We need fresh blood in the game

Mentioned in another thread, but a big NMS video creator, Cobra - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_E2mF3O0J2pAk11n_WLeQQ - loves Boundless and recently indicated he’s going to do more for it, with his Revenge of the Survivor series, he is branching out and getting away from NMS. I’m keeping a close eye out for it, he does great videos, and has a huge following of people who are potentially a great match for Boundless. I think we’ll see new players for sure when he gets that out.


Good point

Somewhat related to what you were saying, there was somebody on here not long ago that was kind of trashing the game…saying he got bored and didn’t want to play anymore.

Then in the 2nd or 3rd paragraph, they said they had over 3,000 hours in the game. LOL

I couldn’t believe they were complaining…it really hit my funny bone and made me laugh a bit.

3,000 hours = GREAT INVESTMENT to me.


I think that a single player, subject to no fuel, area to build and store your things could work on the moon (every planet has one, but we never go to one, unless that is the sanctum but most people disagree with my theory on that lol). It would have limited space, say 8x8x8 plots (maybe double that). Lots of space for a new player, but no one can go to it except you. But there are subtle limitations to it.

  • You can only access it from the sanctum/warping system no portals.
  • Limit of 8 “built” machines
  • Subject to a mesh limit except to the whole area (to reduce server load).
  • The surface is not mine-able, or subject to regin, basically just a floor for you to build up off of.
  • Would be shared across all character’s on your account.

This would give the players a place to stash stuff, wouldn’t create an endless supply of anything, doesn’t devalue the value of plots (as if you want to craft LOTs of stuff, or have anyone see anything you’ve built you will use the plot system). And should be big enough to keep your treasure in so if you leave for awhile you can not have to start from nothing.

I would see this going well if we ever get a “blueprint” system. then you could even have a way to rebuild your things in the real worlds if you had the materials saved up.


Wasn’t that at the beginning of the game? Feels like it was anyways. I thought they said that was the first poster they had actually banned from the forums, aside from spammers.

Looks like the devs listened to your request! Here it is… :slight_smile:



I like it, solid troll :wink:

I owned it for 2 years before ARK took too long catching Mac up with an update and suddenly I’ve switched addictions.

I was hoping to see some replies to this, because I think it’s a great idea. Even if it were just a shade of that, like an empty room you can’t edit like the sanctum, but with a handful of storage boxes. I’d keep a 3x3 of each diamond tool in there at all times in case something totally unexpected pulls me away from the game for a long time.

I’ve been hanging onto an idea for a bank, and while I realize it would be super rare for a player to actively give another player their valuables, if someone without GC knows they’ll be gone for 3 months they’d be better off going to what could be a reputable institution and paying a deposit fee for storage and even for keeping their beacons alive, at least for an agreed upon time. The bank, like rl banks, would benefit from fees and would be able to use their coin for themselves as long as they’re prepared to get it all back in the vault’s request basket when the customer returns…

Of course this idea, like my ‘trade floor’ idea I was sitting on, would be redundant upon a single update that would allow all players a private, permanent backup storage.

EDIT: Just realized there’s no reason to leave coin in a request basket as that does stay with the player. Switch that idea out for crafting mats :slightly_smiling_face:

There are a few similar things people are running to this. Shameless plug:

Nice, thanks for sharing. As you’re now the only person I know with private storage, if I ever see someone ask I’ll have you in mind. Saw the comments about trust… like guys obviously that’s why this isn’t common practice. Not like you sunk crazy time and effort into it.

If I were to do it, I’d want to build a massive bank that would just be amazing and prestigious regardless of whether it’s functional or not. I think that alone would build peoples’ trust that you won’t steal their stuff and have to deal with any drama. Like what are you gonna do, tear down your 2 million prestige behemoth just to take some stuff that a relatively new player without GC trusted you to hold?

A fair point. and to be fair I modeled after storage containers in RL because it was something of a business venture I always wanted to try in RL.

A large prestigious bank, with like marble columns, and paths made of refined gold, with large cog-like decorations on the “vault” doors could be an impressive establishment. And such a grand design would imply the person didn’t need to steal your items, clearly they already have access to the end game without it.

I might build something like this in midguard, I’ve been holding off on building so much there lately, maybe after I get some of this Oort supply stuff figured out I’ll have to start back into the building projects.

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I love that, and considering most of my builds have co/corp in the name I imagine we have a similar drive behind our building :smile:

Luckily for me, I’ve always wanted to be an architect, so… there are some mechanics in the game that allow for that, I guess.

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I couldn’t agree more, don’t think I would have stuck with this game if it hadn’t been for this forum and the help I’ve received from the community


I believe @majorvex still has hers too. Tho I am lazy and not digging up her post about it. :sweat_smile:

Side note while I was playing I offered to plot builds for people if they were going to take a break as I have gc till late next year and have a good amount of plots.


When I started at ps4 release it was great to explore so many cities and buildings. The magic has gone. There are only a few cities where everyone gathers and even there you are often alone on the road. For me, this game has a great community aspect and if this is small, I lose the motivation :frowning: I want to see what many people build and, of course, be seen.


It’s probably worth noting that even a push directly targeting Minecraft (or ex-Minecraft) players won’t actually nett that many long term players. With the exception of one person, everyone who I used to play Minecraft with and who has trialled Boundless has left again, and the majority of those go back to Minecraft.

I’m sure that ‘People who I choose to play Minecraft with’ is a self-selecting group of the more creative individuals who just want to build, but the major complaint I heard was that playing Boundless was more like playing ‘Grindcraft, Chisel edition’. People who want a building-focused creative game can usually find something to better suit their needs in any number of modded Minecraft servers.

TLDR; To enjoy Boundless, you really have to enjoy the majority of it, not just one of it’s aspects. Apparent player retention suggests that that’s a pretty niche group.


Yeah, I actually see much more potential crossover with the No Man’s Sky fan base than with Minecraft. It is hard to put my finger on and explain, part of it is Minecraft being so broad, but even though Boundless is more similar to Minecraft than NMS, the niche that NMS has seems to be a lot of people who may love Boundless as well, just from what I’ve seen with the fans of both (myself included of course :wink: ) I know of and feedback I’ve gotten from NMS fans who are unfamiliar with Boundless and see my Tweets about it.


Tell me your secret at getting people to try this game? I love boundless, but I’ve yet to talk anyone I know into even giving the game a try. Despite several of them following similar games that never finished development, and boundless being a released game.

Honestly, I had the most success getting people to give it a go around release.

Not only was I pretty happy with the development and direction of the game at that point so could be more genuine in praising the game and being excited to recommend it to friends (which I believe really helps), but it was also shiny and new and just released.

I don’t know how well I’d be able to convince people to try Boundless now that I’m a little more jaded and it’s been around for a year now without significant player uptake. I must confess, I’ve mostly stopped recommending it to people. I don’t think it’s a bad game, I just think it appeals to a very specific type of player, and I don’t know many people like that.


That sums it up very good. Balancing in this game is bad, sometimes unfair even. What do I mean with unfair?
You invest more but get less in return, just think about meteors t6 and up, the fact that they gave lucent tools a flexibility of 10 to make them useless and that for tools which you already invested a lot more time in to get.

The reward/progression system in this game feels more like a scam when I look at the higher level stuff. If I wasnt a bit of a masochist I would have quit for good by now (wait I already did that once, until one of my guildies convinced me to return, saying its less grindy now. Which it is, still I do not like to be scammed…)