Unplayable Lag on T6 Hunt

Experienced massive unplayable lag on a hunt this evening. It was more than lag there was severe server latency with it.
14 people on the hunt. Effected 10 people including myself.

It was like the servers were struggling to keep up.

For the record the people effected had perfect internet connection and are located around the world.

We all restarted the game at the same time to see if that would resolve it and it didn’t.

Effected both PC and Playstation players.

It was completely unplayable.

We tried waiting it out for 50min but it never sorted itself out.

Again this was not an internet issue but the servers were struggling constantly.
Couldn’t even standstill to try reduce it as it was still unplayable.

It was that bad we had to stop playing and ended the hunt early. This is just unacceptable at how bad the servers were. I’ve experienced lag on this game before and it’s usually sorted itself out. This was just phenomenomally bad.

Planet effected: Belladonna
It’s a T6 planet off Kol Huroo

To add a bit of information as I was on the same hunt. (PC user)

In SETTINGS --> Network, I have the option enabled that says Connection Indicator - ALWAYS ON.

And I could see that the network ms was below 80 during the lagg.
To me that states networking was not the issue but the server itself cannot keep up.
Could be CPU/Virtual Server that is not powerfull enough (or too busy) or even a memory problem.

Support team should be able to see the problem in the LOG file of the Belladonna Sov world.

Hope this helps.


Thx for the additional information hopefully that can help the development team.


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Yeah it was very bad for me too; the message unplayable kept popping up, there where numerous short interruptions and on one occasion even the landscape disappeared and I remained floating in the air (which is kinda cool if it would not also paralyze me). With the last couple of meteors it was almost impossible to aim and actually hit something (and I died even more often than normal lol).

I’m in Europe, btw

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This is exactly what may is experiencing it became a problem overtime ,until this day it has not yet solved. I'm going on a semi-break

And I’m sorry about the hunt not going as planned due to the lagg and glitches


Thanks for the additional information wow that is bad.

I died a lot too but the group managed to get you and everyone back up. We have a lot of people that revive on hunts luckily. Always happy to help.

I died a lot from animals that wasn’t even there. Not wildstock but hoppers and spitters. They wasn’t on my screen and people on the hunt said I died from nothing.

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Looks like the issues are spreading.

Did you find out the cause or did they get fixed?

The cause was not found yet we thought it was the ps4 nearing its end because it’s 10 years old…I bought it the same day it came out. Then we thought maybe it was just her account. so we tested also the exploring on my account and it caused the same issues, so then we borrowed a PlayStation from our neighbors and, also the same glitched out on worlds and could not open portals to locations.
I have reset the modem and changed from lan to wifi. nothing seems to have helped, it was something that was small then became a bigger problem and the problems occurred more often, it’s all good if you’re not exploring really, even she was even at the 55ms range.
may has contacted support multiple times and the support said that they will send it over to the team and James

we can do a test and just go to any planet and start unlocking regions or explore
however, the areas disappearing seem to affect ps4/5 only, unless @domasede is pc?

edit some people mentioned it can be a packet loss

The portal not opening issue I have as well, quite regularly actually, restarting always solves that immediately. I’m on a ps4.

it all depends if its not opening but your able to pick a location and ‘‘open it’’ but it freezes then walking back to the start position of the sanctum resets it. but I’m talking about the open warp button stays greyed out no matter what you do

Wow that’s a lot going on.

Hope it gets sorted because I have a feeling more and more people are going to be having issues.

The issues tonight effected both Pc players and Playstation players.

I’m on PS5 and it was just so bad. My partner has a PS4 and his setup is next to mine and his was worse than mine and thats saying something. Freezing, lag, latency, it’s honestly just so hard to describe.

I can confidently say even before you explained your testing that it’s not internet or Playstation specific. Definitely something going on with servers. It feels strained or struggling to keep up.

I did experience something similar but not as bad a little while ago. From what I can remember a server reset/maintenance happened and it solved it.

Think obviously something more than that is needed.

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I am on PS5 in Germany, and Had massive laggs playing in real slow Motion .
Was unplayable …

No Other down or Uploads beside …

Need to fix that or the Game will at least die If the small Community can t Play the Game…@Tiggs @monty1

Greetings Turrican2006


Guys, please send in a ticket. Forum complains are not being looked at. That’s also why my case hasn’t been solved yet because I’m just a single person complaining. If you guys want to have something done then you also need to raise your voice. A company is unlikely doing maintenences if just one person is being bugged. So it’s also your responsibility to not lose more players.



Tiggs and Monty got tagged and people most likely reported it already on the support E-mail address.

Tiggs is the Community Manager and maybe you should have a bit more confidence in her.
Be patient or ask for updates on your reported ticket.

Don’t expect too much now as there is no team yet dealing with this game.

The fact that Hosts bugged out planet got back online on a Sunday tells me that they are doing things with problems. (Last time I reported something it was dealt with fairly quickly)

I don’t agree on that statement at all. If because of server issues people stop playing it is on them (and the game owner) and not to anybody else that also plays the game.

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@Turrican2006 Yeah that slow motion was a real pain. I had the jerking even though my character wasn’t moving.

@May-L04 I was going to do that but thought it would be easier on the forums so those that were there could contribute that were effected.
I’ll put a ticket in via email with all this information. Hopefully it gets sorted

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Not quite functioning well today completely read over that. But yeah I agree it isn’t my responsibility to keep people on the game.
All I can do is report the issue which I have done here and will do via email. I’m not an employer to the company.

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