same: 1 oort per hour, regardless of distance. It would have to be the same for creative. Lots of ppl would have to redo their hubs. But other than that I think honestly this is the most fair. I guess portals within the same planet could be 1 oort on survival and free on creative.
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Isn’t the most fair to just have no change at all? Portal costs and blinksecs don’t change and just have creative not get free portals?

One of the things I would want to see on creative would be theme parks with rides involving lots of portals. House of mirrors mazes, pachinko, slides etc.

Also, two people who are friends and both bought boundless and creative worlds should be able to visit each other somehow. Perhaps free warps on creative but not free portals.

Those are the only two scenarios I personally think need to be protected. I do think it’s better if interchange hubs to visit all the creative stuff is on survival planets.

Ok yeah, free portals from your creative world to that same creative world should be allowed.

This doesn’t really solve the problem though. Just adds an extra step of getting locations for creative planets and adds the extra step of having to place warp conduits.

They could do this with the current implementation of portals. Just like two people who both get sovereign worlds or two people where one lives on Boori and one lives on Alcyon or w/e.