Unobtainable Trophies/Achievements

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I’ve seen bits and pieces of this issue posted, but haven’t seen the entire issue reported in one place.

As it stands, the PS4 Platinum for Boundless is unobtainable. Although the PS4 says .1% for these trophies, this is a known issue with PS4 trophy percentages where even trophies that have never been obtained sometimes show .1%. If you look at psnprofiles you can see no one has ever gotten these four trophies.

There are 4 trophies that can’t be obtained.

  • Getting to the Core - Core objectives completed - UPDATE this is now possible! I got this trophy
  • Journal Addict - Completed 185 Journal Objectives
  • No Feat Too Great - Completed 675 Feats
  • Where No One Has Gone Before - Visited 40 Worlds of Different Types

Devs - can you answer some questions about these?

  • Are any of these cumulative across alts/characters?
  • Are any of these for unreleased content?
  • What is considered a distinct world “type”?

As a trophy hunter/completionist, I probably care more about this issue than others. One of the reasons I returned to playing Boundless after 2 years was because I have all this time during quarantine and I thought I’d give trophy hunting in Boundless a real try. There are others like me who would probably be motivated to try again/for the first time if they knew the platinum was achievable.


I’ll leave this to some of the software engineers and designers, as they can answer them better than I can, but thanks for gathering up some of the links.

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In an upcoming update these should be complete-able, I have spent a bit of time adding some new objectives to the game :slight_smile:


Yes!!! :tada: Can’t wait!

I can now definitively confirm that Getting to the Core trophy is bugged. I finished the last Core Objective on PS4 and didn’t get it.

The Core objectives I completed include 9 in total:
If you build it they will come
Mountain high, cave deep
Mapping the world
On the hunt down
Better together
New world order
Meteorite or meteor-wrong?
A dangerous exploration
An elemental exploration

After completing An Elemental Exploration, no more objectives appeared in the Core category. If I filter for Available, Core, there are 0 items.

Just wanted to update with my findings since I did this myself now.

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How did you the Thing with giving people Energy? This does n t Work for me? This is Last core Thing i ve to do.

That isn’t a Core Objective or a Core Feat.

I think you mean the Combat Objective “The Great Replenisher”. I haven’t been able to finish that objective yet either. Sorry! :frowning:

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I’m super happy to say that the getting to the core trophy is fixed! I got it after the recent update. I’m waiting for a rift exo to finish some of the other new objectives.

The journal addict trophy will likely still not work because two objectives are buggy (The Highest Honour and The Great Replenisher).

I’m still wondering what makes a unique world type. I’m guessing it comes down to the element of the world. As far as I can tell, there are currently only 27 unique world types based on tier and element. This means there aren’t enough variations to get to 40 for the trophy. Several tiers can’t have certain elements and tier 8 isn’t released yet.

  • [ ] Placid - Coal - not possible?
  • [ ] Placid - Blast - not possible?
  • [ ] Placid - Burn - not possible?
  • [ ] Placid - Metal - not possible?
  • [ ] Placid - Chill - not possible?
  • [ ] Placid - Shock - not possible?
  • [x] Placid - Lush
  • [ ] Placid - Corrosive - not possible?
  • [ ] Placid - Toxic - not possible?
  • [ ] Temperate - Coal - not possible?
  • [ ] Temperate - Blast - not possible?
  • [ ] Temperate - Burn - not possible?
  • [ ] Temperate - Metal - not possible?
  • [ ] Temperate - Chill - not possible?
  • [ ] Temperate - Shock - not possible?
  • [x] Temperate - Lush
  • [ ] Temperate - Corrosive - not possible?
  • [ ] Temperate - Toxic - not possible?
  • [x] Rugged - Coal
  • [ ] Rugged - Blast - not possible?
  • [ ] Rugged - Burn - not possible?
  • [x] Rugged - Metal
  • [ ] Rugged - Chill - not possible?
  • [ ] Rugged - Shock - not possible?
  • [x] Rugged - Lush
  • [ ] Rugged - Corrosive - not possible?
  • [ ] Rugged - Toxic - not possible?
  • [x] Inhospitable - Coal
  • [ ] Inhospitable - Blast - not possible?
  • [ ] Inhospitable - Burn - not possible?
  • [x] Inhospitable - Metal
  • [ ] Inhospitable - Chill - not possible?
  • [ ] Inhospitable - Shock - not possible?
  • [x] Inhospitable - Lush
  • [ ] Inhospitable - Corrosive - not possible?
  • [ ] Inhospitable - Toxic - not possible?
  • [x] Turbulent - Coal
  • [x] Turbulent - Blast
  • [ ] Turbulent - Burn - waiting for a sovereign world like this and then I’ll have visited one
  • [x] Turbulent - Metal
  • [x] Turbulent - Chill
  • [x] Turbulent - Shock
  • [ ] Turbulent - Lush - not possible?
  • [x] Turbulent - Corrosive
  • [x] Turbulent - Toxic
  • [x] Fierce - Coal
  • [x] Fierce - Blast
  • [x] Fierce - Burn
  • [x] Fierce - Metal
  • [x] Fierce - Chill
  • [x] Fierce - Shock
  • [ ] Fierce - Lush - not possible?
  • [x] Fierce - Corrosive
  • [x] Fierce - Toxic
  • [ ] Savage - Coal
  • [ ] Savage - Blast
  • [ ] Savage - Burn
  • [ ] Savage - Metal
  • [ ] Savage - Chill
  • [ ] Savage - Shock
  • [ ] Savage - Lush
  • [ ] Savage - Corrosive
  • [ ] Savage - Toxic
  • [x] Savage rift
  • [x] Savage blink
  • [x] Savage Umbris

The planet type used to change with the atmosphere type as the planet neared expiration. I went into some of them as this was happening, hoping it would eventually trigger.\

With no counter anywhere or explanation it was just idle guessing but shortly after that they changed it so that the planet type remains the same just the atmosphere level increases.

So in the end I have no idea if that was working, or not.

Really happy to find this post as I’ve been wanting to complete all the boundless trophies for PS4! Glad to see the developer responses and I just wanted to ask, are there any updates regarding the 40 world types or any of the other 2 trophies that are still unobtainable? Thanks!

Unfortunately as far as I can tell, no change to the remaining three yet.

Wow hard to believe it’s been a year already.

I just need to reply again here to restate how much I really wish the platinum was attainable.

It’s one thing when a trophy is unattainable because the game is so old the servers were taken down. I have accepted that with other games. It’s a whole other issue when the game was released incomplete or with trophy breaking bugs. I just can’t bring myself to accept it yet with Boundless…there’s still hope.

Please Boundless devs! Make the last trophies possible! :sob::pleading_face::cherries::ice_cream:


I also want to achieve all the PlayStation trophies @vdragon any news on the achievements and trophies

I like to platinum all my Favorite games and Boundless deserves a platinum in me :cookie: jar boop


They miight’ve taken “Where no one has gone before” too literally :stuck_out_tongue:


I can complete them all! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Lol cracking me up :laughing:

It would also probably be unreasonable to tag James in this chain…right? I’m too polite and afraid to tag him even though I see others do it, but I also have no idea which developers are still around to respond to this request

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@james I tag him for you @truus mwahahaha but I think @vdragon be the best to talk to about bugs james-chan busy figuring out the incomplete parts of the update boop

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Just coming back to say again, @james @vdragon , Boundless has a special place in my heart and I so want to be able to get the platinum trophy for this game. :pray:

There are three trophies that don’t work. I have thoughts…

Journal Addict - we only need 3 more objectives to have a total of 185 to complete for the trophy. You could add three more or reduce the number that triggers getting the trophy to 180. 180 would be good because a couple objectives are buggy or rely on content that has been removed.

No Feat Too Great - the requirement is 675 feats and there are only 390 possible feats so the 675 is way too high. You could make the daily and weekly feats count towards the trophy or you could make feats completed across characters/alts count. Ie I have one account but two characters, I complete 350 feats on each of them.

Where No One Has Gone Before - right now there are only 27 possible planet types to visit. To minimize introducing new content, maybe just reduce the requirement for the trophy to 25.