Undo Machine

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I know there have been various suggestions previously regarding a machine like this. However I do not think it as ever been answered (if it has sorry for the dup - please point to it if you can).

@james What I am suggesting is a machine that you can put any crafted material into (such as a brick, or compacted silt) and break it back down to the original components (stone, compact clay, mud and ash for brick or regular silt). Then if you wanted to take the compact clay back to regular clay just put it in the machine again.

You could have it need spark and maybe coils?

My reason for this is just that sometimes you make more than you need of something and are not really going to use it again. Why not have the base materials that you could use for something else?

What do others think?


Thats a cool idea, but you’d have to get the mats back at a reduced rate to make it balanced I think


I could go both ways:

  1. Yes have it at a reduced rate…maybe 75% of original (what ever people agree on really)

  2. If it uses spark and coils then no you should get it all back because that is your balance.

This is why I am asking. Thanks for the comment.

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The first warning light that flashed was - could this be abused to craft, uncraft, recraft, uncraft, recraft, uncraft, etc to farm XP?


Maybe give it no exp gain because you already got the exp from crafting the stuff originally


That could be hard to differentiate as the items would then stack into your bags?

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It would have to recycle at a reduced rate of return to prevent xp abuse. Also would need to figure out what it would return based on the differences between an item being single crafted and mass crafted.

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What if it worked like the “Deconstruction” mechanics found in like ESO and WoW where you don’t get all the materials back just a percentage amount. Works fine for other MMOs. Just my thought on the matter @james.

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Hmm, just getting back a % would work as mentioned, but could a machine be made to require XP gained toward the next level (not going backwards from that, of course) as an alternative “power” source to run it? So there wouldn’t be grumbling (well, limit it at least, lol), perhaps make that the only requirement, no spark, maybe not even have it get worn down, sort of like a furnace.

I would make the uncraft have no exp. My thought was just for materials.

Obviously you could then craft the materials again and get xp but I think that is a lot of work to get xp. Also if you made at a slightly reduced amount in then end it would be diminished returns to nothing.


If we get less source materials it would be harder to destroy and re craft.

Make it work like forge, requiring to play minigame, and people would only use it when really needed.

There is also the issue of which recipe you want to uncraft to (fresh vital essence has over 20 recipes!). We don’t track which recipe is used to make the item.

We also don’t currently support crafting outputting multiple items that would take a while to add support for.

  • Make the items a diffrent ip, same goes for recrafted item, and make it so it can only be done once.
  • Idk about the workload it will take, but its just an ide.

I do like the ide somewhat, but I dont think that it’s something we need.

What about if it were only used for ‘simple’ recipes. Like rock>stone>refined rock or trunk>timber>refined trunk. So if you were to make some rock all the way to refined and then realized that recipe you wanted that color called for stone, you could “unrefine” it.

Oddly enough I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, just couldnt get my thoughts in order to make a post :rofl: I have entirely too much rock that ive only just begun to convert into stone and then refined, only to realize that I like brick a bit more than refined rock or the decoratives, but it takes up sooooooooo much space as stone!

I would use lowest one when there are multiple ways.

I hear you. Forgive my ignorance on this but would this just be the reverse of putting the items into a machine to get an item? Is that difficult to do? I don’t program so have no idea.

I feel like changing the bulk/mass crafts into efficiency savings so you only get 1 item at a time might help here. Then you are far less likely to end up with more than you need.

I used to always bring the rock back and make into stone. Then I started running into this so now I just leave as rock until I am ready to use it. Save a ton of space.

There have been many times that I made refined stone and realized I would rather have the stone so I could make bricks out of it because they looked better. This is one of the main reasons I suggested it in the first place.

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I have literal tens of thousands of rock some from planets that dont exist anymore. I’d be old or dead before I could single craft all of that :joy::man_shrugging:

Edit: I guess with the storage update coming I can better organize my stuff, and set it up by whether I want the color to be brick or refined, etc. I never claimed to be organized though :sweat_smile:

I have ALWAYS wanted to melt down my iron slings or other tools for their iron… I couldn’t chryso them for change over the valuable iron.

I would love something like this… I could even deal with a small material hit at some level if it was needed.

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