We need fresh blood in the game

I searched for an alternative to MC since I wanted to switch after 6 years to a new generation building game. That was about 3 months before Boundless release, saw a trailer and preorderd as soon as it was available.

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that scenario would be 6 active players, 3 concurrent players. :slight_smile:

well yes they are counted, but only as one, unless you are logging in to both alts at the same time but that would require 2 accounts (I actually do this).

like random extreme fall damage!

@Evergreen you are 100% on point. the things that drove me away as a casual are still blatant and substantial.

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I was playing minecraft at the time with some friends and one of them told us to check boundless out. We all preordered after watching the trailer.

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Retaining them is the key problem. This game has a need where you need x amount of players playing for a host of reasons that have been discussed and beat to death in other threads.

So we need the same/more coming as people leaving or we need people playing for longer stretches of time. These type of players are rare these days imo. It’s very rare for people to stick to strictly one game for a given period of time. Boundless doesn’t do well if those conditions aren’t met(strictly my opinion).

I’m being as patient as I can though. I have taken a few breaks in the last year and exos and farming were very cool new systems they added. (I get a ton of content enjoyment from them alone still but I know a lot of folks would like to see other things added )

I cant wait until the game gets to a point where they can do a huge push. I’m so excited for when we see upwards of hundreds to maybe even thousands of planets in the sky and a really diverse / varied playerbase.


@Mayumichi MC worked it’s way up from nothing - a silly little downloadable program that you could get for free. It became huge from that - way before they offered adventure mode, custom servers, etc.

One of the main things in a lot of the non-positive reviews is expiring beacon/campfire-I-lost-all-of-my-stuff issue.

If you play MC, take a break and come back 3 months later, your stuff is still there.
Take a break in CV, come back, your stuff is still there. Same with a lot of the others.

Maybe we should have large building areas, zones, regions, or moons instead of requiring players to earn little chunk size plots that they may lose & lose all their stuff. Something other than beacons/campfires/plots. So players can stop worrying & fighting, and concentrate on the fun stuff: building, crafting, etc.

Besides that, there’s got to be more content. More stuff to build with, different races/styles, vehicles, dungeons, maybe a rare traveling NPC that gives quests for coin or something…


Yes I played it all the way from alpha, I was referring to what the young fanbase looks like now. It’s very different from what it was. I haven’t seen a single teen play it for the survival/gathering aspect, but my sample size is pretty low and just school kids I’ve heard and seen play it.

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I think I watched a sponsored Facebook advertisement for Boundless before launch and thought the idea looked awesome.

And I will agree, losing all your stuff can be a barrier to coming back even if the plan is to just let it go and come back eventually. For someone who accidentally lost it all, they probably won’t look back.

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I’d like to see other “stuff” to do in game besides meteor hunting. Dungeons? Exo worlds are a step in the right direction but are seasonal. Daily/weekly/monthly content would be nice. Like Destiny strike missions, only Boundless compatible.

Mining… that’s just something you do, not really something to do.

I disagree heartily. There were many discussions about this when the beacon system was first introduced. The main argument against getting rid of fuel is that the game would be even more littered with inactive builds than it already is.

They’d also have to rework the entire regen system.

The easiest fuel nets you 4 weeks of time for very little work. I think it’s more than fair how it is.

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I personally like being able to plot, but that’s not relevant.

I don’t think they can change the current system - it’s too late imo. I’m just stating that most of the negative reviews & the thing that keeps a lot of people from playing or coming back to the game are the beacon/plot/expiring issues. Server limitations and upfront cost are the other two.

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Game needs PVP so you can kick players you dont like in the ■■■■■, theres nothing to loose in this game. Exo planets would be perfect

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Could benifit some better tutorials Im lucky to have ground this forum and some great players to help me get the basics Im still figuring stuff out its a very complex game. I will help by doing some lets plays of this in the future :slight_smile:

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It’s already a extremely cheap game…that’s not the issue. I rather keep price way it is and no free weekends. We already have enough cheap players already…lol


Except that it’s…not? Definitely not extremely cheap and I think many would argue that “cheap” without a modifier is debatable.

Lol 60 dollars for over a year. Playing 20 plus hours weekly…a cinema ticket is 15 dollars for two hours…red redemption 2 80 dollars…played maybe one month…I can go on…but why bother it is black and white ti me…it’s a cheap game…


You have to double that to get an more accurate number. Still a small population, but I find there are plenty of people to play with and our PS4 group has a lot of active players.

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Add it as a objective for beginners?

Yeah, I look at games the same way - they almost always break down to a great deal for my entertainment money. Especially compared to a lot of stuff out there these days. :open_mouth: Boundless is probably already at pennies per hour for me. And that is even with rebuying it to get Deluxe. :wink:

… That said, I know it is still a barrier for some, had some comments to the effect that they were looking for a sale or the price was too much for them.

Tricky balancing act here… I see the problem the free weekend caused with the reviews. I don’t know if a real wide net is a good idea. Spear fishing I think will get better results, at least for now, until they are ready to make a big push - not as many minnows, but the larger catches that will stick around. I do like the idea of a demo world that has been suggested in the past a few times. Also maybe keys or codes or such for trial periods, like for any who have clocked a certain number of hours, get a couple to hand out a month, maybe good for a week or so each. Similar to what @Fondername0 posted earlier, any niche these days is going to be big given how many gamers are out there now. Just got to get it in front of the right group. Like I said, my impression is there are a lot of people who are clueless about it but love the look of what they see, from the feedback I’ve gotten.


That’s also peak concurrent players. Unless all those players are on 24/7 it doesn’t accurately represent the total.

I’ve always found that YouTube is more of a home for videos of Boundless over twitch.
I watch and even stream every now again on twitch, but I prefer watching a video on YouTube from the likes of Jiivita…
Wait I know there are more videos out there from YouTube Boundless users, but really I see Jiivita standing out making constant videos for Boundless.
Shout out to Ovis as well as he has made some cool videos in the past.

The point I’m trying to get to is we need to create more publicity for the game ourselves but utilising the tools we have. I discovered Boundless because of a YouTube video (the launch trailer) I bought it there and then.
Sorry don’t know if I went off topic a bit :confused: