Time display + Date of Beacon expiration

Time display :

In a game such as Boundless where a game-session might be quite long, it would be nice to have a little reminder easy to spot.
So I would suggest a discreet display of the real-life time of day (with options in the game’s setting to indicate which time-zone it is) in a corner of the screen.

You might say “duh, ALT-TAB to your desktop to see what time it is on your computer, or use a watch, or ask Siri, whatever”, but I would point out that the point of this is that the indication would have to be found by the player without actively having to look for it

As an example, other games like World of Warcraft show you what time it is, there’s calendar features, etc.
Satisfactory have little in-game notification on the side of the screen telling you “You have been playing for X hours” and followed by a fun thing like “might be nice to go drink something”. The notification disappears on its own after a few seconds, too.

To clarify, I’m not arguing for this exact feature in Boundless (although I wouldn’t be against it either), BUT the developers of Satisfactory know that the player’s health is important and spending too much time in front of their game isn’t the best thing to do, so they do the right thing by reminding the player to play with moderation. It’s important to know that some players might loose the track of time when playing. I for one totally fall into that category and might spend most of a day playing a game like Boundless, Satisfactory or WoW.

Date of Beacon expiration

If we’re talking about real-life time in Boundless, I would think that it’s a very player-friendly information to give the player to have an indication somewhere (like on the beacon tooltip when you look towards it), to tell the player :
I’m actually happy to have found a website to quickly know when my Gleam Club will expire, because I actually had no idea before writting this suggestion, I was about 1 month away. I would never have found that out by myself without some boring calculations with a calendar.
This is a VERY player-friendly information that the game should provide.
Imagine how many beacons could actually be saved from world-regen with just that!

But what do you think?
• Would you like a display of real-life time of day in-game?

  • Yay!
  • Nay!
  • Not sure…

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• Would you like a display of when your beacon will expire in-game?

  • Yay!
  • Nay!
  • Not sure…

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I know there’s a voting function

but consider this my second vote…

100% yes.

Of course anyone can just add up the days, then type into Google “120 days from now” and find out when it expires, but this is just a simple thing to alleviate any bit of the stress of “maybe I set my reminder to the wrong date, did I miscalculate?”

Simple and useful. I really hope to see this in the game.

its missing the year in the beacon expires date time.

No it’s not. :grin:
< displays a biiiig smile while hiding his roll of tape and marker behind his back >


A beacon expiring notice(outside of the menu) might be nice.

I don’t want a notice telling me to take a break though. When I can hardcore binge play a game - that’s exactly what I want to do without being reprimanded in any way :woman_shrugging:


Hey i use that website…

also public service announcement: Only 4164 weeks 00 days 18 hours 09 minutes until heat death


I would like to see a API added that a player can access externally that gives them information about their builds: fuel level remaining, current footfall, location, prestige.


I would love to have this also. Website, phone app, …I’ll take it :blush:

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@james There are some VERY nice suggestions in this thread. :slight_smile:

As a reminder, my suggestion IS NOT to do what Satisfactory does. That was just to make a point.
The first part of my suggestion IS JUST to add a tasteful indication of the real-life time of day in a corner of the screen.

Got it :+1:

In any case, both suggestions could be added as options that you could toggle on or off in the settings.
Satisfactory’s reminder is an option. I personally left it on because I’m too lazy to disable it, and sometimes, I find the pop-up funny. But if that was annoying me, yeah, I could disable it.


I already post a small copper sign to mark the expiration, next to my portals, This would be nice in both circumstances.

Lol what?more like 10 the the 100th power. Not 76 years…

lol aye yeah i have no clue if its right, just funny to keep throwing it out there. its the event from the other thread Hidden event in folder titled "Heat Death"?

Lol got it.

I’m still wondering if those who said “no” to the time display in a corner of the screen haven’t simply misunderstood the point of that part of the suggestion, or if they also thought I was suggesting something like Satisfactory with its reminder to take a break (which is NOT what I was doing).

I’m confused because I legit don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to have an option to display the real-life time.

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