Ungrapplable blocks

I would love to have a block you can not grapple or a tool you can turn a block to ungrapplable.

This would help a lot with all these games I am working on.

I do believe player made games and content is the future. Help us get more creative.

At least give slide this option for now so I can get busy.


or a beacon setting that doesn’t allow grapples in that beacon. and the same for player light source.


Both suggestions would be nice for that purpose, so long as theres some visual indicator that states that these blocks can’t be grappled.


Yes yes yes. Been thinking of this for a while, would make great park/parkour/reaper trials.

Would also be good for building so people can enjoy the build the way the builder intended to :+1:


Slide blocks should be ungrapplable. It’s a good place to start. Or the beacon thing.


If slide would get this option i would like to be able to change the color. I dont care for snot.

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I agree. Different snot colours would be nice.

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I like the idea for its intended purpose but it could be frustrating and could also be used to troll. Make a tiny pit nobody can grapple out of, requiring a bump warp… or building a wall in the middle of nowhere nobody can get over.

Even a 3x3x3 pit would trap people.

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Well they could alway bump warp from sanctum. I think the good outways the bad people would do with it. Some day we all have to mature.

I will spill the beans on why I need this. Not sure if anyone saw the massive ice track I was making in Besverona before I removed it. Grapple racing but I need the ability to only grapple the ground. Swinging from the ceiling is not an option. Yes I could put it in the rules but I need to be sure it will not happen.


That day isn’t today. Now stay in your pit. Lol.


Could always play Lambs…

“It puts the lotion on its skin…”


I have a pit that has that sign. And a shelf with some boon compound on it. It’s at reapers on Gyosha. There’s a grave with a portal that says do not enter.

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I’d love a “reinforced” or “hardened” variant of blocks over a simple beacon perm setting. You get a much more modular use without having to mess around with plot limitations, as well as additional block variety. It’s much more readable in that you can tell at a glance that a block cant be grappled. Crafting can be as simple as just compacting a block an extra step or maybe reinforcing it with iron ingots.


Could do like Conan: Exiles. New item - wall spikes. They make you instantly fall if you touch them :rofl:

Surround your build with barbed wire.

Heck yes. As well it would allow us to have a different experience in getting up to the top of a tower. I could literally work in peace then.

why dont thorns do damage?


Trolls I guess.

Right but lava does damage, and thorns in the wild.

But im with the slime guys it should be something you can grapple

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Yeah I’m glad we aren’t at a point in game where people use lava for evil, but there was one town with a dangerous lava pit I almost fell in. That, and I almost went skydiving in Legendville Mall a time or two :rofl: