Weekly Dev Update: 2016 September 16th - Worlds, Warps, Golf, and more

We’re on track for a new release of Boundless to Testing next week. We have continued to develop, test and balance the following high-level features:

  • Trading (Buying + Selling) Plinths.
  • Player XP and Progression.
  • Weapon and Equipment Durability.
  • Creation of Location Markers between Worlds.
  • Creation of Warps between Worlds. (We will disable teleporting between Worlds!)
  • 3 new primary Worlds configs with new biomes and prefabs.
  • Initial Music and new SFXs, both with volume settings.
  • Balancing the beginning of the crafting tree, resource collection and resource usage.
  • Radial menu & control update.
  • Item description in the inventory.
  • Improved player spawning logic.
  • Pop-up expansion and smart stacking for inventory slots.
  • Smoother portal transition.
  • Death penalty.

The next release will not contain:

  • Any progress towards the polished GUI design.
  • Any updated creatures.

However, during the next 2 weeks we plan to release the final concepts for the first batch of Boundless creatures. Adding these creatures will become the development priority after this release.

Significant work has been done on enabling Warps between Worlds. This is a prestige feature for Boundless and we’re excited to finally expose it to players to explore and give feedback. It’s now possible to:

  1. create Location Markers between Worlds
  2. build Warp points in your current World
  3. initiate the Warp point to the remote Location Marker
  4. open (and close) the Warp point to the destination Location Marker
  5. step between Worlds via the new Warp.

For clarity:

  • A Warp is a one way doorway between worlds. Once open you have a limited time to step through the Warp. Anyone else in the area can also use it. But once you’ve passed through the Warp you can’t return. (Unless you build another Warp back again.)

  • A Portal is a two way doorway between worlds.

As we have removed Teleporting between worlds, we have added a new “golf drop” inspired feature that allows you to instantly Teleport a short distance if you’ve become stuck. This can happen if you’ve fallen into a hole in a foreign beacon and you’re unable to extract yourself - however there will be a penalty for using it.

The dual wielding has been updated to allow more options for changing items. Thanks to everyone who contributed opinions. It’s now possible to cycle both right and left held items at once. This is still a work in progress, so let us know how it feels once released. The inventory UI has been reworked to make it simpler to equip items.

We have continued to enable the Stacked Items component in the GUI, where similar types of items can be stacked into a single inventory slot.

As part of creating Location Markers between worlds the Planetary System has progressed with additional support for Worlds orbiting Worlds. These are represented logically correct in the Sky. (This was the Secret Cool feature that caused a whiff a few weeks back. :disappointed:)

We been adding in more hooks for the SFX audio and analytics. Also we are exploring how to make the republishing of game balance data (in response to analytics from players) more rapid for simpler tweaking and balancing of the game once live.

We have improved the process for importing new World Colour Schemes into the game from the Palette Generation algorithms. This will hopefully allow the artists to balance the generation algorithm so all worlds look super cool.

Some time has been spent on fixing up engine bugs and looking again at the backend database options.

This week has seen further work on getting the release together and polished, as well as trying to look to the future and be prepared for the next set of features.

@Tobelawe has created many more biomes. He’s also put some of his biomes together into slightly more weird and interesting world configs. We’re close to settling on the configs for the next set of worlds.

Rob has been polishing up visuals for many of the screens in the game. He has also tweaked the control scheme somewhat, so be prepared to test out new button configurations soon.

@olliepurkiss has been writing text descriptions of everything in the game. There are still many to do though! The idea is to give a short idea of what an item is, but also include direct information about what items are used for. This should make finding things out in the game easier. He has also been working on analytics, warps, controls and fuel balance.

@luke-turbulenz has been formalising the ideas around character and item stats and how they feed into the Forge and Character Progression. These are big, complex systems :dizzy_face: and there is still much to work out. He will post his ideas for feedback once they have taken some shape.

We welcomed a new starter this week, Dom who’s joined us as a VFX artist. He’s currently auditing our in-house VFX tools so that he can deliver our chosen direction. We’ve settled on a stylised VFX look that we think will be cohesive in the Boundless world of chunky characters and creatures, painterly textures, 1x1x1m voxel block environments and quite naturalistic lighting. More about this soon.

As well as VFX we’ve been collecting reference for Otherworldly biomes, worlds and Natural Prefabs and Props. We’ve also completed some initial high level Natural Prefab concepts. These will be used to decorate the more alien and otherworldly biomes.

Starting next Monday for the next 2 weeks, we will post a Creature Master design sheet per day that showcases the final visual design for creature Progression, Element, Exotic and proposed scale. These are the first creatures that will be fully animated and polished in Boundless. (They’re not part of the coming update.) Stay Tuned!

Final production modelling of the tools has continued with Hammers. The Shovel and Chisel are next and should hopefully be in the next update before the game is released to Live.

We’ve set up block tinting for: Compact Coal, Gems and Seams.

And animation has been creating dynamic poses of the Hunter rig.

We’ve completely replaced all the SFXs for all Tools, all Blocks and their interactions. These will be included in the next release. Hopefully everything should now make a suitable and believable sound.

We’ve finally (ok finally!!) agreed the mix combinations for the Boundless music. The next release should contain 3 (or maybe 4) themes. Each theme will generally have 4 variations, but this depend on the composition of the track:

  • Ambient Mix - a background bedding mix that keeps you company whilst playing.
  • Solo / uncut Mix - a simple and pure acoustic solo (or duet) instrument mix.
  • Full Mix - the full OST album quality mix celebrating a moment in the game.
  • Drone Mix - a deep background mix that will hopefully build tension.

The initial release will play a track once or twice per day. This is required until we have all themes in the game.


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Waaaaaaah, super huge post o.o
I am so excited to see all that soon ingame. But you release it probably in a time, where I am most busy cry

Hmm, that makes me wonder if it is very handy for testing. I mean, you give us other options, right. But don’t you think it’s better to have this feature still in? So we can switch places more easily? Sometimes it is handy to gather ressources fast to test certain items. If this is connected now with more effort, it forces us to spend more time on gathering ressources we need to test (just a thought). It will delay the speed for the feedback you get. At least of those players with less time.

How COOL is that? Amazing!

One question I have: How much time do you guys spend in balancing things out compared to other work? Maybe I’m just a bit tired, but I read it here and there in your post. Don’t you think a rough balance is sufficient and community can do the detailed balance? lift my helping hand :wave:
You would have more time for other tasks then :slight_smile:

Anyhow the next content release will be bombastic o.o


Interestingly - we can only balance the game with the community playing it. Any pre-balancing we do is really to make it not-broken. So we’re basically already doing what you’re asking. The whole purpose of the Analytics and “republishing of game balance data” is to enable an intelligent understanding on how people actually play the game and make iterative improvements.

Likewise if we left Teleporting in the game, then we wouldn’t be able to balance the game without teleporting, but rather balance a version of the game that included teleporting. Which isn’t the game we’re attempting to release at 1.0.

(But even then, we’ll likely make this version Warp-happy because we’ll likely balance the game so that it takes a while before you leave your home world @ 1.0.)


:anger: :rage: :disappointed: That is all.

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Can’t wait to get my hands on the new features. :kissing_heart:

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Just curious, will you share some details about these two features before you’ll release them next week or will there just be some bullet points in the style of the latest Testing: posts?

This makes me think,
will we only be able to warp to adjacent worlds / worlds that we can actually see in the sky?
does this also apply to portals?
and how close are the worlds to each other to make the visual display in the sky relevant? :scream:

Anyway, another great devlog.
Really looking forward to test all the new stuff next week.


Has the update already gone through for the portal testing? I can’t seem to make any warp points or even use the location marker system.

Is not released yet, they test in their own environment. Release to public in about next 2 weeks.

I’m most excited to hear the soundtrack :).


Seems to imply that these features will be in an update next week, provided everything goes to plan.

@james can you teaser the in-game music?

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That is one hunormous (my daughters latest made up word!) update!

Looking forward to … well … all of it really! Fingers crossed all goes well for next week!


They’ve kept it locked up tight for nearly a year now, I doubt they will leak any samples this week!


Just to make sure expectations are in check here, the Player XP system is in a very, very early stage. In the current version the system allows you to earn experience points towards a level when you perform an action.

In the current version the death penalty will cause you to lose durability on your crafted items. You’ll respawn where you died, or nearby (if lava), after a certain period of time (10 seconds).


That makes sense. That way people don’t just kill themselves to get back home, and they can try again if their fighting a boss. The damage to durability is also a good idea, because it does add a potentially sever penalty to death.

do wearable’s lose durability as well? can you repair your items? (in future)

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As far as I am aware the answer is no to both.


Woah! Sweet!


Does that mean, we don’t lose our items anymore but therefore durability? Or does it just work for wearables you really wear and not just have in your inventory? I hope you still lose inventory items…else… where is the thrill of not getting killed? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, lets say that you have a very high teir weapon/tool. It may take a while for it to wear out by itself, but if your dying a bunch then it will go down significantly faster. it wont hurt so much for the newer players who are just starting out, but it should be very problematic if you’re a higher level player.

Also, the system of respawn would allow people to stay with their friends and keep fighting say if their fighting a Titan or are delving into an enemy infested cave.

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