Wanting to buy 20 sprays of each colour

Can anyone complete my FULL order please

looking to pay no more than 400k for the full lot

works out at 78c per spray.

Van Goo still has a large amount of sprays and at 25c each.

They moved to DK mall.


No store has a complete collection. Tried this a few weeks back and couldn’t find all the colours. I just quit the project.

You can check my shop on angel 1, via tnt hub angel 1 planet, then take " the artisan" portal. I have most, but not all colors. Priced at 30c each.

I’m hoping after gleam bow to expand my farm for all colors so I can have a full collection.

I have all 255 colors available in my shop for 50c each.

I can make more of every color in case any sells out. Just did not have so much time for mixing with exos and gleambow.
Also planning to move stock to DK Mall soonish.

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Is there a good market for this stuff? How hard is this to get into? because farming goo sounds fun I just don’t know where to begin.

@JaceyLive are you still looking ?

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In my opinion it’s the hardest thing to do in boundless (especially if you want to do it fast and don’t have the money to buy stuff).

Yes :smiley:

I will work on it. Should be able to complete the order today. Unless I have a very hard time finding the couple of colors I don’t have in stock already lol

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Okay, order is on hold for your completion. Thanks

I think we have more than 100 of all but 5 at gooing oort of business. Still working on the last few