Uses for gravel besides building?

Got a bit of it and it’s taking up to much space.

Nothing yet afaik

Gravel drops Flint. That’s about it lol

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It makes an excellent medium for mining in magma caves. Also useful for tossing into pits alongside ice blocks.


You can sell it, make it someone else’s problem.


OK that is the best answer

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Or this?

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sell it :smile:

Who’s gonna buy it tho lol

We have taken a look at some of our less useful resources this week and incorporated some into existing recipes. Some items such as gravel have very little to no value. Ideally all items would be in some demand.
Gravel will get more uses in the future. We have talked about a compact/refined form. For now it will be an ingredient in a few recipes.


I always have a stack of gravel with me. They become useful for hunting, mining or just climb a vertical cliff. Is useful to have at least one useless and common block like this :slight_smile:

@Tobelawe please consider a recipe with gravel and compact silt in the mixer that makes concrete mix. Hand craft with buckets of water to make smooth blocks of quickcrete without requiring fuel. It would be nice to have a use for both of these unused blocks and give buckets of water a use outside of just cooking.


Concrete sounds awesome, a lot of potential there. Great idea!

you might be surprised. I have seen builds using the dark grey for roads and stuff so for some colors there might be a market.

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Lol who says concrete can’t have tints? I’m envisioning a new texture along the lines of refined materials with the different colors. The grey would indeed work well for roads and such.

I knew I shouldn’t’ve thrown all that gravel away! Devs reinforcing hoarding instinct :wink:

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this is why I have to keep mass crafting storage blocks. . and it is not hoarding it is “collecting items of questionable value”


…or possible future value…that’s not hoarding, that’s archiving. :slight_smile:

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It’s not hoarding or collecting items of questionable value, it’s accumulating non-traditional wealth.


My brotha.

I have bought so many useless blocks because “I don’t have that color yet”.