We need fresh blood in the game

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Now that the markets have cooled down for mining.

Do you think bomb mining coming back would be okay?

I mean I can hollow out a mountain in faster time with a 3x3 hammer, but if people liked bomb mining, could it return?


I think we need to fix more problems first. New users would just leave because of grind, cheating, and other problems with game play.


They said bomb mining will never return, which is sad. Bomb mining is more symbolic at this point than anything, and also just plain fun.

“BOUNDLESS: Blow stuff up!”
has a lot more appeal than,
“BOUNDLESS: Forge a 3x3 hammer in this overly complicated and frustrating machine that gives unreliable results so you can mine good!”


What if free weekends and new accounts got their first lvl 50 character for free if they chose to eat an XP token…? World of Warcraft does it.

I think it would be cool, if they made dynamite and wire. Then you could rig a mountain to blow and go loot everything at once. But it could take like an hour or two to set up with all the resources you would need with running wire and dynamite in key locations.

But I like complex play, so not sure if community would like that, plus it might crash the server lol


I suggested that once before and think it would be awesome! Even if it didn’t work as well as a 3x3 hammer, it’d be just plain fun.

Yeah, like percentage loss of loot possible, or something due to explosion.


I always thought it’d be great if a charge broke a 3x3x3 cube, but you could still get the loot. Stronger charges needed for higher tier planets.


The difference being, WoW does it now. Now that they have expansions galore. They never did it in the first 8 years of the game being released, only a long time afterwards.

I think making the game more accessible in the early stages would go a long way to getting people hooked in, such as increasing the default walk speed to be on par with other games in this genre.


Speaking to marketing…there are 91 Million people who play Minecraft every month and that doesn’t include China. In China the have a free version of Minecraft (using the $$$ for additional content model) that has over 200 Million players. I kind of wonder if any marketing plans in the near future should not be aimed directly at the MC player base.

Hypothetical example,

If Boundless could get just a measly 1/100th of 1% of that 91,000,000 that would be huge! (seems do-able…I know, easier said than done)

91 Million x .01 = 910,000

910,000 x .01 = 9,100

I have no idea what the retention rate is for people who buy the game…but if 10% of those 9,100 stuck around that would be 900 new regular players.

Making content for Twitter, Instagram, etc. is important, but I think Dev created content needs to be $$$ boosted with paid campaigns aimed at people searching MC. ex…Instagram boosting is about $5 - $7 per 1,000 views.

MC vids with thousands of views seem to be all about “the builds” what about a simple offline creative mode (like MC) with no interplanetary travel…just half a dozen planets or less to chose from, load and go?

I could be wrong about all this, but just throwing it out there. Sorry for the long post.


Yeah that could be a cool way to do it

Some of these ideas have been suggested before and would contribute greatly to the game.


these numbers are illustrative for the tremendous potential of Boundless!!

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There are some of us out there!
I am pretty new, I have been playing about 2 months now. I have however brought 2 friends on PC and gotten a family PS3 account for us to use, so there’s at least 3 of us who have joined in the last couple of months.

I do think that there should be more advertising and perhaps sales on steam etc. This is a really great game, with a truly exceptional community. I am here to stay!

I’d love to see Dev lead lets play videos to help promote the game.


How did all of you find the game? marketing? word-of-mouth? just see it in an online store?

For me it was a PS4 trailer I saw about a month before launch. I was playing a ton of NMS and Minecraft and it looked like a mixture of both so It was an instant MUST HAVE for me.

I have definitely gotten my money’s worth


We’ve had fresh blood dumped in before and they left a metric ton of negative reviews on Steam. The majority here at that time dismissed those negative reviews and the feedback a lot of them left. There’s a reason the game has a small/specific player population. If we had another mass marketing event like a free weekend we would see the exact same thing happen. There’s been a few changes to address some of those complaints but not much (imo because they’ve been working on adding to the game and polishing things which I think are more important before they decide to do a new player event push)


I left the game due to it being pretty dead.
The price point is very high imo.
I came back recently but there just isn’t that much going on. 180 players online for one day in the last couple of months is dire.

I know the boundless team will pull the game up, they have added a ton of stuff in a year time. Hopefully this will be a year of growth.

Just need a little polishing

@James and the other team members have been working hard. As t8s and other features are added I’m sure we will see more people joining. I have seen quite a few posts saying they are new players in the last month.


For instance why do we still have campfires AND beacons? Why can’t I cook with my campfires?

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