Tutorial writeup for new players?

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Hey all! Just got the game during the sale but I’ve been following development since the Oort days. Liking what I’m seeing so far but I was wondering if there were any good online resources to go to to show me the ropes?

I can’t find any let’s plays or up to date wikis and it feels like my first two hours were me fighting the craft menu… is there a way to search what you want or do you have to scroll every single time?? Also, on that note, it doesn’t let me mass craft even when I have the required resources. Am I missing something?

Im also frequently getting disconnected for a few seconds seemingly at random. I saw someone mention setting a chunk download limit? Are there any other early access teething problems like this one I need to be aware of?

Sorry for the newbie questions. is there an official discord? Haven’t seen a soul online yet

HELLO NEW FRIEND! Er, not that I’m so far from new myself, but still. I started writing up a new player tutorial soon as I saw the sale announcement, actually, but then I got distracted and, uh. Yeah. Lessee, tho, quick version:

  1. yes there’s a discord: https://discord.gg/GfnFbQA which I hope will work…

  2. afaik there’s no way (yet) to search for what you want in the crafting stations

  3. Mass crafting requires a skill which is in…one of the later trees, the one with the equipment crafting

  4. Yeah, the Unstable Connection thing is a bear. Things that can help include setting your cache to high, your chunk download to low, playing on geographically-nearish servers, and – especially when going thru portals – tuning down your graphics settings.

Other things to note:

  • there are a handful of portal networks set up that connect all the worlds
  • resources are biome- and world-dependent, so if you can’t find something it may just be that you’re looking in the wrong place; ask here or on discord
  • there are a few shops people have set up that you may find very useful as a new player; don’t feel like you have to craft every little thing yourself unless you’re into crafting
  • the “Objectives” are more like a tutorial system, and are entirely optional. You don’t need to do them all.
  • Wildstock are currently going through adolescence and HATE EVERYBODY. they will kill you on sight. BEWARE.
  • don’t trust error messages in workstation menus. Especially the furnace – when it says “missing basic skill crafting recipes” it actually means “you don’t have enough fuel or are missing an ingredient”
  • similarly, if a station tells you “Can’t craft in sanctum” when you aren’t in sanctum, it actually means your inventory is full

Anyway, there are several planets (12) and each is something like 4x4km, so you might easily not meet people outside of major hubs at major timezone-playtimes. But we’re here, I assure you!

Edit: Useful links time!

Worlds are connected like this (there’s a diagram in the post):

The four starter worlds are Berlyn (US West), Solum (US East), Therka (EU), and Vena V (Aus). It should say which you’re on at the top of your screen (usually something like “Northeast of ??? – Solum”).

You can get your world-local coordinates from the Locations menu (Game menu --> Worlds–> Locations --> Current Location). If you click on Current Location it’ll unfold a panel and give you a lat/long/altitude coordinate set of the form “1234N, 321E (Altitude:111)”. From wherever you are, if you want to get to a portal network, here are some useful coords for the starter worlds:

New Berlyn City - Planetary Transfer Station (237N, -1670E), go downstairs from the blue spiky ice thingy
New Berlyn City - SWP Hub (221N, -1660E), portal in the white glowy hut

PixelGate - Planetary Transfer Station (-1814N, -280E)
KrackenDown - SWP Hub connection (1264N, -1716E)

Therka Market - Planetary Transfer Station (-1935N, 1445E)
Therka Market - SWP Hub (-1924N, 1403E), just across the plaza from above, follow the giant HUB sign :wink:

Planetary Transfer Station (-1741N, -2196E)


There is also a great resource made by @Stretchious who wrote up all the recipes you ever need to know, it’s also got information on different planets and the materials they contain!

You can click this link here to take a look: http://boundlesscrafting.com/

Have fun, and i hope you enjoy what the Dev team have to offer!


boundlesscrafting.com is the best!


Holy crud!

This is an awesome response and a great way to introduce me to the feeling of community in this game. Thank you so much for being such a great help.

I’ll see you in Boundless!


@Optimist-Prime you can try this tips for connection issues

Aw, we’re glad to have you :wink:

Also I thought of a few more random things that confused me when I was finding my feet:

  • to eat a piece of food you need to click and hold whichever hand it’s in for ~5 seconds (literally 5 seconds) (literally literally, not figuratively literally)
  • you can unlearn a skill by clicking on it in the tree and using a “cleanse point”, of which you have a max of 3 and gain 1 per level
  • as you learn more skills in a skill-set, the cost of others in the same set increases. So it’s a bit tricky to map out your skills, and I still haven’t quite figured that out…
  • …but it helps that as you level you’ll get more skillpoints and plots per level. @spoygg showed me a chart once, lemme go find it.

[Edit: I found it! https://forum.playboundless.com/t/lvl-atm/8131/29]

Also! The devs are positively drooly-eyed about getting feedback from new players, so if/when you have some, feel free to post it here. There are a bunch of them who post pretty regularly, @james being the most visible, but also @luke-turbulenz and @olliepurkiss about overall gameplay, @Minyi and @jesshyland about art, @vdragon about adding your bug to the database, @michaelb about magically fixing servers, @lucadeltodecso about…topological homeomorphism… and others I’ve missed, I’m sure, which, SORRY DEVS!


About skill cost, there is fixed skill cost for 1st, 2nd, 3rd… skill you pick from a subtree. So costs are not for particular skills but for N skill in tree, here’s the list:

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