Weekly Dev Update: 2016 July 1st - Character Races, Creature Progression, HUD and more

I really like that there is no wooden hammer in the rendered version^^ I really hope it stays that way^^

The HUD looks amazing. If the dualwielding is also properly implemented for keyboard and mouse I’m as happy as it can get^^

I’d also prefere the status effect @Vastar showed for more sudden things like a blast.
The one in @james’picture is good for steady things like the cold wind the character most likely feels when standing in front of the portal to a snowy world.


if i made a song that would be potential track for the game (royalty free) is there possibility that you would use it in game? or you only work for “bigger studios” and use only those?

We’re working with a young independent composer called Peter Gregson - not a bigger studio. He’s composing and playing all the music. Wait and see how the music sounds - as we need it to be really cohesive.

But if you wanted to create something that is inspired by Boundless - go ahead and share it with the community.


Did he also made the music for the old Oort Online trailer?

Yes - the trailer was the first piece he did for us. He’s been composing (part-time) since then.


Omg… YES!
The Oort Online trailer music was so good! :smile:

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I personally think that the new stuff is waaay better - I hope everyone else likes it as well…


The old music gave a good feeling of a fantasy world though…

The guy has built up quite an impressive reputation. When they say that they like his new compositions even more, I doubt anyone will be terribly dissapointed!

I’ve been following the b< twitter for months, ACHING for a teaser track or 8 second clip.


Not saying that his new music will be bad… Just stating that his old ones were good! :wink:

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speaking about weapons, would we get a two handed sword, hammer and axe, and hand to hand/fist weapons :smiley:pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeee

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The lance will be the only meelee weapon afaik

Also @Miige that track is incredible! Good job

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at least for 1.0

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Awesome work!! :slight_smile: Thanks for the updates and the great game you’re putting together!!


What did you mean? I cann’t understand and translate. Please, paraphrase, if you can

They want to add many different decoration blocks(props) that you can use to store things ^^
An amorstand to store armor for example


The Storage system allows us to place different mesh props in the world than can then store items. For example, a table with 4 storage positions on the top surface, or a pedestal with a single storage slot.

(Make sense?)


Thank you!

In chat, it would be nice to have a voice reading, to make the chat experience as realistic as possible. (something like a siri, cortana, home, or alexa for boundless)