Trunk trunk trunk trunk trunk

trior 1304, 1735, 71

230372 trior turquoise trunk


All gone, that was fast :smiley: Was it by design hard to reach? :smiley: I now know there’s a portal from sunken storage but my mule alt had no grapples so I had to improvise a bit after running there.

Oh no not intentional at all. Sorry i didn’t think that through. I got tired of hauling all the trunk around after I farmed a ton of sap so I just added the shopstands at the same level as the farming platform.

Glad to hear someone took it I’ll probably add more later.

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No worries, a totem is all that’s needed to break some blocks and make stairs so it didn’t take that long to get up there :smiley:

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a little over 76k added tonight

224109 trunk in stock for your charcoal, sticks, and blocks. FIndable in the tracker now!


That’s… A lot of wood.


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Some trunk farming trivia:

  • Harvesting a shop stand (16 smart stacks) of sap generates roughly 64k of trunk. Today I have done it in:

    1. 65241 trunk
    2. 63923 trunk
    3. 64272 trunk
    4. 64733 trunk
  • A trunk generates 50% more spark than a peat block

  • 18 trunk (540 spark) mass craft into 50 timber (750 spark)

  • I sell 18 trunk for 1.8c (0.0024c per spark)

  • Compact peat at 5c is 4 times as expensive (0.01c per spark)

I currently have 230,400 lustrous trunk for sale at .1c on trior, and 72,000 on Raxxa. I moved my tree farm portal out of the waterfall and into the open today so it would be more obvious for anyone that needs more trunk, or just wants to use the farming platform.

  • If you need charcoal, come get it.

  • If you like cheap spark, come get it.

  • If you like to build with turquoise wood, come get it.

Trunk! Trunk! Trunk! Trunk! Trunk!

EDIT: Sold out over night! I’ve added about another 120k that I had in storage and later today I’ll probably harvest more, since a fair amount of sap was bought as well.

I know @RedY3 bought most or all of it so Thank You Very Much!


Thank you for the sap, trunks, and blocks. One of my favorite shops!

Darn, I missed em. Could definitely use some of that timber myself, because it’s actually dang pretty.

I added about 100k more to the stands this morning, if those go I’ll actually be out of trunk for the first time in a long time.

Though when I take time to refill that sap stand I’ll get another 65k lol.

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