Was the game Not Just OFFICIALLY released or NOT?

Hello Boundless universe

I have been away for a few days, had a sick cat in real life, wasn’t eating had to force feed with a syringe and go without sleep lol… Anyway cats better… and I have been spending my time outside of boundless checking out the rest of the game world.

Well I just wandered into the forum and read a post made bye @Dhusk , whom I tend to disagree with about many game related things. However I found myself agreeing with him for reasons that are not his.

He was upset about changes made to decorative wood among other things. And I feel him, these definitely make building with decorative wood far harder and more challenging… And I often like an increase in challenge inside of games… This is one point we tend to disagree on

However my Issue I have with the changes that have been made are simply this!!! WHY???
There was no balance Nerf needed here we changed the Meta because ??? Why???

Which makes me again ask the question DID WE OR DID WE NOT OFFICIALLY release the game???

I am pretty sure we did so then why are we still treating the game like its in an alpha / beta phase???

You don’t willy nilly change core mechanics inside of the game to this extent just because. Thats what you do in alpha and beta

I am here playing in a released state because I liked the game. I expect the game to remain the same game it is… I do expect to see ADDED CONTENT going forward… BUT NOT THINGS THAT CHANGE THE CORE OF WHAT THE GAME IS

So I am telling you now wonderstruck to STOP treating the game like its in alpha and beta YOU decided to release the game already… Which means you promised us that this game would be Boundless as it was for the most part when it released

Does that mean you can’t do SENSIBLE balancing, like Nerfing the chisel and the bomb mining?!?(Edited after: I thought the fix to bomb mining was the XP nerf, The NEW changes are just flat WRONG) Of course not those were things that needed to happen… But changing the Prestige values on all blocks was NOT a needed or sensible nerf… Nor is this change to decorative wood

So I want to be CRYSTAL CLEAR… You released the game so I expect AFTER RELEASE type development, BUG FIXING, EXPANSION of content… NOT CHANGING THE GAME AT ITS CORE LEVEL

Keep doing this and I will walk… and I am sure others will too… The time to do what your doing was in alpha and beta… This is no longer the time to randomly change core mechanics of the game!!!


Why is my formatting of this post all jacked up god I hate this forum sometimes!!!

Fair points and I appreciate the support. I agree with your points.

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HAVE SOME respect dude


Because not many people were specing into Food Crafting and using Earthy Wax. So instead of reducing their drop, just removing them, or inventing a new object for them, they forced it onto an existing recipie. You know, like they’ve done plenty before. Like with Copper and Iron tools, Bricks, and most likely other recipies from the Beta and Alpha.

Not to help the game. But because they read data on a sheet that said people were storing the item and not using it, and so forced people to use it without questioning why, or seeking other options, or even asking the community for ideas.


Because the game was ‘Released’. It’s not Alpha. It’s not Closed or Open Beta. It’s not Early Access. It’s Officially Released. Meaning it’s done. It’s 100% complete. Any updates should be bug and balance fixes, and new content. Not removing or changing how the game plays normally, but expanding on it.

For example with ‘Bomb Mining’, (Which I would like to add I never even knew it was a thing you could do till people started complaining in this new update. I thought bombs was another weapon like Slingshots and Fist), they could of limited the range, and damage to match hammers of the same tier and with the same augments.

Or limit the range, but increase hammers to match the abilities of bombs in mining abilities.

Could even make it a Give and Take situation. Have hammers be limited range, but can break the blocks in 1 hit, while Bombs took many hits, and have a 50% change to instantly destroy a resource instead of mining it.

As someone else posted in a thread, they had many choices to change how it works, instead they ripped it out completely.

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I agree with the point made here. This game is now full released. Surely many others felt like it was way too early to launch but they did… doesnt matter who pushed them etc. Its released. Im mostly ok with the changes, but when you launch the game its pretty lame to change core mechanics when theres some new players just learning them lol.


games are updated daily but this one is immoral because it takes away your precious bomb mining >.<
(btw u can still bomb mining if u know how)


Name me a single game, where it updated and removed a feature and people didn’t freak the heck out and the change was reversed. Name me one.

If you have nothing constructive to add to the thread, please keep your opinions to yourself.


Only productive discussion is how does this actually affect you. I don’t hear that very much or at all in these kind of topics. There is only a push against change in general. How about putting some hours into what actually changed and see how it affects you and than explain.

Not just read changelog and start the fires. I don’t get this at all really. I bet that at least half of the people complaining either don’t use whatever changed either haven’t understood what actually changed and how it affects them. I’m sure there are legit complaints somewhere, but kinda don’t want to read through 10 thousand posts that are all the same.

If you want to see changes reverted or better balanced come out with numbers and actual experience. How do you imagine being heard when you just mumble the same non-fact-based stuff as 100 other players?

I’m all about player’s input to devs, but this is not that.

How do you mean core mechanics changed??? You can’t build anymore? Can’t hunt? Can’t mine? What can’t you do that you could? Give me a solid example please???


so how was your opinion constructive to the thread? explain
Do u like to silence opinions u dont like with this accusation?

@Spoygg People cry over changes all the time and u cant reason with them anyway because this outburst of emotionality reveals tendency to irrationality…

btw pls show me the passage in the steam sale contract that states that the game will be conserved in the state u buy it?


most reasonable and sensible post so far :+1:


:man_shrugging: I don’t have any problems with the patch. New challenges to tackle with increased needs and such, it hasn’t yet slowed me down at all


You need to go away with this starting problems stuff bruv.

edit: cause apparently alternate words for poop are bad :wink:


I initially was like “ugh Wax, are you kidding, idk where to get this” but once I figured out to go to Boori and I spent probably half an hour getting earthyams and had more than enough for over a 100 wax, which is a lot of decorative rock. I don’t think it’s really game breaking. I didn’t know about bomb mining but saddened if it is no longer viable - wanted to start doing this method soon.


i agree with this in a very minor way. I feel like this patch had too many “nerf” type changes and not enough positive stuff for people to focus on.

While I have never used bombs for mining and I never intended to I really feel for the people who did. Even though I think the change was the correct move for the game overall, bombs on top of decorative block changes and the change to how energy restoration works made this patch seem overall very negative with very little positive for the players to be excited about.


The only positive I really see is the increased spawn rate and density of plants and such. A tiny bit of love with a whole lot of pain is a horrible way to do patches.

edit: had to remove things from post. I expected it to happen heh.

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Cant cope with the entitlement OP.


Not sure a few recipe changes and a …change…to bomb mining are “core mechanics”. Little bit of an over-reaction.
It’s likely they’ll keep an eye on it, they know what is made and how much is stored, so it’s likely they can see if people stop making/doing things with those things that they change.


l m a o
it’s ok. we can cut a hole in the new chairs they added to nurse those wounds.