Weather System Acting Up?

Has the weather system starting having issue? I’ve noticed on a few planets that they are now always foggy or have some super storm feel. Before that might happen rarely… like now on Beckon is seems to only have fog 24/7 if it isn’t raining. Am I just missing the clear sky breaks or is something up?


The weather bug is back for sure… can’t see anything inside gyosha mall lately… some higher tier planets make it impossible to see the exo… so its not only you… Angel I is 24/7 rainy season as well… :man_facepalming:


I’ve noticed sand storm type things on Finata recently, too.

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All the time, plus on Niia, too.

Perhaps our known worlds are simply dying.

Beginning with a slow yet scripted decay, their demise will ultimately pave the way for a new, bolder universe… :zipper_mouth_face:



Yeah, I think it’s been like this for quite a while.

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The weather is going to be the same as on Sov’s when they expire. Climate change and all.


Good good bwahaha :blush:
Jk :joy:

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I first figured it probably was because i was always inside… so I didn’t see the fog as much. But it’s has been a problem for some time now… (i have been told)

@DaOne82 not sure if that works but 2more block layers (at least and full blocks) might keep the fog out. Places in the hub where i have thick ceilings seem to block it. Its a try out suggestion not a guaranteed fix for in doors.

Don’t know if the same issue is happening in DK mall (fog).
But did notice way up in the air seems fog free (at least the time i spent in the sky).

I’m glad someone noticed this. I visited several planets and it was like this everywhere

The sky at night used to be spectacular with all the planets orbiting. It was beautiful

Now as you said it is cloudy and foggy every day and night. It really sucks


Yes. Shedu Tier, for example, has been acid raining for days now. But I don’t expect @james or anyone to care and I don’t expect it to get fixed.

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I’ve noticed this also for many weeks now.
At first it was just occasional big storms, now more often.
It may be a sign.

Not again!!!

Trior was God awful last time.

Dread logging in tomorrow.

Z :rabbit:

Most of the times I’m indoors but that odd time I do decide to get some fresh air I’m dealing with poopy weather lol

@majorvex or @Stretchious could we get this moved to support maybe since clearly there is something going on with the weather based on everyones comments.

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I changed the tag to support, hope that’s okay :slight_smile:


About the weather, it has been very bad for a couple months imo. And I have been wondering if maybe they made this on purpose since we now have the weather effects brews and quirks…


When I’m in Gyosha Mall all I can think of is that song from DaRude - Sandstorm while I navigate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I swear it feels like the weather gets like this if the servers don’t get a restart for too long.


Don’t remember which planet I was on last night, but I could hardly see 5-8 blocks in front of me .

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